Totty Watch : Bristol Palin Shaking Her Booty

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Leaderless Labour and Tea Parties Prosper at Polls

Guido is intrigued at how the U.S. Tea Party and the Labour Party can prosper at the polls without a leader. Arguably the lack of a Labour leader for the coalition to attack makes them less vunerable to the likely onslaught that is to come – the next leader of the Labour party will have his record in government thrown in his face – hard.

The Tea Party in the U.S. is consciously leaderless, they talk about being a “Starfish organisation”, drawing on some of the ideas in the bestselling book The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations.

Some on the left see the Tea Party as a right-wing version of MoveOn.Org, the Soros-funded grassroots mobilisation campaign to support left-wing Democrats. Having met a few Tea Partiers, Guido thinks they are more about changing the political culture back from “Republicrat tax and spend”, to the limited government imagined by the founding fathers of the U.S. constitution. Jonathan Rauch has filmed this snippet on the organisational structure for the National Journal:

[vodpod id=Video.4461581&w=480&h=350&]

Rauch has done a serious investigation into the Tea Party that goes beyond the hysteria (“they’re rednecks!”) and looks at how they organise – the Monday night conference calls, the Ning online social network and the federated sister organisations. The Tea Partiers have very quickly put the fear of voters into the Republican Party.

Could it happen here? If the Coalition fails on the economy, if the VAT hike hits the consumer hard, the economy double dips, inflation and middle-class unemployment rises, you never know.  The Coalition is offering no prospect of tax cuts, people may not be willing to accept a permanently high-tax culture…

The Guidoisation of Politics Goes Global

When the nation’s media and chattering classes woke up to the fact that the last Parliament was rotten to the core, that the Labour government were corrupt, lying, power-hungry incompetents and that Gordon Brown was a needle short of a moral compass, Guido’s mission was complete. He has to chuckle that the resurgent Republican Party have attempted a similar tactic in the US:

Faux outrage over “flirting with a 17th century British terrorist as part of a campaign” has spread through the American left. Guido is taking the GOP’s spin loathing, freedom lovin’ “Remember November” campaign as nothing short of a compliment.

Nothing like a bit of viral pyrotechnics to get some attention eh?

The Candidate To Beat

The Republican candidate in the Tennessee gubernatorial race seems to have got his viral campaign sorted:

Guido recommends putting the subtitles on…

Cameron Endorsement Costs Fox IRS Investigation

It just gets worse for Liam Fox. After yesterday’s slamming from the Charity Commission for his farcical neo-con charity Atlantic Bridge, today he now learns that it is under investigation from the Inland Revenue Service. Apparently the Yanks are not overly impressed with the tax-exempt status the charity had if it was flouting the rules. This seems to have been the problem:

“Americans should look forward to May 6, after which Cameron and his government will likely assume power. He will be good for America and better for the Special Relationship.”

Bet Dave wishes his blundering Defence Secretary was still that loyal…

Fox's Neo-Con Charity Slammed

Another week and another headache for the beleaguered Defence Secretary. Neo-Con head-bangers the Atlantic Bridge have been slammed by the Charity Commission for their close ties to the Tories. Set up by Fox in 2003, like the Smith Institute and Labour, they never really made any attempt to hide their political affiliations. Quite how they thought could get away with endorsing the Conservatives and maintain their neutral status beggars-belief.

The “charity” has been given a year to play by the rules or lose that all important status and the tax break it brings…

Palin 2012 : Mama Grizzlie is Coming for Obama

Sex Pest Al Gore Video

Dan Dumps on the Hopey Changey One

Fresh from the news that Sarah Palin might be London-bound, the great and good of the right look to be gearing up for her autumnal arrival. It’s notable that today Dan Hannan has finally come round to the fact that he was way, way out with his endorsement of Barack Obama. The unlikely vocal advocate for the Democrat President is eating his words after witnessing a 30% increase in the size of the American state in just two years.

The full mea culpa is quite a read, bringing Hannan into line, entirely coincidentally, with a certain Obama-hating hockey-mum…

Liam Fox's Non-Partisan Charity Endorses Tories

Liam Fox’s Atlantic Bridge got into hot water with the Charity Commission for being a pro-Tory front.  Obviously they should be on their guard to prevent any suggestion that it is just a partisan cheering operation for neo-cons on both sides of the Atlantic.

So this press release from them seems a tad unwise:

Anglo-American Think tank Endorses Cameron’s Conservatives

A leading non-partisan Anglo-American think tank dedicated to the development and preservation of the Special Relationship between the U.S.A. and the U.K. has endorsed David Cameron and the British Conservative Party as the best bet for taking U.S.-U.K. relations to the next level.  You can read Amanda Bowman’s Washington Examiner article here, in it the CEO of the Atlantic Bridge says:

“Americans should look forward to May 6, after which Cameron and his government will likely assume power.   He will be good for America and better for the Special Relationship.”

How non-partisan is that?

UPDATE : Liam Fox’s office has been in touch to say that it is the American pillar of the Atlantic Bridge not the British pillar,“Liam knows nothing about this…”.  Odd since it gives a London contact phone number which appears to be Liam Fox’s office fax number (020 7219 2617).  Have sent a few faxes and it appears to be working. They’ll no doubt get back to Guido soon…

UPDATE II : It is a bit strange.  Have yet to confirm the authenticity of the email.  The article is genuine. The emailed press release is suspicious, why does it use a fax number as the contact number?  Guido is filing this in the dirty tricks file – unless ‘Shaila Cooper’ the contact name gets back to him and it proves otherwise.

