Boris Compares Russia to Nazi Germany

“I think that sometimes the price of freedom is worth paying and, just remember, it took the democracies in the middle of the last century a long time to recognise that they have to resist tyranny and aggression.

“It was very expensive but what it bought in the end with the defeat of the dictators, particularly of Nazi Germany, it bought decades and decades of stability, a world order that relied on a rules based national system, and that is worth protecting, that is worth defending – that delivers long term prosperity.”

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Centrists May Want to Rethink Wes’s Leadership Qualities

Boris’s surprise trip to Ukraine to meet with Zelenskyy set a pretty impressive trap for his opponents to fall into. Between the announcement of his pulling out and the revelation of his international visit, some on the left implied Boris was on the run. Labour lecturer Thom Brooks said it looked like the PM was “giving up on the North again”; Shadow transport secretary Louise Haigh said I suppose his one saving grace is that @BorisJohnson recognises when he’s really not helping”; Angus Brendan MacNeil MP said “Boris is going to be such an asset in the Scottish independence campaign”; Business Insider’s Cat Neilan tweeted the move “allowed a prospective rival a free hit. And yet LEADERSHIP”, referring to the day’s No. 10 grid. The jewel in the crown, however, was undoubtedly Wes Streeting…

Wes’s latest bout of foot-in-mouth disease comes shortly after having to apologise to the Shadow Cabinet for expressing public sympathy with the rail strikes, though allies insisted he only apologised for the “bad publicity that resulted from the remarks”, earmarking him out as someone with even fewer principles than the current Labour leader. It also follows him being shown up by Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves for pocketing LBC presenting cash while she donated hers to charity. Centrists really do believe Wes Steeting is Labour’s best hope among the candidates to be next leader…

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EU Commission Confirms Candidate Status on Ukraine

Ursula von der Leyen has formally confirmed that the EU Commission has approved Ukraine for candidate EU status. Confirmation has been given on the “understanding that the country will carry out a number of important reforms” including on the rule of law, oligarchs, anti-corruption and “fundamental rights”, however the country has implemented around 70% of EU rules, norms and standards. She says “Ukrainians are ready to die for the European perspective. We want them to live with us the European dream.”

The Commission has also recommended candidate status for Moldova, which von der Leyen says is “on a real pro-reform, anti-corruption and European path”, though has a long way to go. Georgia missed out on being awarded the same status…

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Read in Full: Russia Sanctions 29 British Journalists

29 members of the British media have been sanctioned by Russia this afternoon, meaning they will now be banned from entry. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims this is because they “are involved in the deliberate dissemination of false and one-sided information about Russia and events in Ukraine and Donbass. With their biased assessments, they also contribute to inciting Russophobia in British society.” Congratulations to all those in receipt of such a high honour…

  1. Shaun WALKER, correspondent of the Guardian newspaper;
  2. Con COUGHLIN, columnist for the Daily Telegraph newspaper;
  3. Stuart RAMSAY, Chief Correspondent of the Sky News TV channel;
  4. James ROTHWELL, journalist for the Daily Telegraph;
  5. John WITHEROW, editor-in-chief of the Times;
  6. Chris EVANS, editor-in-chief of the Daily Telegraph newspaper;
  7. Richard Simon SHARP, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the BBC;
  8. Timothy Douglas DAVIE, CEO of the BBC;
  9. Katharine Sophie VINER, editor-in-chief of the Guardian newspaper;
  10. Clive MYRIE, correspondent and host of the BBC TV channel;
  11. Orla GUERIN, correspondent of the BBC TV channel;
  12. Nicholas Anthony ROBINSON, host of the BBC TV channel;
  13. Paul ADAMS, correspondent of the BBC TV channel;
  14. Nicholas BEAKE, correspondent of the BBC TV channel;
  15. Alexander James THOMSON, correspondent and presenter of Channel 4 News;
  16. Dan RIVERS, correspondent of ITV TV channel;
  17. Peter BEAUMONT, journalist for the Guardian newspaper;
  18. Emma GRAHAM-HARRISON, correspondent for the Guardian newspaper;
  19. Sophie RIDGE, journalist and presenter of the Sky News TV channel;
  20. Catherine Elizabeth NEWMAN, journalist and presenter of Channel 4 News;
  21. Edward VERITY, editor-in-chief of the Daily Mail;
  22. Christian BROUGHTON, editor-in-chief of the Independent newspaper;
  23. Larisa BROWN, editor of military news of the Times newspaper;
  24. Mark GALEOTTI, political scientist;
  25. Joseph BARNES, correspondent for the Daily Telegraph;
  26. Gideon RACHMAN, columnist for the Financial Times;
  27. Luke Daniel HARDING, correspondent of the Guardian newspaper;
  28. Dominic Ralph Campden LAWSON, columnist for the Sunday Times and Daily Mail;
  29. Lawrence David FREEDMAN, columnist for the Sunday Times.
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Zelensky Gifts Ben Wallace ‘Russian Warship, Go F*** Yourself’ Stamps

Zelensky has widened his UK love-in to include Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, as well as Boris. On an unannounced visit to Kyiv today, Wallace was presented with a framed piece containing Ukraine’s infamous stamps commemorating the attack on Snake Island, during which Ukrainian soldiers told a Russian warship to “go f*** yourself”. The president dutifully signed the gift. Hopefully they won’t be too valuable for Wallace to keep upon his return…

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Zelenskyy Celebrates Boris’s Win, Smug Lefty Tweeters Left With Egg on Face

Following the leadership vote last night Nadhim Zahawi told Sky News Zelenskyy will be “punching the air”. As expected, anti-Boris Twitter know-it-alls were absolutely outraged at the claim. Ignoring the myriad viral tweets from nobodies condemning the Education Secretary, among blue tick condemnations included Times columnist Alex Massie, HuffPo’s Kevin Schofield, The Mirror’s Ben Glaze, Reuters journalist Christian Radnedge, journalist and commentator Edward Hardy, and journalist and broadcaster Harry Wallop.

This morning Zelenksyy has left Twitter lefties eating humble pie after confirming Nadhim Zahawi definitively correct. Speaking to the FT this morning, a delighted Zelenskyy hailed Boris as a “true friend of Ukraine” and said “I am glad we have not lost a very important ally.”

No doubt all the above will continue speaking on Zelenskyy’s behalf…

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