Boris Calls Out Critics: Only Policy Change Proposal I’ve Seen is For Us to Rejoin Single Market

“I love all these people but don’t forget that the only actual argument that I’ve heard some of my critics make of substance about the change of direction they’d like to see is for us to go back into the EU Single Market – that’s literally the only manifesto point I’ve seen.”

Whoever could be he talking about? 

ICYMI: Top Boris Coup Instigator Ellwood Wants Britain Back in Single Market

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Ashworth Declines to Criticise Andrew Bailey’s Call for Wage Restraint

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Jon Ashworth backed himself into a bizarre corner on The Today Programme this morning, by refusing to say whether he opposed Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey’s call for pay rise restraint five times. The left isn’t happy unsurprisingly…

Studio: Where do you stand on the Bank of England governor’s call for wage restraint? 
JA: Well what is happening here is two economic problems coming into focus… 

Studio: So should people be asking for more money or not? 
JA: What I think we need is action to protect people with the cost of living…

Studio: No but on wages, sorry to press you, on wages which is what the governor was talking about, the governor said particularly people who are better off said don’t ask for more money, that was the thrust of what he was saying. Was he right or wrong to make that appeal?
JA: Well people are going to ask for a fair wage rise if the government doesn’t do something.

Studio: Right so it’s reasonable for people to ask for more money? 
JA: Let me give you a proposal that the government could do…

Studio: Yes but I was asking about wages, I’m just not completely clear about whether you support the governor of the Bank of England or not?
JA: I’m giving you a proposal to help people cope with the cost of living crisis now… 

As Owen Jones tweeted, “Labour – a party set up to represent workers – can’t even support workers fighting for better wages during a cost of living crisis”…

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LISTEN: Starmer Fails Four Times to Confirm Whether Police Have Been in Contact Over Beergate

Another excruciating Starmerbot malfunction this morning, as Sir Keir fails four times on the Today Programme to confirm whether Durham Police have been in touch with his office over Beergate. A whole bank holiday weekend to come up with a better line and this is the best he could do…

“We were working in the office, it was just before elections, we were busy, we paused for food. No party, no rules were broken, that is the long and short of it… the police looked at this month ago, which is that no rules were broken. And that’s because no rules were broken… they’ve already concluded their investigation… if the Conservative Party put as much effort into answering the question ‘how are you going to help people with their energy bills’ as they’re putting into this mudslinging, they’d actually do a service for millions of people…”

When host Martha Kearney pointed out how dodging simple questions like this only makes things worse, Starmer trotted out the same response almost verbatim. Yesterday he also refused to confirm if he’d cooperate with the police should the choose to reinvestigate. A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would’ve worked…

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Nick Robinson’s Early Morning Jolyon Jibe

Guido almost can’t help feeling sorry for Jolyon these days. Not only is his judicial review empire crumbling around him, he’s now firmly established as a household name for one thing only: his fox murdering. Such is the entrenched perception of the touchy barrister, when Nick Robinson joked on The Today Programme this morning of his recent garden fox prevention improvements, he clarified all he needed was a fence and that Jolyon’s services “were not required”. If even the Today Programme considers you a go-to punchline, maybe it’s time to hang up your barrister’s wig. 

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Nick Robinson Sneers at GB News Viewership

Nick Robinson used a Today Programme interview this morning to sneer at GB News’ viewing figures, entirely unprovoked. During a chat with Big Jet TV –who shot to fame yesterday livestreaming planes arrived at Heathrow mid-Eunice – he compared the channel’s one-day peak with GB News’ figures:

“Robinson: And you got 200,000 viewers at one point?

Jerry Dyer: 238,000 live viewers at one point

Robinson: They dream of that at GB News, I’ll tell you that”

Perhaps most awkwardly this sneering jibe got no reaction from the interviewee. It’s not just Guido who thinks this inappropriate; the Mirror’s Rachel Wearmouth described it as “Really unattractive attitude. Arrogant, even.”

It’s one thing for Robinson et al to leech off the licence fee taxpayers for their jobs, it’s another to sneer at independent rivals putting in hard work and taking risks to plug a gap in the broadcasting market – work that’s paying off as their latest Sky News-beating viewership proves. Time will tell whether Robinson reflects on the tone of this high-handed snobbery…

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BBC Exclusive: Labour Donor Criticises Boris

As Harry Cole points out this morning, BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme’s choice of headlines is questionable at best: “Top – a minor Commons yawnfest report slagging off Brexit…; 2nd – Some Tory donor no one has ever heard of, moaning…; 3rd – The EU’s brilliant response to Ukraine crisis…”. Their ‘Tory’ donor exclusive also splashes second top of the BBC website. Guido couldn’t believe his ears, therefore, when Laura Kuenssberg informed listeners that the unknown billionaire in her exclusive interview actually donated £12,500 to the Labour Party last year…

Neither Laura’s report, nor online story, informs readers either that the supposed Tory donor, John Armitage, hasn’t just donated £12,500 to Labour – or that it was his only party donation of 2021 – meaning he hasn’t been a Tory donor since 2020. He also donated almost £65,000 to the official ‘In’ campaign during the referendum, according to the Electoral Commission website.

Anyone else get the sense the BBC’s a bit too keen to push a certain narrative about the PM at the moment?

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