Tory Lead Squeezed Down to Six Points

The latest Survation poll has the Labour Party creeping up, gaining three points in one week to 29%, and squeezing the Tory lead down to six points, with the party resting on 35%.

CCHQ will be watching closely to see if this trend continues. Survation was the most accurate pollster in 2017…

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Boris More Trusted on NHS than Corybn

A Survation poll for the Daily Mail shows Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is less trusted on the NHS than Boris. 35% think Boris would be ‘best’ on the issue of the NHS, compared to 34% for Corbyn. The same poll also shows Labour are starting on 26% compared to 34% for the Tories, with the LibDems and Brexit Party on 19% and 12% respectively. If Corbyn can’t beat Boris on the NHS his party might be the one facing a winter crisis… 

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Latest Poll Confirms Public Want Early election

More Labour voters want an early election than Tories. Yet Corbyn won’t give them one…

The public know the recall of parliament won’t solve anything.

Survation did the polling yesterday. The public are not fooled by all the showboating by politicians…

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Sajid is the Top Choice of Tory Councillors

Survation have done something interesting, they have polled 862 Tory councillors on their preference for the next Tory leader. Using a run-off single transferable vote method they looked into who would win. First preferences gave a close lead for Sajid Javid of 150 to 142.

After transferring votes Sajid sucks up the majority of third-placed Hunt’s votes and wins decisively. This is an interesting exercise that doesn’t exactly mirror the actual Tory election process which has MPs select two candidates to put before the wider Tory membership. What it does show is that in an open field the race would likely be between Johnson & Javid. The survey reinforces the findings of the ConservativeHome surveys that it should be a two-horse race. Whether Tory MPs agree is another matter…

Watch Survation’s explainer video here.

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Daily Mail’s Own Poll Found Public Backs ‘No Deal’

This is the most extraordinary front page of the Daily Mail’s new era under Geordie Grieg. It claims voters want Tory MPs to “rally behind Theresa May’s Brexit deal” based on a Survation poll.

What the Daily Mail’s front page has done is ignore the key result that Survation found. When asked to choose between Theresa May’s withdrawal plan and leaving the EU with “No Deal”, voters opt for “No Deal” by 41% to 35%. Extraordinary from Geordie…

UPDATE: The Daily Mail has made strong representations that our previous headline “Daily Mail Twists Own Poll Results, Public Opposes May’s Deal, Frontpage Headline Says Opposite” was unfair and untrue. On further reflection we accept that we were quoting from two different polls commissioned by the Daily Mail two weeks apart. We have now changed the headline and the content of this story. We accept that their front page story reflects accurately and truthfully data from the second poll. We apologise in particular to Simon Walters.

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Survation Was Mocked for Correct Prediction

On Thursday everyone smiled when all the pollsters herded around a 7% lead for the Tories. Everyone but pollsters Survation who alone stuck with their call for no overall control. They all laughed, but Damian Lyons Lowe was absolutely right…

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