Anna Soubry’s Chuka Heartbreak

Poor Anna Soubry. She’s lost influence, friends, and will probably lose her seat.

She has poured her heart out to ITV’s Paul Brand “we made some terrible mistakes over leadership and I can tell you now that the problem was was that Chuka wouldn’t step up to it. And if Chuka had stepped up to it he would have been our leader, it was certainly …well I always assumed it was absolutely going to happen. 

Paul Brand: Why do you think he didn’t?
Anna Soubry: You’d have to ask him that but he does have history of not stepping up. Very sad because he… to me he was absolutely the future for our country. I genuinely believe that, I wouldn’t have left my party if I hadn’t believed that.

PB: Were you trying to persuade him to stand as leader?
AS: Good God, yes. Goodness me yes. He should have been our leader and he wasn’t and then after the EU elections which were a terrific blow of course they were you don’t give up at the first hurdle, for God’s sakes.

PB: How did you feel when he joined the Lib Dems?
AS: I think he made a terrible mistake. I was genuinely really sad about that. For me it personally hurt, it really did hurt. I thought he was my big buddy. He was a major part of why I left the Tory party. To start something new with him as the leader, I don’t want to be the bloody leader I genuinely believe that Chuka Umunna should be prime minister of our country and had the – just what we were needing to be a great prime minister. I genuinely believe that. 

PB: Have you spoken to him since he joined the Lib Dems?
AS: Unfortunately, he has never called. He has never called me. Which I think is very sad. 

PB: The friendship’s sort of broken down then?
AS: Very sad. Very sad.
We have exchanged emails but you now, you sort of, well I won’t go into it all but …

Watch her heartbreaking ITV interview in full and hold back your tears…

Rachel Johnson: Change UK Name Is Good For Chuka

Rachel Johnson had a hard time defending the abysmal launch of Change UK- The Independent Group – Remain Alliance to Sky’s Adam Boulton this morning. When challenged on the confusing name of the fledgling party she responded by saying“I definitely picked a hole in that as well”. Great…

On the name Change UK:

“It’s good for Chuka, if you think about it because the short form is ChUK.”

On the poor polling performance:

“It’s like when you have a baby… you have a sort of birth plan and then it all changes in the delivery room, and so I think people understand that it’s a pop up party.”

On the fact that it is “actually the no-change party”:

“No, I think that’s quite cheap of you… I agree if you were being really mean you could say our only policy is the status quo ante”

Johnson then claimed that the ChUKas will be doing “non-tribal, evidence based politics” which comes as news to Guido after their fib filled three months

Tiggers Launch With Blatant Lie

Change UK – The Independent Group – Remain Alliance have published a slick launch video that contains a shocker of a fib. Guido has helpfully contextualised it…

Who Said It? ChUK 2019 or UKIP 2014?

Just two days into the fledgling Change UK – The Independent Group – Remain Alliance Euro-election campaign and it is facing big teething problems. Beyond the confusing three names, bland managerial logo, and dismal poll numbers, two candidates have already been expelled from the list. Since then more comments have been emerging that have made it hard to tell the ChUKas apart from the pre-Batten Kippers…

Now Guido can bring you the quiz we’ve all been waiting for… ‘Who Said It? ChUK 2019 or UKIP 2014?’ Can you guess which are comments from 2019 ChUK MEP candidates and which are from the heady days of UKIP councillors and candidates back in 2014..?

CUK TIG Logo Competition Winner!

The group formally known as The Independent Group, which now wants to be called Change UK (and also The Independent Group in parliament) yet having refused to enter into an alliance with other remain parties now uses the #RemainAlliance hashtag, finally has a new logo. It’s four horizontal lines and some words…

The name ‘Change UK’ upset charity who have the twitter handle @UKChange and are heavily involved in the political sphere. Now Guido thinks that the new CUK-TIG-RA logo bears a striking resemblance to another charity, Living Streets. Did CUK-TIG-RA ask permission before ripping off their logo..?

