Boris Johnson’s Victory Speech
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Hypocritical Brown Criticises Tory Leadership Election

The former Prime Mentalist has just told an audience at the IPPR “More people voted for Ed Balls on Strictly than for our next Prime Minister.” Tens of thousands of Tories will have voted for Boris to become leader. The country made the Tories the biggest party and in Britain’s system of democracy that gives them the opportunity to form a government. Precisely zero people voted for Gordon Brown to become PM because his thuggish reign of terror scared off any opponent in his party from standing against him. Unbelievable hypocrisy…

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Boris Brandishes Kipper
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Gizza Job Bozza (Harper Edition)

As the leadership race draws to a close (less than a week to go now) MPs have started to follow in Amber Rudd’s footsteps and more openly pitch for Cabinet jobs. The most blatant of which being Mark Harper this morning…

After his brief leadership pitch, the former Chief Whip is clearly looking to get back into the Cabinet, clearly aiming for the low hanging fruit role of Northern Ireland Secretary. Few want it and the incumbent is sure to be one of the first out the door…

Harper is also following in the video footsteps of Liz Truss who made a slightly more subtle pitch at the start of the month focusing on business. She’s now widely tipped to lead a souped up Business department. #LizForBiz

We’ll start finding out if these pitches are successful in just a week’s time…

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Did Hunt Mention He Was An Entreprenur?

As the philosopher and linguist George W. Bush once observed, “The French have no word in their language for ‘entrepreneur'”…

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State of the Race: Boris Dominating Social Media

Aside from the big disparities in social media following (Boris has six times the Twitter following of Hunt, 38 times his Facebook following) the real significant numbers are engagement. Brighton Cafe has crunched the numbers and found that the average Boris tweet is retweeted over 1,000 times, compared to just 104 times for Hunt. More significantly, Hunt had 10,475 Facebook interactions in June. Boris had 243,000. As far as social media is concerned, the race is already over…

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