Putin: I Wanted Trump to Win

Comical Alan: Trump Visit a Success So Far

Would love to hear what Alan Duncan would consider a failure…

Trump: May’s Brexit Deal is Not What People Voted For


Cameron Asked Obama to Say UK Would Be “At Back of the Queue”

Confirmation from ex-White House staffer Ben Rhodes on the Today programme this morning that David Cameron and his aides asked Obama to say Brexit would put the UK “at the back of the queue” for a trade deal with the US. Can’t think why the Remain campaign working with foreign countries to diminish Britain wasn’t popular with voters.

Trump Meets Kim

The summit they’re all talking about takes place after all…

Trump Visit Friday 13 July

Number 10:

“The President of the United States will visit the UK on 13 July. He will hold bilateral talks with the Prime Minister during his visit. Further details will be set out in due course.”

World Cup and Wimbledon finals weekend, Theresa May’s second anniversary as PM and a partial solar eclipse. Date for your diaries… 

May and Trump Statements

Jeremy Hunt v Donald Trump

President Trump tweets criticising the NHS:

Jeremy Hunt hits back:

Worth noting that Tory MPs and advisers are now openly talking about a Royal Commission on the future of the NHS…

Trump Apologetic Over Retweeting Britain First

Trump: Trade Will Increase Many Times Over, Tremendous Increases

Front of the queue…

May: Trump Wrong

Peter Bone Tells Trump to Delete His Account

Amber Rudd says many colleagues would agree…

Trump v Theresa

Number 10 wake up to this:

Next phone call between them is going to be fun…

Donald Trump Retweets Britain First’s Jayda Fransen

Jayda Fransen is the deputy leader of Britain First. Well this is going to go down well.


This is what Trump retweeted:

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NRA Goes Full Trump

“From the highest levels of government, to their media, universities and billionaires, their hateful defiance of his legitimacy is an insult to each of us.” Looks like the NRA is going to campaign hard for Trump in 2020…[…] Read the rest


Melania Sports SamCam’s Cefinn

The queen of beltway babes Melania Trump (47) is spotted sporting a stylish piece from Cefinn, Samantha Cameron’s fashion range. The First Lady looked gorgeous in green as she showed off the £295 green belted muslin shirt dress, which she wore to meet the Pittsburgh Penguins NHL ice-hockey team yesterday. […] Read the rest


Trump Threatens to “Totally Destroy” North Korea

Trump calls Kim “Rocket Man” in his speech at the UN…[…] Read the rest


Boris Meets Trump

Boris is representing Britain at the UN in New York, where he has bumped into another famous blond…[…] Read the rest


Will Trump Attack North Korea? “We’ll See”

Via Fox News.
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Tories Queue Up to Blast Trump

May on Trump:

“I see no equivalence between those who propound fascist views and those who oppose them.

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