HMRC Hiring Diversity & Inclusion Managers on £50,000 Salaries

Just because Saj is trying to crack down on the taxpayer waste in the NHS, doesn’t mean the woke whack-a-mole game is over. HMRC are now on the lookout for 3 new Diversity & Inclusion managers, with salaries starting on £34,000 and going all the way up to nearly £50,000. It never ends.

Budding diversity tsars in Belfast have until the end of the month to get their applications in at Erskine House, with diversity business manager, consultant, and adviser roles all up for grabs.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance investigations campaign manager Elliot Keck adds:

“Taxpayers are fed up of paying for diversity non-jobs. We’re told that tax cuts are years away, yet the tax collectors are still happy to splash the cash on needless hires. Government bodies should get a grip on these unnecessary posts.”

All these jobs should be part of the human resource department’s responsibilities. At least we can rest assured when the taxman raids your pockets, he/she/zi/zir represents the whole community…

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Network Rail’s Latest Diversity & Inclusion Cash Splurge

On the day the unions reveal another 6,000 Network Rail staff are to be balloted for strike action in July, Guido thought it was worth reminding rail bosses that pay negotiations might’ve been slightly easier if they’d taken more than five seconds to look at their own balance sheet. Maybe a bit much for a body which boasted of employing the highest-paid diversity officer in the country, on a salary higher than the PM’s…

Now new Freedom of Information requests from the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) have found that Network Rail spent £6,326.82 on a pair of rainbow-painted golf buggies in St. Pancras. Perfect for staff to zoom around on if and when when they’re actually working. 

TPA investigations campaign manager Elliot Keck added:

“While taxpayers face nightmare commutes, Network Rail staff whizz around in rainbow-wrapped rides.”

This is courtesy of the same Network Rail that released a guide to infinite pronouns, and encouraged staff at an underperforming branch to use “humankind” rather than mankind when talking to customers. Strikes begin next week.

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Lobbyists and Woke Campaigners Rake in £50 Million of Taxpayers’ Money

Lobbyists and political campaigners seeking public policy changes have received a staggering £49,011,318 courtesy of the taxpayer since 2018, new research from the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) has revealed. According to their latest paper, 26 organisations have received public cash over the last four years, with nearly £7.7 million even going to groups actively fighting the government over its Rwandan resettlement scheme, including Stonewall, Refugee Action, Hope Not Hate and Instalaw. Stonewall received a cool £593,166, while InstaLaw also gratefully accepted a bumper paycheque despite issuing judicial review proceedings against the Home Office…

The Department of Health and Social Care dipped into the public purse the most, splashing out over £30 million to just five organisations, including to the NHS Confederation – which spent months campaigning for continued facemask use even after the legal mandate was lifted. Meanwhile over at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, groups including Age UK and Gendered Intelligence also raked in the dough, with the former campaigning on the pension triple lock, and the latter urging the government to allow under-16s to consent to bodily medical treatments. TPA Chief Executive John O’Connell said:

“Taxpayers have had enough of governments giving grants to organisations who lecture and lobby. The public purse should not be paying out to pressure groups who are in turn using that cash to push for policy changes. Ministers must put a stop to this needless merry-go-round, and instead focus funding on taxpayers’ priorities.”

Most campaigns focusing on public policy survive entirely by private donations. There’s no reason why these groups should be any different. £55 million paid by the government to lobbyists who use it to lobby against the government, all while the UK’s tax burden is at its highest in decades…

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Under-Performing Network Rail’s Guide to “Infinite Pronouns”

Following Guido’s story that Network Rail’s Head of Diversity, Loraine Martins, earned £164,000 – a salary higher than the Prime Minister’s –  an investigation by the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) has uncovered exactly the kind of work going on over at the top echelon of Network Rail in the last two years – including the publication of two “language guides” with instructions on how to use an “infinite number of pronouns” and “LGBTTQQIAAP” inclusion. All while the regional department responsible for producing them was under central investigation for terrible performance…