After CUK-TIG-RA’s original design was cruelly rejected by the Electoral Commission, Guido held a helpful competition to find a new one. Guido didn’t like the result so in true Tigger CUK-TIG-RA style held a second referendum where the winner of the first was not allowed to be an option. Today the winner can be announced:

Congratulations to Jake Johnstone for his winning design. A mouse mat is on its way…

TIG Candidate’s anti-Romanian Tweet Surfaces

One of CUK-TIG-RA’s leading candidates has shut off his Twitter account after an anti-Romanian tweet emerged. The professional boxer London MEP candidate Ali Sadjady, who informs us all he is vegan, urges his followers to “be on the right side of history” in his Twitter bio. Remainers are so confident in their virtue that they’re not even doing cursory checks on their own lightweight candidates. Now Ali’s on the ropes. This is turning out to be an absolute car crash of a launch…

UPDATE: After just a few hours as a candidate, Ali Sadjady has stood down. “I am happy to stand down as a candidate for Change UK as to not tarnish their reputation.” Guido thinks might be a bit too late for that, their reputation seems quite tinged already…

Change UK-TIG Logo Competition: Winning Design Revealed

The result of the referendum on the new Change UK-TIG logo is in, with ‘head-up-their-own-arse’ coming in just ahead of Chuka’s halo. Excluding the other options, the ratio was an almost perfect 53:47…

However, Guido has had a think and decided that some people who voted in the last referendum have probably died since then, Horatio from Islington has tweeted a disapproving hashtag, and frankly you the voters were all too stupid to vote in the first place. Therefore Guido has decided to ignore the result and hold a fresh “People’s Vote” instead – but without the option that actually won last time. It’s the ChUKa way…


Vote for the New Change UK-TIG Logo

Guido has received a huge array of creative and imaginative entries for the new logo for TIG/Change UK after their own inspired effort was cruelly rejected by the Electoral Commission yesterday. Vote for your favourite below…

The designer of the winning entry will become the proud owner of a Guido Fawkes mousemat. And will no doubt have the eternal gratitude of Chuka and friends… click on the image to vote… results tomorrow!

UPDATE:The final results can be viewed here, but did people know what they were voting for…?

Heidi Allen’s Flagrant Fibbing on her Election Promises

Interviewed on Channel 4 today, ‘Change UK – TIG’ Interim Leader Heidi Allen said that she didn’t take the Conservative Party line during the Referendum. Guido’s research says differently…

TIGgers Preparing To Fight EU Elections

The Independent Group confirmed to Newsnight last night that they are in discussions with the Electoral Commission in order to become an official party and field candidates at the European Elections if the deal is voted down today. European elections are just about the best thing that could happen to the Tiggers, giving them more EU resources and a slither of electoral legitimacy…

Interestingly serial flip flopper Sarah Wollaston took a shot at proportional representation as being to blame for the disconnect between the British people and the EU. Guido isn’t so sure PR proponent and Tigger-in-Chief Chuka will be happy she said that…

UPDATE: TIG is applying to register as a political party with the Electoral Commission under the name ‘Change UK’. Guido isn’t sure what pro-Brexit campaign group Change Britain will have to say about that…

Shadow Scotland Minister Says Labour Defections Were “Necessary Cleansing”

Labour’s Shadow Scotland Minister Paul Sweeney has said that that the defections of several MPs from the Labour Party were part of a “necessary cleansing” of the party. Which one of his colleagues does he think needs to be “cleansed” next?

Sweeney attacked the TIGgers as “self-centred careerists” and said that “there’s a necessary cleansing that has to happen in the margins”. These are people who have left the party in protest at the endemic anti-Semitism within it…

Ian Austin, who also quit the party over anti-Semitism, but did not join the TIGgers, summed it up:

No comment from Labour on what they’re going to do about it…

Fresh TIG Recruitment Video

News about The Independent Group has dried up as of late, as much speculated further defections have so far failed to materialise. Guido is sure that they will be cheered up by this fancy recruitment video helpfully made for them by Ealing Labour For Corbyn

Chuka-Festo Launched

Chuka has launched his own 50-page “progressive manifesto” today, setting out his vision for the future of the country. Chuka insists that he is only putting them forward in his “personal capacity” and not as leader spokesman of the TIGgers…

There’s plenty of cuddly centrist ideas like a specific NHS-tax and nationalising “public benefit companies” without embracing full-on renationalisation, which Chuka says would be a “waste of money”. What will Anna Soubry think of his more lefty policies like hiking taxes on shareholders?

