Does The QC Have Empty Briefs?

Paul Darling OBE, QC is Chair of the ABB – the Association of British Bookmakers (aka Babies or Blood-Suckers – take your pick).  He wrote an article claiming that “a curb on betting shops is bad news for vulnerable gamblers.”

This is neither an opening statement nor a closing statement. It doesn’t go anywhere and will not convince the court of public opinion. The only quantitative “evidence” in the article are numbers from a “worst-case” scenario in a KPMG report.

But the report is marked CONFIDENTIAL as it is “commercially sensitive.” It is as if the best-case scenario is for attorney’s eyes only and will not be shown to the public. Why is it “commercially sensitive?” Did the ABB instruct KPMG to use a flawed methodology?

From latest reports, Barclays is the bank with most branches at 1,464. Compare this with the merged Ladbrokes Coral at 3,370, William Hill at 2,372 and BetFred at 1,671 branches. And the ABB wants the public to help protect betting shops!

If you are not willing to disclose the best “evidence” you have, then surely you cannot win your case. It sometimes gets too hot in wig and gown, but head-scratching won’t help. Best to show the public the real deal.

Oh dear, Darling – does it look like your briefs are empty?

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Why did the white-coat become a turncoat?

“The reduction of maximum bet levels was the only modification likely to be effective as a harm minimization strategy for problem gamblers”, was the conclusion of research into electronic gaming machines published in 2005.

This was peer-reviewed and placed in the Journal of Gambling Studies, having been compiled by several academics from the University of Sydney Australia, including Alex Blaszczynski.

Alex gets around a bit. His discredited Reno Model, named after Reno in Nevada, was used to help promote the spread of casino gambling. He finds time to visit London to attend the annual event held by GambleAware, which used to be called the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT).

He authored a report for the RGT with the Nottingham Trent Uni linked white-coats Parke, brother Parke and partner Rigbye. He even joined the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB).

The RGT was unable to recommend a stake reduction to reduce FOBT harm in 2016, over 11 years since Alex identified that as the only modification that would work. Similarly, the RSGB ignored Alex’s 2005 research when advising DCMS on FOBTs earlier this year.

Alex is one of only five members of the Independent Research Review Panel which advises the RGT, RGSB and the Gambling Commission.

His advice must be “independent” of his previous research!

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Why Is Hammond Trying to Strangle The Golden Goose?

You’d have thought that as he prepares to lead the UK economy through Brexit, the
Chancellor would be supporting its most productive sectors. Instead, Hammond seems to have it in for the growing and dynamic self-employed sector.

He actually seems hell bent on strangling this golden goose that lays a £255bn golden egg for the economy each year! In fact, since he first set foot in 11 Downing Street, the supposedly pro-business Chancellor has been waging a war on the self-employed. Since last year he has:

  • Tried to increase Class 4 National Insurance for all self-employed people – then
    was forced to make an embarrassing u-turn on it;
  • Increased the burden of dividend taxes at the first chance he got, hitting thousands of small businesses working through a limited company;
  • Introduced disastrous changes to IR35 tax laws for freelancers in the public sector;
  • Delayed scrapping Class 2 National Insurance contributions, costing every self-
    employed person £150;
  • Pushed ahead with Universal Credit, despite it having devastating effects on self-employed people who are just starting out or on fluctuating incomes.

And now it looks like heavy-handed Hammond is at it again. On Wednesday he is expected to announce another attack on freelancers: the extension of the disastrous changes to IR35 into the private sector. Many MPs with small majorities will already have received warnings from their constituents – will the Chancellor get the message too?

It’s not just professional freelancers Hammond has got it in for either! There are also reports he’s planning to lower the VAT threshold, which would hit hundreds of thousands of the UK’s smallest businesses, even hobbyists selling through the likes of Ebay.

It’s already been said that rather than supporting the self-employed sector, he’s stifling it. Well, now it looks like he plans to strangle it with reams of red tape too! When will the Chancellor see sense and call off this destructive war on the self-employed?

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Bookies’ White-Coats Defending FOBTs

The bookies’ white-coats include a stable of academics from Nottingham Trent University (NTU). Professor Mark Griffiths’ most embarrassing work was a whitewash report on bookies’ player protection commissioned by the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB).

Mark’s former students include Adrian Parke, Jonathan Parke and Jayne Rigbye. Jonathan has been trying to move the agenda away from £100 a spin machines and onto machines already capped at £2 a spin.

When at the bookie funded Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT now GambleAware) he commissioned his brother Adrian. The bookies would not give Adrian a real FOBT, so he conducted a video simulation of roulette.

When this concluded that higher stakes impact decision-making ability he claimed the experiment needed to be done on a real FOBT. When Jonathan resigned as director of commissioning, his partner Jayne took over.  

