Treasury Officials Splashed Thousands on Luxury Venetian Hotels

As the Treasury prepares to raid your pockets over the next year, just bear in mind how quickly they’re willing to splash the cash when looking after themselves. New government transparency documents show HMT spent £4,578.38 on two luxury Venetian hotel stops in July 2021 – one four star and one five star – between the 6th-8th July. Il conto, per favore…

The four star stop, Hotel Bonvecchiati, describes itself as “one of Venice’s oldest” hotels, with “elegant surroundings that are continually updated in line with the latest tendencies”, even allowing guests to arrive via gondola directly from the canal. Hopefully the mandarin that approved this unwarranted cash splash will be here today, gondola tomorrow…

As if that wasn’t luxurious enough for the Treasury, they also enjoyed a stay at the 5 star Hotel Danieliwhich consists of three palaces and “dominates the Venetian lagoon with a spectacular view of the Grand Canal and islands.” The perfect spot to relax in that scorching July heat…

John O’Connell, Chief Executive at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, reacted to the investigation saying, “Taxpayers struggling to stay afloat don’t want to see swanky Treasury officials enjoying 5 star hotels at their expense.”

The transparency document doesn’t reveal who was lucky enough to enjoy these resorts, although the dates do align quite nicely with one senior minister’s trip to the city…

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Taxpayers Feel the Pain as Arts Council Gives Emergency Grant to Torture Garden Party

Dishy Rishi has once again come to the rescue of one of Britain’s endangered cultural institutions: this time saving The Torture Garden – the hugely popular S&M sex club – with an emergency grant from the Arts Council Covid Recovery fund. A pleasure doing business, Guido is sure. 

The Torture Garden, which describes itself as “the world’s largest monthly fetish club“, announced it had received approval for its Arts Council grant this week, meaning it will now have the cash to offer over 200 ‘freelancers’ work over the rest of the year, and get back to thrashing each other once restrictions are lifted in June. Guido’s checked the club’s rules and its dress code stipulates no casual clothes are allowed, which will come as a blow to their new hoodie-loving benefactor…

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Boris’s Dolittle Approach to Taxpayer Money Waste

Last week, the Mirror revealed No. 10 now hires three official photographers – Andrew Parsons, Simon Dawson and Pippa Fowles. Today the public got to see the fruit of their taxpayer-funded labours: a four-part photoshoot of Boris’s dog Dilyn frolicking in the Downing Street garden snow. According to 2015 figures, this photographer could be earning up to £38,214…

Not to be outdone, Larry the No. 10 cat also got the luxury treatment yesterday, posing under a portrait of another elderly fat-cat who likewise lives a life of luxury at the public’s expense.

As much as Guido is a sucker for a cat picture on the internet, Parsons is on the part-time equivalent of £100,000 and most recent hire Simon Dawson rakes in £60,635. It seems Downing Street’s concern for frugal use of public funds has gone to the dogs, three official photographers are not a sign of efficient Conservative government with careful stewardship of public money.

UPDATE: Asked at Lobby why Boris’s photographers are taking pet pics, Allegra Stratton said “These photographers document the work for the government as well as the work inside No. 10”. When pressed on how Dilyn playing in the snow constitutes “work inside No. 10″ Stratton doubled down: “They document, the work of not just the Prime Minister, but the whole of the cabinet.” Big promotion for Dilyn if true…

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Rishi’s £170,000 Female Focused Sex Party Investment

Dishy Rishi is about to live up to his nickname after the Treasury conditionally approved a £170,000 investment in a female-focused sex party company for swingers. Taking his “Eat Out to Help Out” slogan literally…

Killing Kittens, described by the Guardian as “a members-only sex club”, launched a crowdfunding campaign in May – to help it transition from an events-based company to a “sex tech platform” company that runs some events – raising £170,000 from investors, which the government is to match through the Future Fund scheme. Thanks to Rishi, the UK taxpayer will hold a 1.47% stake in the company if it fails to repay the government loan…

Rishi’s Wednesday mini-budget was criticised by some left-wing MPs for being too targeted at male-dominated industries, so the likes of Sarah Olney will be delighted to hear the Treasury’s latest taxpayer splurge are to a company designed to be “female friendly”, with Killing Kittens:

“fully focused on the pursuit of female pleasure. Girls remain at the forefront…in control, knowing what they want whilst also empowering adventurous couples the world over.”

Presumably Labour will oppose the Treasury handout, if only because the company’s name will bring back sore memories for their Shadow Business Secretary. Guido does question the viability of the sex-orgy business in a time of social distancing, still, it is only taxpayers’ money…

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Rich’s Monday Morning View

Legalising Cannabis Could Save Taxpayers £900 Million

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You Pay £15 Million For Local Trade Union Pilgrims

Millions of pounds of taxpayer-funded subsidies are still being dished out to trade union ‘Pilgrims’ across the country, a report by the Taxpayers’ Alliance has found. Despite promises by the government to clamp down on so-called ‘facility time’, there remain 371 local authority staff members who spend more than half their time working for trade unions, while being paid by the taxpayer. The cost of facility time (paid time-off taken by trade union representatives to carry out union duties) was at least £14,648,030 since 2012. Nearly a third of those local authorities analysed did not publish the data on their involvement with unions, thereby breaking the law.

The map of local authority Pilgrims waste extends across Britain:

  • The worst offenders nationally are Birmingham City Council with £1,124,924 and Leeds City Council with £502,095;
  • In the North East, Sunderland – £258,697;
  • In the North West, Bolton – £390,481;
  • In Scotland, City of Edinburgh – £244,576;
  • In the East Midlands, Leicester City Council – £494,544;
  • In the South West, Bristol City Council – £134,931;
  • In the East of England, Suffolk County Council – £189,741;
  • In London, Lambeth Borough Council – £281,000;
  • In the South East, Brighton and Hove City Council – £262,016.

Alex Wild, Research Director of the TPA, said:

“Trade unions are voluntary bodies of members and so should only receive the support of those members, not taxpayers. A huge amount continues to fund union duties, often without the express knowledge or consent of taxpayers, which simply isn’t right.”
David Cameron’s government began the process of dealing with Pilgrims, time for Theresa May to see it through…
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