Tories Pressurising Members To Donate

A new Tory fundraising drive is targeting members and supporters who have yet to donate to the Conservatives’ campaign. The email tells recipients that “Over the last twelve months Labour have raised nearly £13 million from donations alone. And now the polls are tightening. So we urgently need your help to match Corbyn’s war chest.”

The email, sent by co-Chairman of the party Ben Elliott, highlights members and supporters who have not contributed to the ‘Election Fighting Fund’ in an attempt to pressure them into giving £5 or 10 in the final days of the campaign. It’s more normal for late-stage fundraising emails to target supporters who have already donated – the Tories are pulling out all the stops following Labour’s massive union cash injection… 

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Nick Conrad No Longer Tory Candidate

The Tory candidate mired in controversy after comments of his emerged saying women should “keep their knickers on” while debating a rape case is no longer a candidate. Read his statement in full:

“Five years ago I made ill-judged comments during an on-air radio discussion for which I made a genuine and heartfelt apology.

Last night I was honoured to be made the Conservative candidate for Broadland and had hoped to become the MP for a constituency which is close to my heart.

However it has become clear to me that the media attention on my previous comments have become a distraction.

For me, the most important thing is for the Conservative Party to be successful in the forthcoming election -getting Brexit done and delivering on the people’s priorities.

This is why I have reluctantly concluded I must stand down to allow one of the other excellent candidates the opportunity to win this fantastic seat.

I would like to thank Broadland Conservative Association for their support and wish the party every success in the election on December 12.”

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Brexit Party Candidate Defects, Backs Tory MP

The Brexit Party candidate for Dudley South, Paul Brothwood, has quit the party and endorsed the local Conservative MP Mike Wood. The ex-UKIP councillor says he fears votes for the Brexit Party could help to elect a Labour-Lib Dem government. Since Nigel Farage threatened to stand in 600 seats nationally Brexit Party support as polled by YouGov has fallen from 13% to 7%. This, to paraphrase Mick Jagger, might not be the Brexit we want, it is the Brexit we need…

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Hammond Threatens ‘Blue Momentum’

Tim Shipman’s story in the Sunday Times about Hammond threatening to launch a “Blue Momentum” is a giggle. Hammond apparently fancies himself as the Tory version of Jon Lansman.

A prize from the merchandising cupboard of a Guido mouse mat to whomever comes up with the best name for this new organisation. The Inert Tendency? The Blue Undertaking? Nonentum? 

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Tories Report Momentum to the Electoral Commission

Following Guido’s exclusive yesterday, the Electoral Commission put out a bland statement that they were “monitoring non-party campaigners“. Tory vice-chairman Paul Scully has now written to the Electoral Commission to raise their concerns about Momentum’s failure to register as a non-party campaigner for the upcoming election. In less than 12 hours, Momentum claimed they’ve already raised £100,000.

If a non-party campaigner intends to spend more than £20,000, the law requires that they should be registered with the Electoral Commission. Momentum have already been spending money over the last couple of months so could well have already committed a technical breach. The law clearly states that under Political Parties Elections Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) non-party campaigners are required to register with the Electoral Commission if they incur ‘controlled expenditure’ over a prescribed threshold during the ‘regulated period’ prior to an election. We are now in the regulated ‘long campaign’.

PPERA requires organisations to register with the Electoral Commission as a recognised party if they intend to spend more than £20,000 in England on ‘controlled expenditure’ during the ‘regulated period’ before an election. Guido has no doubt that Momentum are deliberately and intentionally flouting the law to avoid monitoring and transparency requirements. Moderate Labour MPs are convinced that Momentum would rather pay a £20,000 fine from the Electoral Commission then have it revealed that they are spending money to predominantly support their hard-left factional candidates…

UPDATE: The Electoral Commission say that Momentum have now submitted their non-party campaigner registration and they are reviewing it.

Guido is intrigued to know how Momentum will keep within the legal spending limits when they plan to raise £200,000…

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Lib Dems Facebook Spend More than all Parties Combined

The Liberal Democrats have geared up for the upcoming general election with a whopping £12,205 being spent on Facebook in the last week, more than every other major party put together. Labour and the Tories lag behind at £2,812 and £3,111 respectively. The SNP and The Brexit Party clearly haven’t got the memo, both failing to spend anything so far. Has anyone told Carole yet? 

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