Professor Leighton Vaughan Williams has argued that reducing the maximum stake on FOBTs wouldn’t reduce harm. He bills himself as a “government advisor” on gambling, but is Director of the “Betting Research Unit” at NTU.

Gala Coral, now Ladbrokes was based in Nottingham. John Kelly, Chair of Ladbrokes was also a “government advisor” on a group with Leighton before the 2005 Gambling Act. Neil Goulden, ex-Chair of Gala, was ABB Chair when Mark did his report and also RGT Chair hiring Mark’s people.  

Has NTU ever had any “anonymous” donations? Providing intellectual cover for the rich to keep on robbing the poor…. Robin Hood would be spinning in his forest!

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The Somersaulting Chancellor

It looks like the embarrassing NICs debacle in the Spring Budget isn’t the only somersault the Chancellor has done on self-employment. It appears the strong and stable Chancellor has actually been backflipping on the subject for over a decade. In truth Mr Hammond has performed more somersaults than the entire UK athletics team!

Despite waging a war on the self-employed for the last year – with everything from new dividends taxes to punishing changes to IR35 in the public sector – before that, it seems the Chancellor was almost sympathetic to the burgeoning self-employed sector. 

In 2001, for example, Hammond was singing a very different tune, telling a Westminster Hall debate: “We need to focus on the flexibility that microbusinesses and small businesses deliver because they provide a unique adjustment factor in the economy. One reason why the Government’s IR35 initiative has been so damaging and destructive is the fact that it has hit at the most flexible part of the economy.”

So where did the big key change come from? As he rightly said back in 2001, the flexibility of small businesses and the self-employed is a major advantage for our economy. And it’s not just flexibility: the self-employed are one of the UK’s most productive sectors, contributing over £255bn a year to the economy. So surely the last thing we want to do now, just before we drift into the uncharted waters of post-Brexit Britain, is stifle this vital part of our economy.

By pushing those punishing changes to IR35 into the public sector, Hammond has already driven huge numbers of contractors out and caused widespread disruption. The BMA have called it a ‘disaster for the NHS’, and it’s seriously damaged our flexible labour market. So the question now is: why are there reports he’s going to use the Autumn Budget to extend these disastrous changes to the private sector? Someone should remind the Chancellor before it’s too late about the danger of somersaults; one slip and you can fall flat on your face.

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#IPTsUnfair – The Raid on the Responsible

In less than two years, the Government has doubled the Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) burden from 6% to 12%. The tax is payable on most general insurance policies, as well as commercial insurance taken out by businesses. Independent experts say that IPT costs per-household are set to rise above £200 in 2018.

If the Chancellor increases it once again in this year’s Budget, millions of British households and businesses will be affected even more.  

Another hike would mean another cost passed directly onto hard-pressed families. This could dissuade them from protecting essentials like their homes, health, vehicles and pets.

The idea of taxing people simply for doing the responsible thing by buying insurance is absurd. It’s like taxing people for locking their front doors, or stopping at a pedestrian crossing. If you raise taxes on insurance you will discourage people from insuring themselves.

Shouldn’t we be encouraging those who are taking proper precautions and being responsible, rather than discouraging them?  

If you, like us, oppose another increase in Insurance Premium Tax, then speak out. Watch and share our video and stand up against another hike once and for all, because quite frankly, #IPTs Unfair.


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Clive Hawkswood: The Halloween Horror

Clive “Horrible” Hawkswood is the CEO of the Repulsive Greed Agency – aka the Remote Gambling Association (RGA). Most of its monsters live in offshore-land where they claim that their activities are Fair Honest Safe Fun. But what they really mean is low-tax and low-regulation.

In order to lure underage gamblers into their House of Horrors they offered special cartoon games for children. They offered them “free-play” versions, but after the treat comes the trick. The games were a gateway to cash gambling and a lifetime of losing.

The Gambling Commission, has been letting this happen since 2007. But the Sunday Times didn’t like it and told the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

DCMS told the Gambling Commission and the ASA to get together and tell “Horrible” Hawkswood and the RGA to agree with the Committee on Advertising Practice that his monsters had to stop luring children and vulnerable people.

Is this a sign that the Gambling Commission will finally recommend a clampdown on both FOBTs and TV gambling ads in the pending review?

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Guns Don’t Kill – FOBTs Don’t Harm

Wayne La Pierre is CEO of the National Rifle Association (NRA) in the US. A favourite line of the NRA is that “guns don’t kill – bad guys kill”.

The NRA does not accept that restricting the product, the access or the marketing would limit the harm. The NRA claims that controls affect freedoms. Yet there is no other country with the level of gun use harm that the US has. Far-right corporate funded think-tanks, such as the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) support the NRA.

Malcolm George is the CEO of the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB). His favourite line is that “betting shops are the safest places to gamble”.  