Guido is not sure the hordes of europhile youths will be quite so keen on Chuka when they see what he has to say about tuition fees. Chuka rejects the “simplistic policy of scrapping all fees” as “wasting money”. Self-obsessed millennials probably won’t like the sound of his “Citizens’ Service” either…

There’s also lots of talk about overhauling “parliament’s culture and ways of working”, and Chuka confirms that he still wants to ban PMQs after his Twitter rants over the past few weeks. Would he really be saying that if he was currently leader of the Labour Party…?

Chuka also wants to abolish the physical House of Commons and replace it with one of the dire “horseshoe” shaped Parliaments they have in the EU. Unsurprisingly he also wants votes at 16 and the adoption of a form of proportional representation. It’ll only be a small step from there to the endless turgid coalition politics of the continent where everything is stitched up in backroom deals and voters are even more disconnected from the political class…

Even more problematic is Chuka’s proposal for state funding for political parties. How is this ever going to be divided up? Do parties get more funding if they’re larger, thus cementing their dominance. Or do buckets of taxpayers’ cash get handed over to fringe parties to give the likes of Gerard Batten’s UKIP the chance to bring far right views further into the mainstream? Whatever the issues with funding in politics, getting the state to decide how to hand it out is the worst possible solution…

TIGger Staff Exodus?

Some of the staffers of TIGger MPs seem to be unhappy with their boss’ decision to quit their respective parties. Both Chuka and Sarah Wollaston are advertising for new staff members in London, just weeks after having formed The Independent Group.[…] Read the rest


‘Tony Blair’s Favourite Banker’ is Fundraising for TIG

Guido hears that Tony Blair’s former fundraiser (tennis partner and swimming trunks lender) Russell Chambers has been ringing round businesses fundraising for The Independent Group. Chambers is the former Chief Executive of Credit Suisse in the UK and Ireland and was known as “Tony Blair’s favourite banker.” He now works for Mitt Romney’s firm, Bain Capital…

Such a close friend of Tony Blair’s involvement with TIG will inevitably raise questions as to whether the former Labour leader truly continues to support the Labour Party.[…] Read the rest


Chuka Uses the Royal We

Chuka appeared to use the royal we when thanking This Week for having him on the show last night. It’s unlike Chuka to be so self aggrandising like that…[…] Read the rest


Chris Leslie’s Bitter Labour Bust Up on Question Time

TIG’s Chris Leslie did not hold back in his criticism of the Labour Party on Question Time last night. Andy McDonald didn’t like him bringing up Shami Chakrabarti’s curiously timed peerage…[…] Read the rest


Ian Austin Quits “Broken” Labour Party

Ian Austin has become the ninth Labour MP to quit the “broken” party. Austin revealed the news in his local paper and hit out at anti-Semitism and the party’s “lurch towards the hard left” under Jeremy Corbyn. Labour threatening to suspend Austin last year after he attacked their lack of action on anti-Semitism marked a true low point for the party…

However, he will not sit with the new Independent Group of MPs – unlike those 11 MPs Austin is strongly opposed to overturning the EU referendum result.[…] Read the rest


Corbyn Licks Lips at Prospect of Defector By-Elections

Guido isn’t quite sure why the TIGgers are running scared…[…] Read the rest


Heidi Allen Doesn’t Want You To Watch This Video

In fact all of the Tory TIGgers promised to respect the result of the referendum as they campaigned in 2017. You can encourage them to do the decent thing and call by-elections by signing this petition[…] Read the rest


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