Piers Silent on SS Shame, Blocks Anyone on Twitter Who Asks

Over the weekend we revealed that Piers Morgan, who is currently in a woke phase and professing to be worried about historic statue symbolism, had worn a Nazi Waffen-SS uniform to a party where he had fun goosestepping and saluting “Heil Hitler”. A crime in many European countries that suffered at the hands of the Waffen-SS…

The hypocrisy of the situation is embarrassing after he called for Trudeau to resign over “black-face”. Piers is far from unaware of the story, anyone who asks him about the picture on Twitter is blocked. Piers is also uncharacteristically silent on a story about himself, which is after all his favourite subject. It didn’t feature in his Mail on Sunday column. Fortunately for him the tabloids that report his every rant are so far sparing his blushes. Unfortunately for him, on social media it is being shared and talked about widely…

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Rob Roberts Reviews his Colleagues

A good rule of thumb after being selected a parliamentary candidate is to go through your social media and at least prune out controversial Tweets, if not blanket delete them all just to be safe. At the weekend, Rob Roberts switched his old account, ‘@TransparentRob‘, to private after Owen Jones called out old Tweets describing David Lammy “the most racist politician in Britain”. Luckily, Guido managed to comb through all 5 year’s worth before he made the change…

Rob’s blunt colleague reviews include:

  • Dominic Raab“another politician in it for himself instead of the National interest. Shame on you.”
  • Michael Gove: Time to stand up, be counted and finally show some loyalty”
  • Andrew Bridgen: “back-stabbing, politicking, conniving… increasingly becoming a complete disgrace”
  • Robert Courts: #anothernobody”

In 2018 he also TweetedThanks a lot “Call me Dave” Cameron. You have screwed everyone over.” Sentiments he presumably didn’t repeat when recently using David Cameron to try and solicit dates with a young Tory activist…

The emergence of these less-than-diplomatic feelings will no doubt leave Rob Roberts red-faced the next time he visits Parliament’s Tea Room. Though he may want to steer clear of the Tea Room for a while, as Guido is told his North Wales colleagues have been overheard there plotting how to steal Tory wards from the gaffe-prone MP’s constituency during the boundary review…

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Lewis Goodall Doubles Down on Dom, Then Deletes Tweets

Newsnight are not having a good week, Emily Maitlis is nowhere to be seen after her partisan monologue was roundly denounced and disowned by BBC management. Emily was ranting as a prelude to a characteristically slanted package by Lewis Goodall. He jumped on an erroneous early report from The Telegraph that the police had found against Cummings, claiming it fully justified his Newsnight report. Going on to demand acknowledgement from the Prime Minister himself that he was right:

Alas for Lewis the early report was wrong. Durham Police did not provide him with the vindication for which he and his Newsnight colleagues were hoping. The twit has now deleted the twaddle he tweeted…

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Impartial Civil Service Tweets

Following the PM’s Downing Street press conference this was tweeted from the official Civil Service account. It was 11 minutes before it was deleted. Looks like someone will be resigning after all…

Could Mark Sedwill, the head of the Civil Service who is famously at loggerheads with Dominic Cummings, have got his Whatsapp and Twitter accounts muddled? It was posted from an iPhone which suggests it was from an existing user. It will be relatively straight forward to identify the tweeter…

UPDATE: Sense of humour failure:

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Twitter Break Own Terms of Service

For Valentine’s Day Twitter UK have rebranded as the #DatingTwitter Advice Bureau. Hold on a second, remember when CCHQ rebranded as Factcheck UK, didn’t Twitter themselves tell us during the election that rebranding trickery like this is against their terms of service for blue tick verified accounts on Twitter?

Any further attempts to mislead people by editing verified profile information – in a manner seen during the UK Election Debate – will result in decisive corrective action”.

Isn’t it misleading for a social media platform to masquerade as an advice bureau? Will they take away their own blue tick?

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Labour Has Won the Twitter War, Again

Despite a spirited effort from Tory digital operation, unleashing fresh memes like BorisWave and provoking hatesharing of their quirky Twitter content, the Labour Party has stormed ahead on the social media sites native to the party’s core demographic.

Labour are busy gloating about their impressive retweet and video view counts. They boast:

  • Labour achieved more than three times the video views compared to the Tories
  • Rob Delaney’s scaremongering video about NHS alone achieved a total of 13.3m views.
  • Corbyn has received 2.4 million retweets, compared to the Tories’ 372,000
  • 649,000 people have shared Corbyn’s content on Facebook, of whom 432,000 have never shared a Corbyn post before.

Follower growth on Twitter and Facebook for the Labour Party, boosted by celebrities, has been impressive:

In 2011 the “Yes to the Alternative Vote” campaign were surprised to discover that their social media sentiment analysis, which gave them a 2:1 lead, was wrong. Yet still this garbage persists, for example analysis designed & built by idiots at Mediaworks, using AI apparently, Caroline Lucas has the most positive sentiment on social media. So what?

Ultimately, as David Cameron reminded us all in 2015, and Vote Leave proved again in 2016, Britain and Twitter are not the same thing…

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