Corbyn on the IRA, Now and Then

Just take a second to note the difference in tone from today when Corbyn was electioneering in Birmingham and in the past when he was asked to condemn what the IRA did to Brummies. Corbyn’s friends in the IRA unleashed carnage by bombing two Birmingham pubs on this day, 45 years…

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Which Terrorist Friend Would Corbyn Invite to Downing Street First?

On Corbyn’s walkabout in Glasgow he was asked by a voter Who’s going to be the first terrorist invited to the House of Commons when you’re Prime Minister?Guido has done the runners and riders for the likely first terror invitation from PM Corbyn:

Yahya Sinwar, the Palestinian hardliner and leader of Hamas in Gaza, is on friendly terms with the Labour leader and Hamas offered Corbyn their solidarity when he became leader. Would be almost rude not to invite Sinwar.

Gerry Adams is an old friend and although basically retired he is bound to be in Number 10 for Christmas drinks if Corbyn is PM on Friday, December 13. They can laugh about the old days over a few pints of the dark stuff…

Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah has got to be on the guest list, after all he too is sponsored by Iran, just like Corbyn was until recently.

In what Corbyn will no doubt consider a tragedy, Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s leader of the Al-Quds brigade Baha Abu al-Ata was killed by the IDF in a targeted airstrike last night, so he won’t be on the guest list. No doubt Corbyn will be off to lay a wreath for him soon…

UPDATE: After Jeremy Corbyn criticised the raid that led to the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Security Minister Brandon Lewis said it showed his flawed judgement and inability to stand up to terrorists.

“Corbyn’s comments are yet more proof of his flawed judgement and inability to stand up to people who reject our values. Every time he is given the opportunity to take the side of this country’s enemies he does so. In one month, Britain could wake up to find him standing on the steps of Downing Street as our Prime Minister.”

See also;

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Mystery of the Following Van

We have highlighted the silver van that was tailing the Westminster incident driver. Someone was definitely following the car that crashed. Who?

UPDATE: Close up of the unmarked van immediately after the incident:

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Man Arrested After Car Crashes Into Barriers at Parliament

The Met say a man has been arrested after a car crashed into the barriers at Parliament this morning. Armed police quickly swooped on the driver.

Parliament on lockdown. Developing…

Met: “At 0737 hours today, a car was in collision with barriers outside the Houses of Parliament. The male driver of the car was detained by officers at the scene. A number of pedestrians have been injured. Officers remain at the scene. We will issue further info when we have it.”

UPDATE: Picture of arrested suspect

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Terror Raid Labour Member Suspended In Anti-Semitism Probe

Yet another Labour Party member accused of anti-Semitism has been suspended, Guido can report. Last night a Labour councillor posted an alarming thread detailing anti-Semitic posts by an unnamed party member. In response to the revelations, Guido can reveal Labour has tonight suspended a Hendon CLP member called Laura Stuart, who also uses the alias Laura McDonald. Labour is investigating these grim anti-Semitic posts apparently made on her Facebook page:

Stuart has been identified by multiple sources as having a hand in the @gazaboatconvoy twitter account. The notorious account, which some say is run by more than one individual, has posted a string of anti-Semitic tweets:

A 2010 tweet associates Stuart with the account:

This article under Stuart’s byline on the website ‘5PillarsUK’ also links to the account and describes it as hers.

Stuart was arrested in a dawn raid by police and quizzed over her social media posts:

“My arrest took place on the 5th November 2015… The accusation on the bail form was that I shared media that could promote terrorism.”

She was released and there was no prosecution. Stuart has also:

  • Featured in videos for extremist-linked group CAGE, who are infamous for calling Jihadi John “beautiful“;
  • Worked with the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC), a controversial lobby group which critics said organised to de-select Labour MPs supportive of Israel.

A Labour Party spokesperson said:

“A Labour Party member has been suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation into this case. The Labour Party is committed to challenging and campaigning against antisemitism in all its forms.”

At least this time Labour acted before Guido even published the story…

UPDATE: LFI call for expulsion. LFI director Jennifer Gerber said:

“This vile hatred of Jews and the Jewish state should have absolutely no place in the Labour Party. The leadership must act to expel such individuals immediately or else Labour will continue to be seen as a safe-space for antisemites.”

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MPs’ Security Costs Rise 1395%

Since the murder of Jo Cox security concerns have seen IPSA authorisations of security spending rise 1395%. IPSA has made it easier for MPs to get expenses, such as reinforced windows and bomb-proof letter boxes, signed off. IPSA says

 A standard package of measures is available to all MPs that has been recommended by security advisers and the Police. MPs may also claim for enhanced measures that go above and beyond these, upon recommendation by the Police.

Westminster is spending millions more on measures which further harden security, Parliament Square’s temporary barriers are becoming better disguised as permanent architecture that blends in with the surroundings. Whitehall has a truck wall made of steel covered in what looks like Portland Stone running from the Treasury past Downing Street to the Foreign Office. Better looking than Kabul’s concrete blocks even if they perform the same function…

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