The “Everyone Matters” guide, released internally by Network Rail’s North West & Central region, gave employees the full english on diversity and inclusion within the organisation, with detailed information about the language staff should use in matters such as race, gender and sexual orientation. On gender, employees were encouraged to use “humankind” as opposed to “mankind”, “quality of work” instead of “workmanship, and “friends and colleagues” instead of “ladies and gentlemen”. Staff were also reminded that there are “an infinite number of pronouns as new ones emerge in our language”, and advised to “always ask someone for their pronouns”. They even included a helpful table to make it easier to remember pronouns like “Ze, Zir, and Zirs”…

On the matter of sexual orientation, the group produced a visually stunning chart to explain what the LGBT+ acronym stands for – all eleven letters of it…

While all this vital work was going on, Network Rail unfortunately let standards slip in other less important areas: the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) conducted a three-month investigation into the North West and Central region, the body responsible for the language guides, and found it severely lacking in train performance, timetabling, and operational management. It even received a 25 point plan to get the region back on track, which Network Rail promised to implement… only for ORR to claim there was still “some disappointment at the pace of progress” in its updated review at the end of 2021. At least the staff have learned their Ls from their Gs from their Bs from their Ts.

Elliot Keck, investigations campaigns manager at the TaxPayers’ Alliance says:

“Taxpayers are fed up with Network Rail officials jumping on the diversity gravy train, when their resources and efforts would be much better spent making sure the railways actually run on time.”

If only…

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Government Slammed Over Pandemic Waste on “Cultural Claptrap”

Among the tens of billions spaffed out by the government during the last two years-worth of pandemic funding, Guido reckons DCMS needs to reflect on their part played in handing out cash to dubious culture and arts programmes. Research by the Taxpayers’ Alliance now shows the government coughed up over £1 billion in cultural grants during 2020-21. £1,367,422.599 to be precise…

While this figure pales in comparison to the total Treasury spend during that time, looking into the specific shows and programmes the funding went towards will raise eyebrows among Tory ranks. According to the wonks’ research, among those given money by the Cultural Recovery Fund, National Heritage Memorial Fund and Arts Council England were:

  • £18,966 A ‘Family Sex Show’ for children as young as five, featuring nudity and discussions about “pleasure, queerness, sex, gender and relationships” 
  • £254,091 to SICK! Productions, who are currently running an “Ejaculation Falls Participation Call Out” in which they are looking for six people “to participate in the creation and presentation of Ejaculation Falls, exploring their experience or inexperiences of sex and pleasure.”
  • £16,724 given to “Pecs Drag Kings”, an all-female/non-binary theatre and cabaret company” that produces “sexy, raucous and highly entertaining” shows.
  • £181,438 to the “Bureau of Silly Ideas”, an organisation describing itself as a creator of “inspired madness and controlled chaos in the public realm.” Their recent work has mainly consisted of a rubbish bin squirting kids with water. To be fair this one actually seems to be panto-like entertainment for kids, so why does it need subsidising?

Elliot Keck of the Taxpayers’ Alliance tells Guido, “Taxpayers are fed up seeing their hard-earned cash wasted on cultural claptrap.”

“With the economy in genuine peril during the pandemic, funds could have been better used elsewhere rather than on these absurd projects. 
“The government must bring the curtain down on wasteful spending before demanding more money from working taxpayers.”
Nudity and queer theatre for five year olds. At least our eyewatering tax burden is being spent on the essentials…
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Check Your Council’s Rich List Performance

The annual Council Rich List is out and the data provides insights into local government. Rather than moaning about the increase in six-figure earning local officials, Guido thought we should perhaps pay tribute and applaud one council, Epping Forest, where the number of officials drawing six-figure pay packets has halved from ten to five. Guido notes that the council has not one Labour Party representative on it…

The Taxpayers’ Alliance has created this very handy interactive map so you can see for yourself how your council is performing:

They highlight that:

  • The number of officials earning over £100,000 has increased five-fold since the Council Rich List was first published. In 2007, there were 578 council officials earning above £100,000. In the last financial year, which this list covers, at least 2,921 people were employed by local authorities on this amount.
  • The number of officials earning over £150,000 has increased ten-fold since the Council Rich List was first published. In 2007 there were 64 council officials earning above £150,000, compared to 739 in the 2020-21 financial year. There are now more council officials on over £150,000 than there were total officials on over £100,000 15 years ago.

Something to contemplate when you consider your council tax bills before the local elections. Are the most effective councils really the ones with the most highest paid officials?

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