Swinson’s Leaflet Attributes Her Own Quote to Guardian

Today’s Lib Dem leaflet lie comes from Jo Swinson herself, who has put out a generic leaflet across parts of the country that includes two quotes from the media:

The Lib Dem fightback is real – and it’s changing everything” Sky News, August 2019

Lib Dems winning and on the up after by-election victory” – The Guardian, August 2019

It didn’t take long for people to check these quotes out and notice the Guardian quote was, in fact, a quote from Jo Swinson herself, which the Guardian had reported.

The political equivalent of money laundering…

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Fact Check: Britons Have Not Spent £4 Billion Stockpiling for Brexit

On Monday, Remainers were all abuzz about a Guardian report that Britons had spent £4 billion stockpiling goods in case of a no-deal Brexit, not least Our Future, Our Choice who cried “Stockpiling. Is. Not. Normal. Does this genuinely need to be said?“. The numbers looked dodgy but now Fullfact have comprehensively rubbished this claim. Is anyone surprised? 

The survey found that 20% of consumers had stockpiled goods, and the average amount spent was £380, which was then multiplied up to the £4 billion figure. There were three main problems with this calculation however; firstly the survey extrapolated the survey findings by the total population, not number of households; secondly the survey only asked people in employment, ignoring the unemployed and retired; and finally there was no evidence in consumer activity to prove this supposed £4 billion uptake. The Guardian’s editorial code says that they “must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information”; the article remains on their website…

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Guardian Creates Inflamed Gash “Brexit Artwork”

The Guardian has commissioned an artwork in response to Brexit. Artist Anish Kapoor has been beavering away to depict a huge gash down the middle of the nation. Describing it as a “gory rip”, the Guardian’s critic clearly moans and whinges about the UK pulling out of the EU, but does say of the interesting artwork that “like a black hole of melancholy, something about this bottomless pit is alluring.” Kapoor’s work is not a labia of love…

The artist has given the piece the title “A Brexit, A Broxit, We All Fall Down.” Guido can think of quite a few other names for it that might be more apt…

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Guardian Columnist Admits She Has Never Bought A Copy of The Guardian

Guardian columnist and Corbyn favourite, Dawn Foster, confessed that she has no interest in reading her own paper. She told the ‘Media Democracy Festival 2019’ over the weekend that “I’d never watched Prime Minister’s Questions until I started working for a newspaper that I never read until they gave me a job… I’ve literally never bought a copy”. Neither has Guido lately…

Foster made the comments on a panel alongside Kate Osamor MP who famously abused a journalist by throwing water over him and threatening to hit him with a bat. Maybe Guardian readers will think twice before making a donation at the bottom of Dawn’s next column…

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Labour Was Responsible for Half of Windrush Removals

A letter sent from Home Secretary Sajid Javid to the Home Affairs Select Committee Chair, Yvette Cooper, outlining the mistakes of the Home Office over Windrush has mysteriously leaked to the Guardian’s Amelia Gentleman, who has selectively quoted from it in an article published last night.

The coverage glossed over one of the most striking parts of Sajid’s letter – the revelation that half of the 164 Windrush removals and detentions began under Labour between 2002 and 2010 – when David Blunkett, Charles Clarke, John Reid, Jacqui Smith, and Alan Johnson were Home Secretaries. Amelia Gentlemen, who often writes Guardian stories which are flattering to Yvette Cooper, neglects to report this part of the story. Will Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott be personally apologising on behalf of the Labour Party for their historic policy towards the Windrush generation?

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Guardian Axes Paul Mason’s Column

Paul Mason’s weekly Guardian column has been axed. Mason announced the move on the day the paper launched its tabloid redesign, saying there would no longer be room for his pieces. Asked by a Twitter fan if his columns would still be on the Guardian website, he replied, “no”. No room on the internet either…

The leather-jacketed Corbynista scribe revealed he will now write for struck-off Novara Media, where he will have to answer to a Tory (does he know that yet?) For observers of the British left, Mason’s weekly sermon has been must-read. Here are some highlights…

On James Bond: For the Bond genre to survive, Spectre would have to be portrayed, overtly, as the global oligarchy, ripping off the world. Bond would be tasked by MI6 to kill and maim members of the hedge-fund industry, the fracking bosses and the global CEOs extorting financial rent from the rest of us… Bond comes to a swift conclusion: he must target Donald Trump.”

On Michael Foot: “Michael Foot was a dire leader not because he was too old or too leftwing (or wore a duffel coat), but because he was a compromise candidate, constantly torn between the interests of the unions – who were largely on the right – and the membership, which had moved left. His 1983 manifesto was actually well crafted, but they were the right ideas at the wrong time.”

On the 1990s: “You could still riot without a balaclava, walk into a jobcentre with your head held high, and when a whole family could – if it had to – live on the earnings of a dinner lady.”

On craft beer: “BrewDog’s open-source revolution is at the vanguard of postcapitalism.”

On the perfect city:“A massive ecosystem of gay, lesbian, transgender, BDSM and plain old sleazy heterosexual hangouts: clubs, bars, dancehalls, cabarets and all the dim-lit alleyways and grassy knolls inbetween. For it is a truth unacknowledged by those who make the official league tables that Joe Corporate, with his squash racquet and sober suit, and Joanna Corporate, with her nanny and pushchair, really want to live many other secret and parallel lives, and the ideal city is one big, analogue version of Craigslist.”

He’ll be missed…

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