Civil Service Union Using Covid Pretext to Fight Government

The Government is trying to lead from the front with its return-to-work drive, setting a target of 80% of civil servants to return to their desk at least once a week by the end of the month. Retaliating, the biggest civil servants’ union, PCS, has said they are “prepared to consider industrial action” if the government tries forcing them back to work and they believe that it is not safe. Guido isn’t so sure the threat to effectively bring the government to a halt is being driven by their workers’ safety at heart…

Footage obtained from a Zoom call in early June shows the PCS’ general secretary Mark Serwotka claiming “if Jeremy Corbyn had won that election in December, thousands of people would be alive today who have died” and promising that while they want to get rid of the government, in the meantime they will “fight” them until they get something better. If Guido was a member of the PCS, he wouldn’t be too happy having his safety weaponised in a partisan fight aimed at preventing the elected government doing its job…

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Welsh Chief Medical Officer Admits School Return Plan Blocked by Unions

The Welsh Chief Medical Officer admitted today that the Welsh Government is not following the science when it comes to re-opening schools. Wales, which is set to open schools from 29 June and then close them again for summer holidays, is pursuing what CMO Dr Frank Atherton calls a “second best option” thanks to teaching unions. Classic Labour.

Dr Atherton told a press conference that his preferred plan to have children return during the summer holidays was “not attractive to the unions” and therefore won’t be going ahead. Not the scientists, not even the politicians, Welsh policy is controlled by the unions…

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Confusing Demise of Union Boss

Just five months after he was re-elected, Tim Roache unexpectedly resigned as General Secretary of the GMB two weeks ago. Followers of union affairs will be confused as to why the so recently re-elected union boss resigned. The Daily Mirror’s Mikey Smith reported that it was because of “ill health” and “senior figures inside the union urged Mr Roache to go”. The next day the paper reported Roache faced an investigation after an anonymous letter raised concerns about his conduct. Confused? Me too!

A few days later the Sunday Mirror reported that an investigation into the conduct of the “top union boss has planted a “time bomb” under Labour”. It went on to reveal that Roache quit suddenly after an internal letter ­circulated accusing him of improper behaviour. Hold on, didn’t Mikey Smith report that it was because of “ill health”? What’s the line?

The union’s president Barbara Plant vowed to protect its staff, saying the safety of “our people, particularly women” is of “paramount importance”. The paper went on to claim that the affair is “expected to entangle some senior MPs and union and party ­officials in what one described as “a scandal-primed time bomb”.” Is this a real thing?

The article goes on to report that the anonymous letter – signed from “GMB sisters” – made a number of ­claims, including that senior Labour figures “colluded many times in a cover up”. Roache responded “these allegations are entirely made up with the intention of totally ­discrediting me. With no names of the accusers I have no opportunity to challenge and prove my entire ­innocence.” To be fair, without names, Roache’s just groping in the dark.

The union has belatedly now ordered an independent probe into the affairs, the same union that said he was stepping down for health reasons, days after the allegations were made. The Labour leader’s spokesman when pressed on whether he regarded the union chief as “a friend”, would only say “Keir and Tim are colleagues and have worked together.” Which is weak, considering Roache has arranged millions in donations over the years to the Labour Party.

Things got even more convoluted when, Guido hears, a legal letter was sent to newspapers saying that their client, an MP the letter did not name, did not wish to be named. A legal privilege usually reserved for the victims of sex attacks. Confused? Me too!

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National Education Union Advises How to Organise School Kids Strike

The National Education Union (the largest education union in the UK) has advised teachers with a list of disruptive ideas to help children skip school and protest against climate change. They include dropping the curriculum, setting off fire alarms, sending pupils to protests…

Many members have already had meetings and met with school leadership teams to agree action on [Friday]. These are lots of things that are already planned to coincide with the action. For instance, in Doncaster the council have asked schools to set off alarms to illustrate the climate emergency. Here are some ideas that you can use to organise action in your school:

  • Get the whole school to take action for 30 minutes by demonstrating in the playground.

  • Drop the curriculum for the day or part of it and teach environmental and ecological issues.

  • Take an assembly on the climate emergency.

  • Encourage meetings of student eco-committees. 

  • Organise a live link with protests taking place in city centres.

  • Organise your own protest in the playground or at the school gates.  

  • Send a delegation to the climate change protests.

  • Hold inset days with focus on climate and an opportunity for staff to attend protests.

When teachers are advising students to bunk off lessons something is very wrong…

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Meet Steve Hedley – Tipped To Be Next RMT Leader

Meet the potential new leader of the RMT union – Steve Hedley. He is currently the Senior Assistant General Secretary of the RMT and is tipped to be their new leader, according to Guido’s sources.

Hedley is very active on Facebook, where he has a penchant for ranting about Israel… a lot…

He also sympathises with Assad and Russia, even claiming McDonnell was speaking “liberal nonsense” for advising Labour colleagues to not appear on Russia Today in wake of the Skirpal incident. Steve must be the only man in Britain to the left of John McDonnell…

Here he is, literally to the left of McDonnell.

Who wouldn’t want to hang round with this band of merry pinkos…


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RMT to “Align” With Corbyn-Supporting Labour Candidates

The RMT union has this afternoon stopped short of formally affiliating with Labour, essentially deciding that the actions of a “hard core” of moderates mean the party is still not left-wing enough for them. Instead RMT branches plan to “align” with Corbyn-supporting MPs and candidates across the country.

“Many of our members have also reacted angrily to constant attempts by a hard core of Labour MPs to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and the radical progressive changes he has made to Labour. In contrast there is a clear desire amongst RMT members to support Jeremy Corbyn and the left leadership of the Labour Party and that is why we are now be putting in place other concrete steps to throw the weight of the RMT behind supporting the socialist advances that have been made in the Labour Party”

Which sounds like they see themselves as another Momentum. Tells you all you need to know about the RMT…

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