Landmark Ruling Could Lead to Tough Transition for Uber

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The female driver who won a landmark employment case against Uber this week used to run a phone-sex service that allegedly employed workers illegally. She also used to be a man…

The California labor commission ruled Barbara in Ann Berwick’s favour that an Uber driver is an employee, not a contractor. The cab firm currently operates as a logistics company, connecting drivers and passengers – if they are forced to recognise all contractors as employees, their costs will rocket and their business model will be destroyed.

In her pre-Uber days, Ms Berwick’s phone sex company employed girls as independent contractors, yet, according to one former phone-sex operator, dictated their hours. Making them employees in the eyes of Californian law…

Uber Drivers Ask That Passengers Sit Up Front To Avoid Police Harassment


Drivers for the private car hire company Uber in Paris are fighting back against police harassment by asking their passengers to sit in the front seat. By looking less like a taxi, the drivers for budget car service UberPop are hoping to avoid the attention of the feds who have been targeting them at the behest of local politicians. Taxi drivers are furious that their cartel is being challenged…

Despite the taxi union’s best efforts, UberPop is currently legal in France, but local politicians who have found UberPop guily of creating an “unfair competitive situation” and are ordering the police to stop suspected Uberpop drivers. Vive la révolution!

Black Cab Protest Blocks Ambulance and Fire Brigade

Westminster is in gridlock as unionised cabbies deliberately obstruct the roads in protest at private hire cabs. Will someone think of the poor MPs…

More seriously, there have been reports that a fire engine with its lights on and sirens blaring could not get past cabbies on Parliament Square.

Minutes later, Guido watched as a police motorcycle had to escort an ambulance through Westminster to get past the parked taxis. Way to get the public on your side…

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Boris Tells Unionised Cabbies: “It’s Called the Free Market”

Ever the equal opportunity offender, Boris has evened up his dig at Uber by antagonising black cab drivers. He told a hostile audience of cabbies in the London Assembly public gallery:

“You are dealing with a huge economic force which is consumer choice and the taxi trade needs to recognise that. Everywhere I go I see yellow lights and I can see the taxi trade is dying and it grieves me, but it is very, very difficult to fight a huge change in consumer preference.

[Heckler shouts that cabbies are being undercut.]

Yes they are. It’s called the free market… There’s a rail strike on Tuesday, you might get some fares.”

Yet rather than take advantage of the strike, cabbies are instead planning on spending the day protesting themselves…

Cameron’s Uber Pals Square Up Against Boris

uber rachel

Boris Johnson’s announcement last week that he would like to reduce the number of private hire vehicles on London’s roads have paved the way for new Uber hire Rachel Whetstone to mark her territory. Boris’ thinly-veiled attack on private car hire app Uber has sent the company’s increasingly effective communications department into overdrive. A letter challenging Boris to a debate from Jo Bertram, the head of Uber’s business in the UK, was conveniently leaked to the FT this morning.

Whetstone, the wife of former Cameron Guru Steve Hilton was brought in by Uber as their communications chief to deal with these sort of situations and will be orchestrating Uber UK’s fight back against Boris. Let the lobbying commence…

Uber Poach Rachel Whetsone

uber rachel

Uber have lured Rachel Whetstone away from her position as SVP of communications and public policy for Google, to take on the same position with the private car hire company. Whetstone who is married to Dave’s former guru Steve Hilton, has close links to the Camerons and despite being in charge of Uber’s global comms, will no doubt prove invaluable to Uber’s operation in the largest taxi market in the world – London.

Uber is facing legislative challenges on an almost daily basis as politicians fight to protect the vested interests of cabbie unions – last month they even found themselves banned completely in Portugal. Let’s hope Uber UK are in for an easy ride…

London Taxi Drivers Threaten “Cab Scabs” on Twitter

uber scab

Increasingly deranged militant London cabbies are taking to Twitter to shame other taxi drivers who dare to use the Uber app in order to drum up more work. Uber, the phone app that allows users to order a private driver at the click of the button, have offered an olive branch to black cabs, whose business they have been eating into, by allowing them to sign up to Uber and receive ride requests. So much for gratitude…

But heavily unionised loons are not happy that some of their colleagues are audaciously tapping into the free market in order to make more money. They have been taking screenshots of taxis looking for work on Uber and posting them on Twitter along with pleasantries such as “scabs” and “scum” and “Uber c**t”. 

In a disturbing development some cabbies are publicly identifying their fellow drivers and posting their details online:

uber cunt

Responding to the above tweet, other cabbies posted Simon’s phone number while others sinisterly hinted at finding Simon to say a “big hello”.

Bring on driverless cars…

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