PM Boasts of Biggest Welsh Westminster Takeover Since Tudors

Boris arrived at Welsh Tory Conference in confident spirits after yesterday’s good news from the Met. Taking to the stage he wished everyone a good afternoon in Boris-ised Welsh, adding “Prynhawn da blodyn as I just  said to the nice person from the BBC which I thought was the right way to address her.” Guido being a non-Welsh speaker had to look this up, and apparently blodyn means “my love”, indicating a very different kind of No. 10-BBC relationship…

Opening with a typical gag, the PM joked “by the way I am very very proud that the new director of communications in No. 10 speaks fluent Welsh, folks; the biggest Welsh takeover in Westminster since the Tudors.”

He was obviously referring to Guto Harri, who demonstrated this Welsh speaking ability admirably on his first day in office. Co-conspirators will remember he gave an extremely rare interview for a backroom staffer to Welsh language website golwg360, where he revealed he and the PM had sung Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. The resulting media coverage has meant we haven‘t heard much since from the Director of Comms since – either in Welsh or English…

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Michael Gove Just Wants to Dance with Somebody

As the sun fades on yet another Tory Conference, Michael Gove and Tom Tugendhat still had enough time to figure out how to chase their blues away. Clearly Gove had more to prove after his barnstorming performance in Aberdeen…

Meanwhile at the LGBT club night, things were rather tamer for Liz Truss, though the Foreign Secretary still made sure to grab plenty of selfies with adoring fans, just metres away from two almost entirely naked dancing men in jockstraps. Here she is appearing beneath “The Shaft”:

‘Till next year…
UPDATE: Guido’s been sent this clip of Truss bopping to Beyonce. Enjoy…

Hat-tip: @johnjohnstonmi

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Sajid Javid Announces Far-Reaching Review of NHS Management

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has just announced he’s authorised a forensic review of the NHS’s management and leadership to be conducted over the next year – the most significant of its kind since 1983. Speaking in the conference hall this afternoon, Javid said:

“I want the NHS to embrace innovation and to build a truly modern, digitised system. That’s the only way we can drive down that backlog, and build a sustainable service for the future […]That’s not just about tech – it’s about management, and a focus on outcomes not just inputs. And so to help with that mission, I have asked retired General, Sir Gordon Messenger, to lead a review of leadership and management in health and social care. This will be the most far-reaching review since Roy Griffith’s report to Margaret Thatcher in 1983. It will shine a light on the outstanding leaders who drive efficiency and innovation, and see how we can replicate that leadership throughout the country.”

This is welcome news to Guido: pouring in taxpayers’ money without checking how it’s being spent isn’t enough. That cash needs to be put to good use. Reviewing the eye-watering pay packets of some NHS diversity managers would be a start…

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Sunak Hails “New Age of Optimism”, Jokes About WhatsApp Outage

Guido was on hand to hear Rishi Sunak’s introductory speech at Ben Houchen’s Northern Powerhouse Leaders’ Lunch this afternoon. With an opening gag that last night’s WhatsApp outage was “the longest time I’ve had in this job without Ben Houchen messaging me“, Sunak claimed that there is a “new age of optimism” in the north thanks to Red Wall Tories, and heaped them with praise for “helping to change our party and change our country“. “In me, you have a Chancellor who is going to be with you every step of the way,” he added. Houchen thanked Rishi by gifting him a celebratory coin forged from some of the last iron made on Teesside. It looks like Rishi’s still a popular man amongst his peers…

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Patel Announces Inquiry Into Wayne Couzens Case

Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed in her Conference speech today that an independent inquiry will be launched to scrutinise the actions taken by police in the wake of Sarah Everard’s murder, and investigate how Wayne Couzens was allowed access to the Parliamentary estate throughout 2020. Refusing to address Couzens by name (instead referring to him only as ‘a monster’), Patel said:

We need answers as to why this was allowed to happen […] I can confirm today, there will be an inquiry, to give the independent oversight needed, to ensure something like this can never happen again.”

Patel added that while she will “always” back the police, it was “abhorrent” that a serving officer was able to abuse his power in such a way, and that her strong relationship with the force means she can “ask them to do better“. This follows news yesterday that Lindsay Hoyle was already in discussions with the Metropolitan Police over Couzens’ Parliamentary access…

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Raab Confirms Overhaul of Human Rights Act

Confirming the details of Guido’s exclusive yesterday, Justice Secretary Dominic Raab announced in his Conference speech this morning that the government plans to reform the Human Rights Act. They will detach it from the ECHR, enabling quicker deportations of convicted criminals and swifter action on domestic abusers:

“Too often [the public] see dangerous criminals abusing human rights laws. In one case, a drug dealer convicted of beating his ex-partner, a man who hadn’t paid maintenance for his daughter, then successfully claimed the right to family life to avoid deportation. Conference, it is absolutely perverse that someone guilty of domestic abuse could claim the right to family life to trump the public’s interest in deporting him from this country. We’ve got to bring this nonsense to an end. So, today I can tell you that, under this Prime Minister and before the next election. We will overhaul the Human Rights Act to end this kind of abuse, and restore some common sense to our justice system.”

You’re either in front of Guido…

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