Blackford’s SNP Schools Pitch Backfires Massively

Ian Blackford’s attempts to spin that the Scottish people “like what we’ve delivered on education” backfired massively as Sophy Ridge had to remind him that Scottish schools have scored their worst ever performance under an SNP Government. Blackford just blusters on…

Long-Bailey’s Leadership Eye-Roll

Guido suspects Rebecca Long-Bailey wasn’t the only one rolling her eyes at the prospect of her becoming Prime Minister…

Lammy Doubles Down on ERG Nazi Analogy

Batten: UKIP’s “I Wouldn’t Even rape You” Candidate Is “Not A Bad Person”

“It was satire…”

Batten on Farage

Assange Lawyer: We Will Deal With Rape Charge If Brought Again

IDS: Fighting European Elections Would Be A Disaster

Soubry: The Tory Party is the Brexit Party

Leadsom: Second Referendum Would Be “Ultimate Betrayal”

Leadsom: We Would Survive and Thrive Under No Deal

Chakrabarti: Jews Should Stay in Labour Because Corbyn “Won’t Be Leader Forever”

Guido isn’t sure that’ll give many Jewish people confidence…

Gyimah: Deselection Attempts Driven By “Tory Heads and UKIP Hearts”

Guido would gently suggest they’re more likely to have been driven by his reneging on manifesto commitments and backing a second referendum…

Mogg: Boris Could Unite Tory Party

John Major Calls for National Unity Government

Has John Major forgotten who the Leader of the Opposition is? At least there’s a rare reality check for Remainers at the end as he points out that “of course” the crisis isn’t as serious as WW2…

Tom Watson: Second Referendum “Only Way We Can Bring the Country Back Together”

Tom Watson freestyling on Marr as he backs a second referendum “under all circumstances” and says it’s “inconceivable” that it won’t be in Labour’s next manifesto. Guido wants whatever Watson’s had for breakfast if it’s genuinely made him believe that a second referendum is the “only way we can bring the country back together”…

David Gauke: I’ll Resign if May Goes for No Deal

David Gauke says “obviously I wouldn’t be able to remain as a member of a Government that pursued [no deal] as a policy.” Impressive that the Justice Secretary has managed to remain a member of a Government with “no deal is better than a bad deal” as a policy for over three years without noticing…

Gisela Stuart Reminds Remain That They Spent Far More Money

Former Vote Leave Chair Gisela Stuart tells Marr: “at every stage [Vote Leave] were rule compliant according to the legal advice we were given at that time” – a point upheld by the High Court last year who found that the Electoral Commission had given Vote Leave incorrect legal advice before the referendum. Not that it has stopped the Electoral Commission from punishing Vote Leave in Kafka-esque fashion for following their own advice…

As Stuart and this handy chart remind, Remain spent over 40% more than Leave did overall – before you even count the £9 million Government leaflet and all the civil service work for Remain. And they still lost…

Cleverly: We’re Not Planning for a General Election

But they are doing “sensible pragmatic planning”…

Thornberry: ‘Strong Argument’ for Second Referendum

A masterclass from Emily Thornberry in evading the question. Will Labour be tabling a confidence vote? Will Labour be backing Brexit in a General Election? Will they back a second referendum? We just don’t know, neither does she…

Lidington Denies He Wants To Be PM


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Quote of the Day

Fresh from making his campaign pledge to kill off old people, Jeremy Hunt says on Islamophobia…

“We have to be whiter that white ourselves… we have to make sure we are dealing with this issue…”


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