Lib Dems Whip Their Candidates into Shape

Following the resignation of their Canterbury candidate, the Lib Dems were swift to replace them with another to stand against Labour. They turned to local councillor Claire Malcomson…

Claire has had an interesting career, as an actor, singer and in local government, however as always with creative types, their past makes for interesting studying come election time.

Guido was particularly interested in Claire’s modelling and one very saucy advert for a gambling firm.

Should she win Guido presumes she’ll happily take the party whip…

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Former Playboy Model Enters Croatian Presidential Race

Former Playboy model Ava Karabatić has announced she is standing to be Croatia’s next president in the country’s January presidential election, in 97 days time. Her policy platform includes legalising marijuana, prostitution, and introducing sex education in schools…

In her announcement blog, Ava thanks her fans for sending in photoshopped images of her in governmental positions.

Enthusiasts for Croatian presidential politics can follow her official Instagram account here

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Get the Hottest Dress in Westminster

Sky’s Beth Rigby is reporting on today’s Queen’s Speech wearing the ‘Jungle Cat Pleated Dress’ from Whistles – the same dress that Carrie Symonds wore at Conservative Party Conference two weeks ago. You too can own October’s hottest dress in Westminster for just £179

Carrie attended today’s ceremony in a laurel wreath-style navy blue headband and dark dress, while Stanley Johnson sported a crisp white shirt and Tory blue tie similar to this Harvie and Hudson Navy Racehorses Woven Silk Tie (£50).

Get in touch with any more Westminster fashion spots at

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Boon Scooting Off

Emma Boon, who has been SpAd-ing for Chris Grayling, is leaving the Department of Transport to go work for the electric scooter company Bird (fastest ever startup to become a ‘unicorn with a $2 billion valuation’ apparently). After over 3 years as a SpAd, the veteran of DEFRA and former campaign director for the Taxpayers’ Alliance is scooting off to Amsterdam. Her husband moved there in April for work so she’s been racking up the air miles. Spirited, last time Emma featured on here she rang up to complain that it wasn’t taggedTotty Watch“.

Guido also brings you a few updates of some other SpAd moves that we missed at the time. Sophie Dean is Esther McVey’s media SpAd, while Philip Hammond also has Steffan Ball and Tim Pitt working for him – Pitt was previously shared between Hammond and Liz Truss. Charlie Ogilvie, a man with a reputation for inter-departmental debriefing, is working for Claire Perry. Get in touch with any updates…

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MSP’s Saucy Shout-Out to His Aide, Chelsea Rocks in Her Bikini

Alexander Burnett has proposed an unusual motion of congratulations in the Scottish Parliament. The 45-year-old Tory MSP submitted a motion congratulating Chelsea Rocks for her success in the “Ladies Junior Bikini Tall” category at the recent Physical Culture Association British Finals. The under-23s bodybuilding champ is also a staffer in his parliamentary office. Congratulations…

Burnett proposed:

“That the Parliament congratulates MSP staffer, Chelsea Rocks, who placed 4th in the Ladies Junior Bikini Tall category at the Physical Culture Association (PCA) British Finals; commends Chelsea on now being invited to compete in the upcoming PCA World Finals of Birmingham, and wishes her all the best at these finals.”

Scotland is we are told suffering an obesity crisis. Chelsea is setting a great example which we should celebrate…

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Friday Caption Contest (Leather Kendall Edition)

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