Nandy’s U-Turns on Withdrawing From Afghanistan

Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy has been all over the airwaves and quick to slam the government for the situation in Afghanistan, though it’s not entirely clear what a Labour government would do differently. Labour – who at least under Corbyn had a fixed position – have both supported and criticised withdrawing from Afghanistan in the space of a month. Positively Starmer-ist positioning…

Last month (7 July) Nandy told Times Radio: 

 “… that time is coming to an end, it had outlived its usefulness that, you know, there were real problems with British troops being targeted. But there are also problems with the Afghan people feeling that the time was long overdue for them to be able to determine their own affairs….. in the end, there is no military solution for, no military future for the Afghan people.”

Now Nandy is condemning Britain’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. She told the BBC that:

“…one of the fallouts from the decision to withdraw and to withdrawal very quickly by the US and then by the United Kingdom, is that it sent a message to the Taliban, that they could roam across Afghanistan, with relative freedom with very limited consequences.

In fact, given that in 2010 Nandy abstained on a vote on continuing the UK’s deployment in Afghanistan, she has at different times been undecided about, in favour of, and against UK military involvement in Afghanistan. In power Nandy would have deployed the military in much the same way as the Grand Old Duke of York… 

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Hancock’s Barefaced Testing U-Turn

This morning Hancock was on TV attacking people for getting Coronavirus tests when they were not eligible. He told Sky News:

“In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen an increase in demand, including an increase in demand from people who are not eligible for tests, people who don’t have symptoms. We’ve seen an increase of about 25% of people who are coming forward that don’t have symptoms and aren’t eligible.”

Hancock’s instructions to the public in July, however, saw the Health Secretary tell the Commons that if people are in doubt they should get a test. Not only if they have symptoms…

“The main cause of the gap is people who are asymptomatic and therefore do not know they have the virus and do not come forward for testing. We are going to ramp up our communications to make clear that, if in doubt and if people think they might have the symptoms, they should come forward and get a test. We are also going to ramp up our asymptomatic testing of high-risk groups, which he and I have had exchanges about before.”

Was Hancock’s advice wrong then or is it wrong now? The public will be getting pretty sick of the Department of Health’s cock-ups being the responsibility of anyone other than Hancock.

UPDATE: A government source tells Guido “The guidance is clear. If you think you have symptoms you should get a test. Today’s message is no different to that.” Apparently people in doubt about whether they have symptoms should still get a test…

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Tory MPs Demand No. 10 Avoids Another Labour Policy Victory

Tory MPs increasingly furious at No. 10’s governing-by-u-turn have taken to demanding No. 10 and the whips wise up and prevent the next perceivably unwinnable battle coming down the tracks. Furlough extension.

Labour has tabled an opposition day debate next week on “support for businesses”. While the details of the policy they’ll be arguing for remains unknown, it will be astonishing if it’s not primarily in opposition to the winding up of furlough. MPs have pointed this out to the whips, merely receiving the response “we just don’t know yet”. Frustrated Tories envisage this becoming the next avoidable u-turn from the Government: Labour will call for greater business support, Tory whips will make their MPs vote against it, only for the Government to eventually – and awkwardly – have to reverse ferret. 

Guido learns private representations are being made to Rishi ahead of the debate trying to prevent another perceived Labour policy victory. While not specifying furlough extension, new targetted support for certain industries – including events and transport – is being lobbied for. One proposal includes asset furlough whereby coach companies, for example, who have a depreciating asset they cannot use, which is simultaneously still being taxed, could get relief until the industry is free to return to normal. As with A-level results, No. 10 has had this next battle flagged in advance. MPs are praying this time they don’t just walk straight into another comms failure…

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Williamson Fails to Explain Latest Face Mask U-Turn

Gavin Williamson squirmed on Sky News this morning when pressed to explain the latest u-turn from the Department for Education. On Monday, Jenny Harries told viewers the latest WHO evidence on face masks in schools said “is not strong”. Three days later, the government is now advising face masks for school children in areas of lockdown. Who saw that one coming…

While Williamson pointed out the government had not performed a full u-turn to make all kids wear masks, he failed to explain where the new evidence had come from to justify the new provisions for schools in lockdown. Full steam ahead to the next u-turn…

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Starmer’s Police Policy U-Turn

Speaking to BBC Breakfast this morning, Sir Keir admonished the Black Lives Matter movement for their police abolition views:

“That’s nonsense and nobody should be saying anything about defunding the police. 

I would have no truck with that, I was director of public prosecutions for five years. I worked with police forces across England and Wales bringing thousands of people to court. So my support for the police is very, very strong”

“I wouldn’t have any truck with what the organisation is saying about defund the police or anything else, that’s just nonsense.”

This pro-police passion from Starmer is newly-found however. In 1987, he wrote for the Socialist Alternative: 

“This leads to the question of the role the police should play, if any, in civil society. Who are they protecting and from what?”

The Leader of the Opposition continued fingering the fuzz for much of his adult life at Doughty Street Chambers, who are renowned specialists in actions against the police, with hours of YouTube lectures on “How to sue the police”. In their own words:

We are particularly well-known for our work in holding the police to account, and other agencies involved in the criminal justice system”

Tories are terrified that Sir Keir is not only just as radical as his predecessor, he’s smarter about hiding it this side of an election…

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No Enforcement Change Vicar

At yesterday’s daily press briefing, Martin the vicar from Brighton threw a curve ball yesterday evening when he asked Matt Hancock whether, in light of the Dominic Cummings affair, the Government will review all lockdown penalty fines imposed on families travelling for childcare purposes. Hancock swerved answering, calling it a “very good question” and promising to go away and talk to Treasury officials.

The Government undertook the shortest policy review in Treasury history overnight, as Robert Jenrick this morning told the Today programme “It was looked into and concluded that the right thing to do is leave this in the hands of the police”. Tricky vicars don’t set policy

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