Flint: Labour MPs Should Back May’s Deal

Labour MP Caroline Flint says that thwarting Brexit would be an affront to democracy. She also knows that the choice is this deal or Brexit derailed…

Fox: Article 50 Extension Would be “Very Unfortunate”

A far cry from the unequivocal promises the Government has repeatedly given over the past two years…

Long-Bailey: Labour Aren’t Looking to Overturn the Referendum

Strong competition within the Shadow Cabinet this morning for most brazenly dishonest line on a second referendum…

Blair: I’m Staying in the Labour Party

Bad luck Corbynistas…

McDonnell: Labour “Clearly” Has a Problem with Anti-Semitism

So when is the party going to start dealing with it properly?

George Eustice: No Deal Farming Fears are Wrong

The man who was Farming Minister until three days ago probably knows what he’s talking about…

Rory Stewart’s Brexit Resignation Promise

Rory Stewart has sportingly reminded everyone that “I’ve promised to resign about prisons”, but that he won’t be over Brexit. He’s got less than six months left…

Stewart: Article 50 Extension Would Resolve Nothing

Rory Stewart makes the obvious point that an Article 50 extension will do nothing to resolve the current impasse over Brexit. But he still says he would rather support an extension than no deal…

McDonnell’s Second Referendum Dishonesty

A broad selection of apparently entirely unironic quotes from John McDonnell this morning about the importance of honesty in politics as he tries to defend Labour’s second referendum U-turn: “we’ve got to be honest with people”, “we’ve been straight with people”, “we’ve got to respect people’s views on this”. He’s right, “people have had enough of politicians who say one thing and actually do another”…

Watson: The Labour Party is in Crisis

Marr Confronts Heidi Allen’s Hypocrisy

Marr put Heidi Allen’s own words revealed in Guido’s video to her…

IDS: I Hope Tory TIGgers Will Come Back

Coveney: A Backstop With a Time Limit Isn’t A Backstop

Chuka on Labour’s “Rule By Fear”

Chuka: Why I Changed My Mind

Jeremy Wright Bottles Backstop Commitments

Jeremy Wright doing nothing to help the growing sense that the Government is not serious about negotiating concrete legal changes to the backstop.

Wright refuses to commit to reopening the text of the Withdrawal Agreement – as May promised the Commons – saying “I don’t think it’s the mechanism that matters, it’s the objective.” You might have expected the man who was Attorney General a matter of months ago to be a little bit more concerned about the legal details…

Jeremy Wright Threatens Social Media Companies

Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright makes it clear that the Government will be pressing ahead with heavy-handed knee-jerk regulation of social media companies, bolshily insisting “I’m not asking their permission”. Has Gavin Williamson been coaching him on rhetoric?

There is an important debate to be had about the role of social media in society. Whipping up fears about public “safety” and ramming through poorly thought-out regulations is not the way to do it.

McDonnell: Labour Not Ruthless Enough On Anti-Semitism

You don’t say

Brexit Minister Forced to Deny Negotiations Are a “Complete Waste of Time”

You know your negotiations are going well when your Brexit minister has to insist they’re not a “complete waste of time”…

Former Army Chief Accuses Gavin Williamson of Careerism

Fair to say that former head of the army General Lord Dannatt isn’t entirely sold on Gavin Williamson’s posturing as Defence Secretary…[…] Read the rest


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Quote of the Day

Fresh from making his campaign pledge to kill off old people, Jeremy Hunt says on Islamophobia…

“We have to be whiter that white ourselves… we have to make sure we are dealing with this issue…”


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