UNESCO Calls for Re-education of Teachers and Journalists


A report released by UNESCO called Putting Climate Change Education into Practice has called for governments to introduce “teacher education programmes” and to “train” journalists so they are able to “report accurately and authoritatively on climate change related issues“. As a back up plan, governments have also be urged to allow “non-formal educators and facilitators of climate change education” to teach children. Propagandists in other words…

“Teacher education programmes should, therefore, provide designated curriculum spaces to enhance teachers’ and educators’ capacities to deliver accurate climate change information, integrate local content, and promote critical thinking about climate change mitigation and adaptation. Governments should also support pre-service, in-career and in-service, and professional development opportunities in order to build teacher capacity and promote greater awareness of climate change issues among educators. They should also offer support to non-formal educators and facilitators of climate change education…

Governments should support media organizations and associations in their efforts to disseminate clear messages and reliable information about climate change through print media, television and radio, and Internet-based channels of communication. Support should also be provided to journalism training programmes to ensure that future journalists will be able to report accurately and authoritatively on climate change related issues.”

The report also criticises the UK’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills for valuing economic growth higher than “sustainability“. Onwards, till crimethink is eradicated..

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