China Throws Tantrum Over Truss’s Taiwan Trip

As predicted, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is throwing its toys out the pram over Liz Truss’s upcoming visit to Taiwan. Speaking to Andrew Marr on LBC last night, CCP media spokesman Victor Gao claimed Truss’s trip next week risks causing “mortal wounds to China-UK relations”, and somehow even escalates tensions “to the point of no return”. Just as they said of Pelosi’s trip…

Gao said the trip will “make it more likely that China will exercise jurisdiction over Taiwan sooner rather than later”, adding:

“Her proposed visit to Taiwan in her official capacity will only achieve one goal: that is to further alienate relations between China and Britain, hurting the fundamental interest of the British people.

[Truss should] pay attention to [how] she conducts herself, because she does not want to inflict mortal wounds to China-UK relations”.

The Chinese communists aren’t the only ones appalled at a former PM daring to set foot on Taiwanese soil. Alicia Kearns, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, has also attacked Truss for making the trip, claiming “the trip is performative, not substantive“, and “the worst kind of example of Instagram diplomacy“. A spokesperson for Truss immediately fired back:

“The former Prime Minister has been invited to visit by the Taiwan government. They are better placed to know what is in the interests of the Taiwanese people than the MP for Rutland… Alicia Kearns should apologise for misusing her position as a select committee chair to engage in petty political attacks.”

Unsurprisingly, Downing Street are keeping out of it…

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Liz Truss to Deliver Speech in Taiwan Next Week

Liz Truss has booked her next big speaking gig in her ongoing comeback tour: she’s jetting over to Taiwan to deliver a keynote speech and meet senior members of the Taiwanese government. All while Rishi walks a delicate line on the “epoch-defining and systemic challenge” posed by China…

Speaking this morning, Truss said:

“Taiwan is a beacon of freedom and democracy. I’m looking forward to showing solidarity with the Taiwanese people in person in the face of increasingly aggressive behaviour and rhetoric from the regime in Beijing.”

Nancy Pelosi’s visit last August sparked a huge tantrum from Beijing. Radio silence from Beijing regarding Liz’s trip so far…

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