Cost of Wasted ‘Super Saturday’ Revealed

The Commons’ first Saturday sitting since 1982, intended for MPs to finally vote on Boris’s Brexit deal before MPs voted to delay the vote and further sabotage Brexit, cost the taxpayer £115,000. And remainers are calling the cost of Big Ben bonging ‘pointless’…

The sum, discovered thanks to an Evening Standard FoI request was spent on broadcasting and extra staffing costs and all thrown down the toilet thanks to rebel former-Tory MPs abanding the opportunity to get Brexit done and close up a loophole in the Surrender Act Boris wasn’t even planning on using. All in a day’s work…

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George Osborne Backs Lib Dems

George Osborne’s Evening Standard has endorsed the Liberal Democrats in the European Elections in his leader. Labour Press will love this.

In the Evening Standard editorial today, the Liberal Democrats are lauded for their remoaner credentials: “They had the courage from the start to say the referendum result was a mistake — and Britain needed to think again.” Despite leader Vince Cable arguing that the referendum result must be respected and talking up the benefits

Last week when pushed Osborne told Peston that it would be ‘ridiculous’ if he didn’t vote Conservative. Strangely he won’t commit to saying he will vote Tory, just as his paper is telling people to back the Lib Dems…

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ASI’s Sophie Jarvis Moves to George Osborne

The Adam Smith Institute’s famously laid back neoliberal star, Sophie Jarvis, last seen on Politics Live last week taking politicians to task over the Porn Laws, environmental policy, and the future of tax, has been snapped up by George Osborne’s Evening Standard. Sophie will start working on the Londoner’s Diary from Tuesday next week…

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London Mayor Attacks London Evening Standard Editor

Sadiq Khan has been getting a little wound up since the Evening Standard started running the “Sadiq Khan Audit” last week, looking at how well he was actually delivering on his election promises. You know, that normal thing that journalists do…

The pressure seems to have got to Sadiq, as he channelled his inner Trump to unleash an angry outburst against Evening Standard editor George Osborne during Mayoral Question Time yesterday. Is it a good long-term strategy for the London Mayor to be launching personal attacks on the editor of one of London’s biggest papers?

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Evening Standard Denies Report Accusing It of ‘Selling News’

The Evening Standard has issued a statement denying a report accusing it of “selling its editorial independence”. An article published on the Open Democracy website last night made the explosive claims that George Osborne’s paper

“has agreed a £3 million deal with six leading commercial companies, including Google and Uber, promising them ‘money-can’t-buy’ positive news and ‘favourable’ comment coverage… Unbranded news stories, expected to be written by staff reporters – but paid for by the new commercial “partners” as part of the 2020 deal – have already been planned for inclusion in the paper’s news pages within a week of the project’s launch.”

If true, the deal would, as the article alleges: “sweep away the conventional ethical divide between news and advertising inside the Standard”. 

Guido has previously reported on how Osborne defended his employer BlackRock’s half-a-billion pound investment, Uber, on the front page of the Standard, one of many glaring conflicts of interest since he took over as editor. The Deliveroo love-in is certainly interesting, too. The Open Democracy article is based on the above slide which, embarrassingly for the Standard, does appear to promise “money-can’t-buy” coverage: “we expect every campaign to generate numerous news stories”. On the other hand, Open Democracy is notorious for publishing nonsense by cranks. The author of this piece, James Cusick, also writes for Peter Jukes’ conspiracy theory website Byline.

ESI Media say in a statement that the article is “grossly misleading”:

“Under no circumstances have these clients been guaranteed news coverage for their own ends, nor would they ever be. Properly signposted commercial content within an editorial product is an accepted part of the news industry and is nothing new for publishers.”

Standard hacks will be asking some searching questions in the newsroom this morning…

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Charlotte Edwardes New Londoner’s Diary Editor

Word from the Standard newsroom is Charlotte Edwardes is the new editor of the Londoner’s Diary. Edwardes, Peston’s better half, has been the Standard’s main interviewer and feature writer for a while and MediaGuido hears she starts on the diary next week. Weellllllllllllll done, Charlotte!

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