Kate Hoey and Ian Botham Among Swathe of New Trade Envoys

While SW1 might be increasingly impatient for a full-on reshuffle, Boris has made a few new appointments today to his team of trade envoys, with co-conspirator favourite Kate Hoey getting Ghana, and Lord Botham getting the Australian portfolio. Guido had heard Boris was hoping to reach across the political divide with his next announcement of appointments, and Labour MP Stephen Timms is among those on the list:

  • Lord Botham appointed to Australia
  • Baroness Hoey appointed to Ghana
  • Stephen Timms MP appointed to Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • David Mundell MP appointed to New Zealand
  • Mark Eastwood MP appointed to Pakistan
  • Marco Longhi MP appointed to Brazil
  • Conor Burns MP appointed to Canada
  • Lord Walney [John Woodcock] appointed to Tanzania
  • Felicity Buchan MP appointed to Iceland and Norway
  • Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP appointed to Cameroon, in addition to his role as Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Egypt.

Usually these jobs go to Tory backbenchers to keep them happy in lieu of ministerial portfolios. Boris will be hoping Ian Botham can bat for business down under…

Read Guido’s full list of PPSs, party chairs and trade envoys:

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Read in Full: Government’s New PPS’s, Trade Envoys and Tory Chairmen

To accompany Guido’s seminal SpAd list, he is today able to release the first comprehensive list of bottom rung government payroll appointments. Rarely seen in one single database…

Boris has seemingly finished off his PPS list, notably including many of the 2019 intake. Some disgruntled straight, white, male MPs moan to Guido No. 10 seems to be fast-tracking female, BAME and LGBT MPs up the ranks faster than them…

Guido also spots the much-delayed reshuffle to the Tories’ line-up of party chairs has been concluded, promoting figures like Alan Mak and Nickie Aiken. Interesting given recent reports CCHQ were planning to cut down the number of vice-chairs as a money-saving manoeuvre…

Finally, today Liz Truss announced the full list of new government trade envoys, with 15 new additions compared to the last list. Some announcements have raised eyebrows; including the appointment of Ian Austin to Israel, and Daniel Kaczynski to Mongolia – one MP suggests to Guido it’s a ploy to get him as far away from controversy as possible…

Read the database in full below:

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