SNP Still Can’t Say if Trans Rapist is a Woman

After Nicola Sturgeon yesterday couldn’t say whether a trans rapist is a man or a woman, SNP minister Jenny Gilruth was posed the same question on Question Time. After being asked whether double rapist Isla Bryant was a woman, several times, Jenny could only respond with:

“This individual is a rapist”

The reaction of the audience says it all.

The woke confusion didn’t end there, as trans panelist India Willoughby also posed an interesting hypothetical:

“If I was on a night out and I got raped, where would I be sent? Would I be sent to a male prison? That’s where some people would like to send me. Which would be ridiculous.”

Guido isn’t quite sure that’s how it works…

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Sturgeon Repeatedly Refuses to Say Whether Trans Rapist Is a Trans Woman

It appears Nicola Sturgeon still doesn’t know what a woman is. Having tied herself up in multiple knots over the trans prisoner row earlier last week – “trans women are women, but…” – Sturgeon has apparently learned nothing, and still doesn’t have “enough information” to determine whether the double rapist Isla Bryson is a man or woman. “Hoisted by her own petard” barely describes this farce…

Appearing at First Minister’s Questions today, Sturgeon said:

“I think that rapists should be considered a rapist. That is what I think. That individual has been convicted of rapes, and that, therefore, is the terminology. I’m not going to get into the individual circumstances of that particular individual’s claims to be a woman because I don’t have enough information about that. But that individual has been convicted of serial sex offences and that is the relevant consideration in terms of which prison they should be accommodated in…”

Eventually Sturgeon finally conceded “my feeling is that is almost certainly the case” that the rapist is not, in fact, transgender. You think?

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Trans Activists’ Tasteless Anti-Starmer Smear Hard to Swallow

In the latest update from the “be kind” tolerance brigade, trans protesters outside Downing Street had some choice words for Sir Keir too last night. The activists were protesting against the government blocking Sturgeon’s controversial trans bill. Though – for the grievous crime of opposing sex changes for children – their attention soon turned to the Labour leader, repeating the call “Keir Starmer eat sh*t”. Although Guido is not without scepticism of Starmer, their use of language certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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Westminster Government Could Block Scottish Trans Bill

Rishi’s Westminster government could try and block Scotland’s incredibly controversial gender recognition bill, which was passed by a majority of votes in Holyrood. At present the bill would remove the need for Scottish people – including 16 and 17-year-olds – to obtain a gender recognition certificate without the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Women’s rights campaign groups have been up in arms over the threat to single sex spaces…

Following the passing of the bill, however, the Scottish Secretary Alister Jack has warned it may not progress to royal assent, and that the government could block it. He said:

“We will look closely at that, and also the ramifications for the 2010 Equality Act and other UK wide legislation, in the coming weeks – up to and including a Section 35 order stopping the Bill going for Royal Assent if necessary.”

A source close to Kemi Badenoch – the Equalities secretary who has been incredibly scathing of the legislation – also tells Guido:

“Kemi’s overriding concern is the safety of women and girls. The SNP have pushed this Bill through without any thought to its wider implications.”

Brace for SNP chuntering about ‘constitutional crisis and outrage’…

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BBC Training Journalists to Become Trans Rights Activists

The Nolan Show has uncovered yet more wokery at the BBC: trainee journalists are being taught to become trans and non-binary activists, and to use “their magical ally powers to access influencers and influence politicians”. In other words, to become political campaigners in direct contravention the BBC’s code of impartiality. Apparently they’ve learned absolutely nothing from the Stonewall fiasco…

One of the journalists on the course – delivered by Global Butterflies – has spoken out on the condition of anonymity, revealing just how partisan the “training” actually was:

“During that session we were given a lot of different points of how allies could sort of use their influence to affect trans rights for people, and one of the slides was headlined: with your magical powers of being an ally. And it wasn’t until we got further down that slide that I realised that it talked about using your influence on politicians to affect change which was sort of the main point that they were trying to get across.”

This vital information was delivered after the new staff were lectured on the importance of impartiality. How exactly were these journalists “allies” instructed to become campaigners? By using “their privilege whatever that may be, e.g. wealth, seniority, ethnicity, connections, social status, etc to access influencers for example leaders, celebrities – change the minds of the media, influence politicians, write or share stories and articles and tell people what is happening.”

The source also claims the BBC supervisor made no effort during the session to remind new staff of their obligation to impartiality. On and on the session went, uninterrupted…

It’s only today, after being confronted with all this, that the BBC has taken action… by removing one slide from the training session:

“This is a voluntary course and includes generic training materials provided by a third party, but the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines are sacrosanct, our staff know this and they understand their responsibilities. The slide in question has not been included previously and will be removed for any future sessions.”

So future sessions like this are still going ahead, then. Guido would like to know why reporters need special training on this particular issue?

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Nadine: “It Is Impossible For a Trans Woman to Compete in Women’s Sport”

No-nonsense Nadine gave the definitive answer to the never-ending trans row on GB News last night, telling Dan Wootton in no uncertain terms, “it is impossible for a trans woman to compete in women’s sport.”

“You can choose your gender and we will support you and help you to do that, we will give you all the love and compassion and support you need to get to that place, but you can’t change your biology, you can’t change that you were born male or you were born female. It is what it is.

And I’m afraid even with those athletes that try to get their testosterone levels below.. it isn’t the case that if somebody’s been through puberty and they develop through puberty that it’ll make a significant difference.”

Thankfully she says she doesn’t want to have to make a new law, which she hates doing, and would prefer sporting bodies to come together with a joint agreement…

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