Eco-Journalist Kicked Out of Labour Conference After Starmer Speech
There were strange scenes directly after Starmer’s conference speech on Tuesday as a journalist was forcibly removed from the press pack and kicked out of conference altogether. Labour officials claimed she had connections to glitterbomber Yaz Ashmawi – which she denied. Guido can reveal that the journalist is Zoe Broughton, who follows eco-loons around the country to film their protests. Broughton knows Ashmawi and has filmed him before at a conference in June. Conference officials confiscated her pass on day 2 after which she apparently re-entered illicitly to film Starmer’s speech. Both Broughton and Ashmawi are associated with crazed eco-mag The Ecologist. As annoying as eco-loons are, it’s a bit much to kick their journalists out of conference…
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Eco Loon: Paris Attacks Intended To “Scupper” Climate Summit


The editor of the environmental magazine The Ecologist has suggested that the Paris attack was intended to disrupt the upcoming climate summit. Oliver Tickell claims that disrupting the climate talks was a key motivation of ISIS:

So, assuming – as seems probable at this stage – that the Paris outrage was carried out by or for ISIS, was it in any way motivated by a desire to scupper a strong climate agreement at COP21? And so maintain high demand for oil long into the future, together with a high oil price?

Let’s just say that it could have been a factor, one of several, in the choice of target and of their timing. And of course ISIS was not necessarily acting entirely on its own. While not alleging direct collusion between ISIS and other oil producing nations and companies, it’s not hard to see a coincidence of interests.

Tickell is no stranger to crackpot conspiracy theories however. During his short tenure as editor he has already allowed an article to be published endorsing the conspiracy theory that South Africa was behind the Lockerbie bombings. Is he looking for a job with Jezza?

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