Pro-Erdogan Mass Twitter Hack

Last night several major Twitter accounts posted tweets showing a swastika symbol and the words “Nazi Germany” and “Nazi Holland” written in Turkish. Some accounts had their header image changed to the Turkish flag in what seems to be a mass hack by supporters of the Turkish autocrat Erdogan. Affected accounts include Forbes, Amnesty International, the European Parliament, Justin Bieber, Dortmund football club, the UK Department of Health and EyeSpy.MP. It seems the hack happened via a third-party app – possibly Twitter Counter – rather than the accounts themselves being compromised. Twitter Counter claimed in November that they had secured their accounts after a hack…

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VIDEO: Russian Ambassador Shot in Turkey

Hurriyet reports:

Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov Gennadiyeviç in Ankara, Contemporary Arts came under armed attack at the opening of an art exhibition at the Centre. During the opening speech, it was learned that Karlov, who had been attacked by a gun, was taken to the hospital as a seriously injured person.

Now confirmed dead.


Uh oh…

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EU to Open New Turkey Membership Talks on June 30


Diplomatic sources tell AFP:

“The EU will open new membership talks with Turkey as planned in a few days, EU diplomatic sources said Wednesday, just as Ankara’s accession becomes a hot-button issue in Britain’s vote on its future in the bloc. 

One source, who asked not to be named, told AFP that EU member states will meet June 30 to agree to open a new negotiating chapter with Turkey.”

This morning John Major admitted it could happen in the next ten years. Yet Dave wants you to believe Turkey won’t join ’til the year 3000…

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Turkey “Flabbergasted” By Cameron: “He’s Our Biggest Supporter!”

Chief adviser to the Turkish government Ilnur Chevik was on Newsnight last night, where he expressed surprise that Cameron is now claiming Turkey won’t join the EU:

“We are really, really flabbergasted, let’s put it that way. We thought Mr Cameron was our chief supporter for our quest for European Union membership. Turks thought that the British were the driving force behind our EU membership and that they were supporting us right to the hilt.”

It ain’t the Turks he was fooling…

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READ: Turkey Cables in Full

These are the leaked diplomatic cables referenced by the Sunday Times which show British diplomats discussing plans to allow visa-free access to the UK for over a million Turks. The key sections are highlighted, for example this bombshell paragraph which argues Britain should “assess again the possibility of visa travel”.


Remember, Cameron publicly said “we won’t be offering visa-free access to Turks” and that Turkey is not an issue in the referendum…

NOW READ: Leaked Cables Reveal British Diplomats Believe 1.8 Million Migrants Would Be “A Drop in the Ocean” Compared to Turkey

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#InOrOut Debate: Audience Turns on Cameron

Cameron should have had an easy ride with the audience, having been softened by 30 minutes of project fear. If anything, they were tougher…

Soraya Bouazzaoui, an English Literature student waiting to study her Masters, gave Cameron a broadside over Turkey joining the EU:

“They are under such heavy accusation by the entire Middle East for funding ISIS. How can you reassure us of staying in the EU and saying there are no risks, when there are clear risks? Especially when it comes to ISIS.”

The PM was clearly not expecting such a fierce line of questioning over something he has so far strived to dodge as quickly and efficiently as possible. Soraya demolished Cameron’s “waffling” over security. She should expect a call from Vote Leave tomorrow…

James Dexter leant the defining voice of the public’s rection of project fear: “Do you regret the personal damage that your scare mongering campaign has done to your reputational legacy. Personal damage.” Ouch…

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