Taxes Suck Demand Out of the Economy

Alistair Darling, Ed Balls and Gordon Brown claim that the Tories will take money out of the economy by cutting government spending, the Tories skirt round the issue by saying they will actually cut waste and undo the government’s proposed N.I. tax hike because it is a tax on jobs. The Tories have balked at directly crossing the Brown/Balls dividing line on tax and spend by directly taking on the idea that somehow government spending is better than the private spending that taxes reduce.  They are still advertising a vote-winning anti-tax message, but they are unwilling to take the argument further that lower taxes stimulate higher economic growth.  How different it is in the U.S. where even Obama ran and won on a tax-cutting platform.  Obama promised the middle-classes a tax break in a budget deficit environment little different to that faced the UK.

The Tory message is no new taxes and a slower increase in debt.  If a candidate in America suggested (as Brown and  Balls do) that raising taxes for the government to spend would support the economy, he would be laughed at, Obama during his presidential campaign said “The last thing you want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession because that would just suck up more demand out of the economy and put businesses in a further hole.” If only the truth of that was as recognised across the political spectrum in Britain.

Best Political Poster Advert

Funnier than the Labour / Tory mash-ups doing the rounds currently.  It is genuine.  Guido liked it a lot…

Republicans Win Ted Kennedy's Boston Seat

Massachusetts hasn’t had a Republican senator since 1972.  The election became a referendum on Obama with a clear focus on “Obamacare”, which is why the President intervened personally to support the Democrat candidate.  With support for Obama’s efforts to socialise healthcare low we could see more seats fall to the Republicans.  The election of Scott Brown now makes it possible for the Republicans to block Obama’s legislation..

Totty Watch : Brown to Win Election!

In Ted Kennedy’s old Massachusetts senate seat it looks likely that it will fall to the Republicans.  Obama has pushed his face on to the Democrat branding in a risky bid to retain the seat and crucially his filibuster blocking sixty in the Senate, but polls are showing America’s former “Sexiest Man”, Scott Brown in the lead. Well if a comedian like Al Franklin can do it…

Yes Ms Palin, Britain Does Have NHS Death Panels

When Sarah Palin said Obama’s healthcare plan would result in “death panels” that would see bureaucrats making subjective judgements on life and death, she was  furiously howled down by Obama supporters.

So how should we describe the expert panel of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, which decided that patients will be denied a new cancer drug on the NHS under draft guidelines, because it is too expensive?

Charities are outraged people with advanced liver cancer are to be refused life-extending Nexavar.  Andrew Dillon, of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence said: “The drug does not provide enough benefit to justify its high cost.”

Andrew Dillon, the CEO of N.I.C.E., is a career bureaucrat, not a doctor or a scientist.  He runs the system that says there is a cap of £30,000 per patient for a quality year of life.  If the panel determines that a “quality year of life” will cost the NHS more than £30,000, you are dead…

Al Gore TV Calls Palin a "TWILF"

Whilst the left on both sides of the Atlantic goes completely neurotic about the populist success of  Murdoch’s Fox News they forget that Al Gore owns a TV station aimed at the MTV generation – Current TV – unlike Fox it has lost over $10m every year since it started in 2004.  It is a rabidly left-wing channel, with plenty of mentalism of the enviro kind, that out-crazies Glenn Beck’s infotainment by a long chalk.  It is always claiming that the planet is on the edge of extinction making those Sunday morning hell-and-brimstone televangelists look moderate by comparison.

Current TV has a cartoon show “Supernews” aimed at kids which has just provoked controversy after describing Sarah Palin as a “TWILF” – which Guido likes to believe stands for Twitterer I Would Like To Follow.  The politically correct might note that Palin was also mocked as a “Gun – Ho” which Guido thought was quite funny, but suspects if he used “ho” about a female politician the  left-wing Thought Police would be frothing.  For some reason twittering Conservative women drive left-wingers to apoplexy.  Britain’s TWILFs; Nadine Dorries, Joanne Cash and Louise Bagshawe provoke masses of abuse from the left-wing Twitterati.  Nadine in particular is plagued with fake Twitter accounts impersonating herA dangerous game now the High Court has ruled Twitter impersonation actionable…

Ronald Reagan Campaigns Against Obamacare

From beyond the grave:

+++ Ted Kennedy Dead +++

Washington Times obituary here.

Explain this One to Michelle

What is the Excuse this Time?So the explanation for staring at the Brazilian girl’s ass was that he was moving out of her way.  Sure he was.  So now explain his point of view in relation to this French derriere

Michelle might buy it once, but twice?  It is clear to every guy what these two presidents have been comparing during the photo line-up.

Via : Englishman’s Castle

Savage Solidarity

IndexMay 3 was World Press Fredom Day, the government waited an extra day before publishing a ban on a list of people for thoughtcrimes.   Index on Censorship has some highlights of the list, many of those banned are unsavoury and undesirable. […] Read the rest


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Quote of the Day

John Curtice on fiscal policy:

“Attitudes to taxation and spending are basically counter-cyclical. If a government comes in and tries to reduce spending and taxation, after a while people will get worried about the state of public services. If a government increases taxation and public spending, after a while they’ll get concerned about increasing taxation…. In as much as there are lots of ideologues out there who think the state should be this proportion of GDP, they’re all wrong. Because the public’s view is counter-cyclical to the recent experience. It’s basically impossible to satisfy the public.”


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