King’s Speech: Rishi’s Election Platform Announced

The King has just wrapped up the first King’s speech to Parliament in 72 years. Kicking off with a tribute to his mother’s “legacy of service and devotion to this country”, Charles mentioned 16 out of 21 total bills with no surprises as everything was well trailed in advance. Pomp and ceremony were observed in full and everything went smoothly apart from Lindsay Hoyle tripping as he squeezed past the despatch box. Chortling ensued…

Most of this final-year programme revolves around changing regulation, with new red tape on business in legislation like the digital markets bill making up the beefiest changes. It won’t go far on the doorstep…

Here are the major announcements:

  • Education Reforms: Rishi’s “Advanced British Standard” to replace A-Levels; plus reducing number of students in “poor quality” university degrees.
  • Oil and Gas Licensing: A trap bill for Labour.
  • Travel Investment: Network North investment and transport connections across England.
  • Post-Brexit Trade: Promoting “trade and investment with economies in the fastest growing region in the world“.
  • New Tech Regulation: New regulatory framework for AI and self-driving cars.
  • Football Governance: A new football regulator.
  • Digital Markets and Data: Bills to give the CMA more powers and replace EU data laws.
  • Health Reforms: Rolling smoking ban and NHS long-term workforce plan. Charles puts the nail in the coffin for smokers’ freedoms…
  • Leasehold Changes: Making it easier to purchase freeholds and avoid charges.
  • Holocaust Memorial: Plus a learning centre in Victoria, both to be approved by legislation.
  • Justice Reforms: Tougher sentences and new powers for police and new laws to protect public premises.
  • Small Boats: Add-ons to the Illegal Migration act to stop “dangerous and illegal” small boats.
  • A few commitments: Foreign policy commitments on Nato and the Middle East, protecting the climate and biodiversity, and announcing upcoming government events.

Thin gruel in campaigning terms for the election ahead…

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Lip Readers, Get in Touch…

Guido reckons he can hear Boris ask Keir about his “quiet weekend”…

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Guido Hears Lee Rowley and Sarah Newton to Give Loyal Address Tomorrow

Guido hears that Lee Rowley and Sarah Newton will be the Tory MPs delivering the traditional Loyal Address tomorrow, which open the Commons’ State Opening debate. The Loyal Addresses are traditionally funny…

Rowley is a Labour-defeating, son-of-a-milkman sound Thatcherite Brexiteer; while Newton is a Lib Dem-facing South-Western MP, who will provide a softer touch. The speech will take place from 11:30 tomorrow.

The government’s agenda is expected to set out 22 new bills, with an emphasis on those that will allow the UK to “seize the opportunities that Brexit presents“. Now all that waits is to hear Skinner’s traditional heckle…

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