Rory’s Bizarre Marr Interview

Rory Stewart’s Macron/Messiah complex grew this morning in an extraordinary interview on Marr. In the course of ten minutes, Rory…

  • Declared he is the only candidate who can get the UK out of the EU.
  • Announced that every single MP would join him in an impromptu parallel legislature in Methodist Central Hall if a future PM did an Attlee and prorogued Parliament.
  • Flip flopped to say he would refuse to serve in a Boris cabinet, despite maintaining he wants to reach out to Nigel Farage and “bring him in.” 
  • Said that if Parliament doesn’t pass May’s deal on a fourth attempt, he will bypass democracy to set up a scientifically determined and appointed ‘Citizens Assembly’ of 50,000 people phoned up to join televised sessions to make the decision for them. We have a democratically selected citizens assembly, it is called the House of Commons.
  • Binned his ‘clean campaign pledge’ to not indulge in personal attacks, to launch personal attacks, claiming that “there are too many people trying to be polite.”

Rory complains that Brexiteers are threatening to bypass parliament if the EU refuses to negotiate a better deal, yet his core big idea is to bypass parliament with his phoned in Citizens Assembly.

He’s in danger of joining the Brexit-driven descent into derangement travelled by the Adonises and Chapmans of this world…

UPDATE: This follows yesterday’s live stream from a cafe. What Guido most enjoyed about his live stream from a cafe is the staff and customers, in a very English way, ignoring the man talking to himself in the corner:

The waitress in the background just carried on wiping down tables. Guido imagined her telling the cook behind the counter

“He says he wants to be the bloody Prime Minister, looks like he could do with a feed if you ask me. Only ordered a cup of tea. Seems harmless enough.”

You just know that the kid is thinking “Don’t make eye contact, must not make eye contact…”.

Guido feels Rory isn’t getting much critical scrutiny. People have heard things like he was in Afghanistan – as a civil servant. That he tutored the Royal princes – for 2 weeks and admits he had to be extracted from a secure safe room at Highgrove by axe-wielding security officers after he locked himself in one night. He did PPE at Oxford – and didn’t get a first. His name is not really Rory – it is Roderick. Someone who knows him well described his defining talent as the Old Etonian ability to “sound convincing without expertise”. He is not even doing that with his flip-flopping and frankly eccentrically bonkers campaign…

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Tobias Ellwood Switches from Hancock to Stewart

This comes as another Hancock backer, David Mundell, declared for Gove. They’re not all falling behind Saj contrary to Friday’s briefing…

Email spreadsheet additions to

Hilary Benn: I Will Stop a No Deal Brexit

Justifying overturning the result of the referendum because he argues it will lower the rate of growth in the UK economy. Guido looks forward to Benn applying the same logic to his own party’s socialist policies…

Gove’s Three Misleading Answers to Marr

This morning just as Marr began his interview with Michael Gove we published the regulations, enforced by him when he was Secretary of State for Education, on the prohibition of teachers for misconduct. Gove’s had responsibility as the Secretary of State to regulate teachers’ conduct and to hold a list of teachers who have been prohibited from teaching. Included in the list of offences that would lead to a lifetime ban on teaching was “possession of class A drugs”. An offence that Gove admits to having committed many times.

Marr asked him did he bring in the rule change on “your watch”, Gove evaded answering the question directly, saying “no, I don’t believe so”. Which is what a politician says when he wants to give himself wriggle room. Gove had the power as Secretary of State for Education to ban teachers for life from teaching with a prohibition order. Possession of Class A drugs was grounds for a lifetime ban.

Gove also told Marr he couldn’t remember being asked the question of whether he took Class A drugs when travelling to the USA, and didn’t declare he had. Here is the visa question he will have had to answer when travelling to the USA:

Gove likewise claimed he had not been asked a direct question about drug use in the course of his vetting. Something most Whitehall veterans think unlikely…

At times during the interview Gove looked unusually uncomfortable having started out sounding confident. He trotted out some rehearsed contrite lines, by the end of the interview he seemed deflated. On the betting markets his odds lengthened…

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Hunt: I Have Been Consistent

Jon Ashworth: Labour’s Peterborough MP “Has Made Some Pretty Terrible Mistakes”

Not a ringing endorsement…

Green Co-Leader: I’ve Done Coke

Looking to get in on the action, the co-leader of the Green Party has told the world that she did cocaine when she was younger. Is anyone surprised?

Saj: I Have Not Done Drugs

Cleverly Backs Boris


Saj: I Will Renegotiate the Backstop

Swinson: There is No Limit on My Ambition

Leadsom: WAB is Dead, We Must Legislate for a Managed Exit

US Ambassador: Free Trade With the US Gives the UK Choice

“[Chlorine washed chicken] was probably the most interesting public relations campaign to ban American products that I’ve seen… We have five million Brits coming over to the US every year and I’ve never heard one complaint about anything to do with chicken.”

Gauke Announces Support for Rory Stewart

In a move revealing what a block he has been in Cabinet to a cleaner Brexit, the Business Secretary David Gauke has endorsed Rory. That’s Rory ‘I Have A Lot of Views In Common With the Labour Party’ Stewart…[…] Read the rest


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