Is this Labour’s Khrushchev Moment of Truth?

When Rawnsley’s The End of the Party book came out in January on the heels of Peter Watt’s Inside Out and the allegations of Prime Mentalism committed by Gordon Brown were again denied, Guido predicted that Labour Will Have a Khrushchev Moment of Truth in the End:

When Brown has gone after the election it seems inevitable that we will eventually have a Khrushchev moment, where a senior Labour figure articulates what everyone knows.  It will be devastating.  Gordon Brown is a malevolent, deeply damaged and unpleasant human being.  He is at the centre of a culture of political bullying that has been unhealthy for the Labour Party and the government.  The loyalist cabal around him are unpleasant people who have no place in a healthy political culture, they are as secretive and malicious as they are vindictive and vicious.

Gordon Brown was often compared to Stalin, but who will be Labour’s senior Krushchev figure who condemns the previous regime? Mandelson has laid to rest any continuing pretence (if there was any) about the TeeBeeGeeBees, the vicious infighting that paralysed Whitehall for a decade, yet was denied on camera in barefaced lying by Labour politician after Labour politician, including Mandelson. Mandelson is getting all the coverage for his book The Third Man highlighting the failings of Gordon Brown. Less focus is on David Miliband, Mandelson’s new protege gave a speech yesterday that comes near to that Krushchev moment

I agreed completely with Gordon Brown, when he became Prime Minister in 2007, that we needed renewal.  I supported and voted for him.  I agreed that we needed greater moral seriousness and less indifference to the excesses of a celebrity drenched culture.  I agreed with him when he said that we needed greater coherence as a government, particularly in relation to child poverty and equality.  I agreed with him on the importance of party reform and a meaningful internationalism that would be part of a unified government strategy.  I agreed that we needed a civic morality to champion civility when confronting a widespread indifference to others. But, it didn’t happen. It was not just more of the same.  Far from correcting them failings – tactics, spin, high-handedness – intensified; and we lost many of our strengths – optimism born of clear strategy, bold plans for change and reform, a compelling articulation of aspiration and hope.  We did not succeed in renewing ourselves in office; and the roots of that failure were deep not recent, about procedure and openness, or lack of it, as much as policy.  That is a political fact and now words are cheap but the stakes are high.

It was a backhanded condemnation of Brown’s failure. If David Miliband wants Labour to move on, a frank, uncoded, reflection on the period of Labour brutalism is required. Brown was a disaster for the Labour Party and the country, if Miliband wants a reborn Labour Party he first has to bury Brown in the truth.

UPDATE : Punters give David Miliband a 63% chance of being the next Labour leader.

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TeeBeeGeeBee Speculation

Given that the broadcasting pundits and the scribblers of the dead-tree-press are largely working in as much of a knowledge-void as the rest of us, let us speculate on possible scenarios:

The Big Shove
Brown makes his move this weekend, with a cabinet level putsch. Fear of this might keep Blair from going to the Middle East.

The Full Frontal Attack
Blair threatens or actually sacks Brownites for disloyalty. High risk of total civil war, Labour party self destructs. Blair’s heir wins a landslide for the Tories.

The Aznar
At some point early next year Blair steps down as Labour leader and remains as PM. Brown gets to campaign against Cameron for his own mandate from the party and voters. Blair tries to push his policy agenda as PM until the bitter end.

The Rat Fuck
Blair gets away without making any public commitment to a timetable, gets through Labour’s conference, screws Brown again and promotes a viable alternative candidate to Brown.

The Total Brown Victory
Blair commits to a public timetable. The exit date is soon, the spring at the latest. Brown crushes all internal opposition with a combination of fear and patronage.

Any more scenarios?

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TeeBeeGeeBees Final Re-Union Tour
For a time there was some speculation that the lead singer of the TeeBeeGeeBees was going to retire and the backing vocalist would take the lead. But vanity and ego have ensured that won’t be.Despite the backstage back-biting and bitterness, today it will be all smiles as they launch what could be their final re-union tour playing at local venues around the country.

Their old tunes have lost some of their lustre “Things can only get better” seems so dated, “Whiter than white” just doesn’t apply and that old crooner classic “A straight kinda guy” sounds out of tune and insincere nowadays.

Tickets are not going well and rival younger led groups look set to eclipse the duo once called the Lennon and McCartney of politics by U2 lead singer Bono.

Watch the body language at the press conference, will it match the glued on smiles?

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TeeBeeGeeBees : Labour PLP says “Stay Schtum”

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