Steve Bray’s Diesel Car Isn’t ULEZ-Compliant

Eagle-eyed co-conspirators may have seen Steve Bray’s car parked, as usual, opposite the Houses of Parliament yesterday for his regular protest/Lee Anderson boxing match. Bray’s few remaining friends on the left may finally abandon him after finding out his ride is a gas-guzzling 2011 Volkswagen Golf SE, pumping toxic diesel fumes into the centre of town. Naturally the BrayMobile isn’t ULEZ-compliant. Combined with the £15 congestion charge, that means Bray’s shelling out a whopping £27.50 every time he drives into Westminster to shout at politicians with a megaphone. God forbid he ever goes into the red…

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Giant ULEZ Robot Set to Burn on Bonfire Night

Residents of Edenbridge, Kent are ablaze with anger over the Ultra Low Emission Zone, building an 11-metre tall effigy of a ULEZ robot to go up in smoke at their popular bonfire night party this weekend. The locals insist it’s meant to be Sadiq Khan, although Guido questions whether the people of Edenbridge have any idea what the Mayor actually looks like. Either way, hopefully the blade runners won’t get their hands on it before Sunday…

Chairman of the Bonfire Society Bill Cummings cleared the air:

“Sadiq Khan may not be as well-known as other celebrity guys we have had in the past but I am sure there will be many people in towns such as ours celebrating our choice.” 

In previous years, they’ve torched effigies of Trump, Boris, and Liz. An omen of Khan’s career heading for a crash and burn…?

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Hall Blasts Khan for ULEZ Taking £715,000 a Day From Motorists

Susan Hall has blasted the Sadiq Khan on his ULEZ scheme pocketing around £715,000 a day from motorists. A report by Transport for London revealed around 57,200 drivers cough up the £12.50 charge a day, resulting in the expansion cashing in £52 million already. Last year, ULEZ drove up £224 million in tax revenue, and that was before the expansion…

Susan Hall tells Guido:

“It speaks volumes that Sadiq Khan is unwilling to provide any evidence that the air quality has improved until after the Mayoral election. His ULEZ expansion is nothing but a tax grab, taking over £52 million already from those who cannot afford to upgrade their vehicles. As Mayor, I will stop the ULEZ expansion on day one.”

The Uxbridge by-election proved putting the brakes on ULEZ might be a vote winner. Now it’s really hitting motorists in their wallets… 

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Belgian Authorities Investigating TfL Over Potential ULEZ Data Breach

Khan’s ULEZ propaganda clearly isn’t working in Europe, as authorities step up their investigations into Transport for London over potential unlawful data breaches. The Belgian transport ministry has now ordered an investigation into TfL’s collection agent Euro Parking, which is allegedly circumventing GDPR by using bailiffs in the EU to acquire driver data without disclosing that it would be given to a UK entity. Trust Khan to violate EU law…

Europeans are up in arms over the allegations – the Dutch vehicle licensing agency is already investigating TfL on the same grounds and 100 French drivers are launching a lawsuit. Susan Hall tells Guido she has sympathy for European victims of the “latest disaster” from Khan’s tax and that the “allegations are very concerning and must be investigated“. Michael Freilich, Belgian MP for the New Flemish Alliance, is leading the charge against Khan’s ULEZ collectors, saying they “should cease these operations immediately, if necessary, by government action” and repay “all of the ill-gotten gains. Guido wishes friends across the channel all the best…

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Starmer in “Ongoing Discussions” With Khan Over Alternative Options To ULEZ

Keir Starmer has finally admitted he is in “ongoing discussions” with London Mayor Sadiq Khan about “alternatives” to the ULEZ expansion. Possibly because it lost him the Uxbridge by-election?

The Labour leader was quizzed on BBC Radio London over the vote-killing plan, saying:

“I do want to look at other options. I do understand this is expensive. It imposes cost on people in a cost of living crisis. So we do need to look at how it is implemented…We have an obligation to look at what other options are out there and how we can help further. That’s an ongoing discussion between me and the Mayor. We speak regularly.”

They need to sit down together and clear the air…

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Sadiq Splashes Taxpayer Cash on ULEZ TikTok Propaganda

Sadiq Khan is currently running a paid advertising campaign on TikTok to promote the supposed benefits of his ULEZ expansion. The video, published last night, encourages viewers to play along with Sadiq’s “Big Green London Quiz“, with a series of leading “true or false” questions which peddle Khan’s usual ULEZ talking points:

“True or false? Everywhere in London exceeds the World Health Organization’s limits for toxic air pollution?”

According to Sadiq’s quiz, that’s true. In Guido’s tests, that was actually only true on the London Underground. No mention of that in this quiz for some reason…

The irony here is City Hall has, like Parliament, already banned TikTok on all its devices, citing security concerns from the Chinese government. That’s not an issue for Sadiq, apparently. So long as 15-year-olds who don’t even own cars anyway are playing along with his strange quizzes, the security issues are secondary. Rest assured, Guido has sent in a Freedom of Information request on the cost of the campaign…

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