Ukraine Considers Medical Cannabis Legalisation to Keep Morale High

As Putin’s illegal invasion blazes on, legislators in Ukraine are looking to make an important reform to keep morale high – the legalisation of medical cannabis. In mid-July the Ukrainian parliament passed the first reading of a medical cannabis bill allowing for its purchase, distribution and prescription of medical cannabis. Campaigners say this will be crucial as Russia’s invasion has left over half the population at risk of developing PTSD.

As it stands, the bill doesn’t change cannabis’s standing as a prohibited substance – which would restrict research – however, according to Politico, legislators are now scrambling to change this. It’s good to see some joint-up thinking.

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WATCH: Biden Calls Zelenskyy “Vladimir”

Of all the names to mix up…

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Wallace: Ukraine Should Show “Gratitude” for War Support

A prickly Ben Wallace has told Ukraine to show “gratitude” to its Western allies for their continued support in the war effort, after President Zelenskyy expressed disappointment at NATO’s reluctance to fast-track Ukraine’s membership to the alliance this week. Speaking to reporters in Vilnius today, the Defence Secretary vented his frustration, insisting Britain is “not Amazon” despite its backing against Russian aggression:

“Sometimes you have to persuade lawmakers on the Hill in America, you have to persuade doubting politicians in other countries that, you know, that is worth it, that it is worthwhile and that they are getting something for it. And whether you like it or not, that’s the reality of it… Sometimes you would hear grumbles not from the administration in the American system, but you would hear them from lawmakers on the Hill … We’ve given $83 billion worth or whatever, we are not Amazon… I told them that last year, when I drove 11 hours to be given a list…  There’s a slight word of caution here which is, whether you like it or not people want to see gratitude…”

An unusually testy statement, especially from the Defence Secretary of a country that often touts its “unwavering support”…

UPDATE: Rishi says Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people have shown gratitude after all:

“I know him and his people are incredibly grateful for the support the UK has shown, the welcome we’ve provided to many Ukrainian families, and the leadership we’ve shown throughout this conflict…”

He didn’t have much to say about Wallace’s “Amazon” jibe…

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David Lammy Makes Time for LBC Show, Misses Russia Intelligence Briefing

As news broke of a fast-moving coup attempt in Russia over the weekend, as is customary, the Shadow Foreign Secretary was offered an intelligence briefing with the latest updates on Privy Council terms as a courtesy from the government. David Lammy even thanked James Cleverly at the despatch box yesterday for offering “His Majesty’s Official Opposition” this intelligence. Guido couldn’t help noticing the ambiguity of that language. He didn’t say “thanks for providing me with that intelligence”…

There’s good reason for that: Lammy didn’t attend the briefing at all. Despite thanking Cleverly for briefing potentially the next government on crucial foreign policy matters, the Shadow Foreign Secretary himself wasn’t even there. He was, however, on his Sunday radio show for LBC, putting in the hard graft for the second job which has netted him over £60,000 since March 2022. David was on-air for three whole hours. At one point he even claims “there is nothing you can put between myself and James Cleverly, the Foreign Secretary, in relation to how we want to support Ukraine”. Nothing, apart from a cushty radio phone-in show…

Guido approached Labour for comment. They refused to be drawn on who attended the briefing, and pointed towards his ambiguous Commons statement. Guido hears Lammy wasn’t even in London at the time and had to speak to Cleverly over the phone – which would mean that any briefing would be in general terms only for obvious security reasons. It’s not clear which country Lammy was in, or what he was doing there. His radio show was done remotely…

The Leader of the Opposition will have noted the absence of his would-be Foreign Secretary from the briefing, because he went to it. Something for Keir to reflect on as he considers his forthcoming reshuffle…

As it happens, Guido notes that when the government hosted the Ukraine Recovery Conference last week, His Majesty’s Opposition’s most senior foreign policy voice was also missing in action. Despite receiving an invite, Lammy was busy in Glasgow, prioritising collecting an honorary degree

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Boris Threatened to “Punch” Macron’s “Lights Out” Over Ukraine

The second episode of Guto Harri’s Unprecedented podcast reveals Rishi Sunak wasn’t the only one who got under Boris’s skin: he called Emmanuel Macron “a c***” too. In the immediate aftermath of the Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Harri claims the former PM unleashed an enraged diatribe against Macron after the French President criticised the UK’s handling of the refugee crisis, saying “He’s a four-letter word that begins with C. He’s a weirdo. He’s Putin’s lickspittle.” At one point Boris told close allies he was “going to have to punch [Macron’] lights out”…

Luckily the pair “patched things up” at the G7  a few weeks later over a glass of whisky, with no harm done. Harri also reveals what Zelensky told Boris after the UK supplied NLAW missiles to Ukraine: “Every time we fire them, we think of a love story… all you need is N-love…”

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Boris and Rishi Attack European Broadcasting Union for Barring Zelenskyy from Eurovision

Sunak has waded into the debacle of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) turning a cold shoulder to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, with Boris in tow. While the President of war-torn Ukraine had hoped to feature in a surprise virtual address at the ceremony, the EBU stressed that the “non-political nature of the event” would render any appearance “against the rules.” Europe and their superfluous self-contradictory laws…

The PM’s spokesperson said Sunak believed it would be “fitting for President Zelenskyy to address the event” and emphasised that he was “disappointed by the decision from the European Broadcasting Union.” Boris joined in the chorus to proclaim that it “would have been right to hear” from Zelenskyy, and remind the EBU that “there is only one reason the contest is not in Ukraine and that is because of Putin’s illegal war.”

The EBU, which represents over 100 broadcasters including the BBC, noted Zelenskyy’s “laudable intentions” as they closed the door in his face “regrettably”. Eurovision and the EBU seem to have forgotten about their non-political stance when they rightly barred Russia indefinitely from the competition last year. 

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