Rishi Demotes Newton-Dunn

While Rishi was busy distancing himself from most of the Cabinet during yesterday’s morning media round, his appearance on Times Radio ended up bruising the ego of the interviewer more than that of the interviewee. During Tom Newton Dunn’s questioning, Rishi referred to him as a “former journalist” – a description that must have come as a shock to Dunn given he continues to write stories for the Times newspaper. Was Rishi that far from the truth? The last time Newton Dunn splashed an exclusive he ended up causing a diplomatic row, was accused of peddling fake news, and got the gender of the Albanian ambassador wrong…

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Rayner: I’m Not “Best of Mates” with Starmer Yet

Angela Rayner has recorded an interview with Times Radio set to broadcast tomorrow in which she gives a surprisingly frank assessment of her relationship with Sir Keir. Asked by presenter Ayesha Hazarika to describe her relationship with the Labour leader, Rayner admits they’re ‘not quite best of mates yet’, and claims it’s ‘like putting two dogs together in a room’:

“We’ve always had a reasonably good relationship. You know, it was a bit weird because we came together during lockdown. And we hadn’t really had a relationship before that…But it’s fair to say that me and Keir are completely different in the way we do things…He’s not trying to be me, and I’m not trying to be him.”

“Now I understand Keir, and how he responds to things and he understands me a bit better….we don’t clash on issues…It’s like putting two dogs together in a room, they’ll fight for a little bit and then they find a way, then they become best of mates. So I think we haven’t quite got best of mates yet, but we definitely found a way to exist together and to complement each other. We’ve managed to find a way to be respectful and understand each other and where we come from.”

Starting a reshuffle without letting his own Deputy Leader know beforehand can’t have helped much. Doing it again six months later definitely didn’t help. At least they’ve found ‘a way to exist together’…

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Times Radio’s Tech Botch Accidentally Aired Foul-Mouthed Sex Pistol’s Tirade

In October, Times Radio invited Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten for a discussion about his career with host Mariella Frostrup. It got derailed when Rotten ventured on a foul-mouthed tirade, abruptly leaving the interview after Frostrup brought up Primal Scream vocalist Bobby Gillespie – all of which was aired in full, uncensored, to the Times Radio audience:

“This could be a lovely interview, but frankly I can’t be f***ed with yah. F**k off…You’re talking s**t…”

Apparently the reason Times Radio didn’t censor the rant was because they don’t have a “dump” button, unlike other broadcasters, which allows the producers to wipe out any inappropriate content by airing on a short time delay. Guido hears Times Radio “don’t believe they need one”. 

Other than a couple of tweets on the day of airing, Rotten’s rant didn’t get much pickup at all in any gossip columns or on social media. Turns out having no listeners can be a benefit…

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Labour’s Six Minute Covid Flip-Flop

At 4.26 p.m., Jon Ashworth was asked on Times Radio by Tom Newton Dunn “it does sound like you’re saying ‘Plan B now Mr Government’?” The Shadow Health Secretary replied:

“We are in favour of Plan B… of course the Plan B, but I’m giving you a broader point, which is if you want to bring infection rates down, particularly amongst children, you’ve got to get on and fix this vaccination programme. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s Plan A, or Plan B, or even the Plan C, which is now floated in some of the news today… We’ve got to deal with the vaccination first”

Six minutes later, a Labour spokesperson clarifies to Sky News:

Guido gives it a fortnight before Captain Hindsight uses Ashworth’s original quote as a claim they were in favour of moving to Plan B before the government…

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Diane Abbott Stumbled Through Friday Night Interview

Former Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, gave a memorable interview to Cathy Newman on Times Radio on Friday night, though she might want to forget it. In the toe-curling-to-listen-to clip, Diane was asked to “name one policy you would like Keir to embrace that he doesn’t already” and was unable to name a single policy she wants Keir to adopt. Guido suspects Diane will have needed another drink or two after that performance…

For over a minute Diane flailed and fumbled, barely able to form a coherent sentence. Thank goodness Times Radio didn’t ask Diane to do any maths…

Media outlets are always struggling for guests on Friday nights and Guido has learnt to turn them down if, as often is the case on a Friday, he is particularly well refreshed. Guido hopes Diane was feeling better on Saturday morning…

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LISTEN: Patel Says Home Office “To Look At” Offering Support to Chris Whitty After Harassment

Following footage shared yesterday of Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty being harassed in the street for the third time, Priti Patel reacted on Times Radio this morning by confirming the Metropolitan Police are investigating the incident, and hinting Whitty may now receive personal security:

“Chris is just a remarkable public servant … I am horrified by what has happened to Chris, and the police are actually involved as well … we’re also speaking to Chris to look at what we can do to support him, it’s just appalling.”

Pressed on whether that meant he needed police protection, Patel said she “can’t speak about that, but it’s important that Chris is given the right kind of support.” Decisions about who receives government protection falls under the Home Office’s ‘Royal and VIP Executive Committee’, so it’s certainly within Patel’s remit. Given how often this seems to be happening, you’d have thought he’d have it already…

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