Carswell: Not Rejoining Tories, I’ll Stand For UKIP in 2020

Carswell rules out defecting back to the Tories and says he will stand for UKIP again, something he hasn’t committed to before. He says he is “walking on sunshine” and feels “like an emoji smiling every day”…

Hammond: Brexit Bill Won’t Be €60 Billion

Hammond says he doesn’t “recognise” the EU’s €60 billion Brexit bill figure though says Britain will pay what it owes…

And we will “fight back and forge new trade deals around the world” if we don’t get a trade deal with the EU…

Nuttall Backs Carswell

Says Carswell has it in writing that he lobbied for Farage to get a knighthood, and if that is proven “I don’t see a problem…”

Balls Hints at Return to Parliament

“I’m never gonna say never about going back…”

O’Flynn Rejects Arron Banks’ Hostile UKIP Take-Over Offer

Snarling Angry Corbyn

Corbyn is cracking up, ease off the snarling senile socialist everyone…

Rudd: Fake News Being Spread About Child Refugee Settlement

Shami: Media Unfair to Labour

Corbyn: ‘Well Done Our SNPs’

His allies have been talking up a “progressive alliance” but “our SNP” may be a bit much for Scottish Labour. Pressure is getting to him…

Diane Abbott: Case for Parliamentary Inquiry into Racist & Sexist Abuse

Khan: Issue of Labour Leadership is Settled

Mandelson: Parliament Should Be Able to Veto Brexit Deal

Mandelson says that Parliament must be able to veto a Brexit deal that is bad for Britain.

Given he thinks being in the EU is good for Britain all Brexit deals will be bad by his definition…

Watson: Polls Aren’t Great for Labour

Tranlastion: “We’re F****d.”

Across West Socialism is in Retreat, Traditional Labour Voters Realigning


Jacob Rees-Mogg and Jess Phillips star in a political version of Gogglebox on Sophy Ridge on Sunday. It sort of works…

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Another Child’s Letter to Tusk Another Child’s Letter to Tusk