The ABB does not accept that restricting the product, the access, or the marketing would limit the harm. The ABB claims that controls affect freedoms. Yet there is no other country with the FOBT harm that the UK has. Far-right corporate-funded think-tanks, such as the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) support the ABB.

The AEI and the IEA are a mirror image, as are the NRA and the ABB. It is always easy to invoke “freedom” in order to oppose regulation. But libertarianism has no future if it keeps putting corporate freedom first.

What motivated Mr. La Pierre and Mr. George on their chosen career paths? Was it the freedom to make money regardless of the consequences?

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Trump’s Billionaire Buddies and Their UK FOBT Profits

Ronald Perelman and Lorne Weil are each US billionaires and the main men behind the two FOBT suppliers in the UK, Scientific Games (SG) and Inspired Gaming, as reported by the Guardian this week.

In a Bloomberg interview, Mr Perelman of SG declared, “I love Donald Trump”. He is also one of the 100 wealthiest people in the world, and a close friend of Jared Kushner.

Mr Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump, appeared in a film “Born Rich” about the kids of the super wealthy. Luke Weil, son of Lorne Weil, also featured in that film and infamously said about a small-town kid: “Fuck you, I’m from New York. Piss off, my family could buy your family.”

Lorne Weil, now at Inspired, used to be behind SG, finding a role there for little Luke in International Business Development.

Divide and Conquer: Meet the Lottery Titans explains the political manipulation by SG and rival G-Tech that turned the mob numbers game into state-sponsored corporate enterprises – the regressive taxation vehicles now known as US state lotteries.

In the UK, the poor and vulnerable in deprived areas are being screwed by addictive FOBTs, making the super-wealthy even wealthier. Trump once called video keno machines, the original version of FOBTs, the “crack cocaine of gambling”.

While Trump screws the UK with trade tariffs, for how much longer will we allow his billionaire buddies to screw UK gamblers?

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For Whom the Lord Bell Toiled

Last month, Lord Bell appeared on Newsnight fronting up the disgraced Bell Pottinger, the PR spinners he co-founded, which has now been dissolved. Re-wind a few years and his Lordship was fronting up another disgraceful entity.

In 2013, he was the guest of honour at the annual shindig of the Association of British Bloodsuckers (Bookmakers – Ed) – the ABB. According to Private Eye, he encouraged them to take a leaf out of the tobacco lobby’s playbook and believe “your opponents are wrong, and the moment you start acknowledging that they have an argument, you’re dead”.

It must have had an impact as Malcolm George, now CEO of the ABB, still claims that betting shops are the safest places to gamble.

Back then, the ABB Chair, Neil Goulden, was also Chair of the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT). Guess who did the PR spin on the RGT’s whitewash research into FOBTs? Yes, Bell Pottinger!

When the RGT met with the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board to discuss the FOBT research whitewash, guess who was in the room with them? Yes, Bell Pottinger!

It was also reported that Lord Bell had advised the ABB to acquire the royal seal of approval – which would have made them the Royal Association of British Bookmakers.

It will take more than bookies’ PR spin to avoid their pending seal of disapproval from the government’s FOBT review.

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Why Would UK Music Be Headed by a Pro-Bookie Ex-Politician?

The man in the middle, Ciaran O’Brien, is the smooth PR man that William Hill poached from Ladbrokes. He is well known in the green rooms, Westminster and even to local councillors.

He is right behind his good buddy, Michael Dugher, now Head of UK Music, which protects music IP rights and acts as Secretariat for an All Party Parliamentary Group on Music.

While a Labour MP, Mr. Dugher took the Shadow DCMS brief, but as a friend of the bookies, had no intention of opposing FOBTs. Since his sacking, Labour has adopted the FOBT £2 maximum stake as their policy.

Mr. Dugher should be aware that his bookie buddies have a history of IP rights abuse. Online gambling companies’ T&Cs claim to have IP rights for their content, but they have used games invented by others without permission.

With false T&Cs, US profits from those games were obtained illegally. Why would UK Music want a man with a history of promoting the interests of IP rights abusers?

Why would UK Music want a man who taunts reformed gambling addicts when the music sector contains a number of artists who suffer from addiction and mental health disorders?

Surely UK Music can do better than this failed politician?

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Time for European businesses to stand up for a fair Brexit deal

by communications firm PLMR’s Brexit Unit

To judge by a lot of media coverage about Brexit, you could be forgiven for thinking that all important decisions rest with Jean-Claude Junker. Rather than seeing the European Commission as an almighty entity, one could see it as a kind of political secretariat (albeit a powerful one) for the interests of the Continent’s national leaders; for the political interests of Chancellor Merkel and President Macron in particular. But there is another powerful voice that has been curiously absent from the Brexit debate: the voice of businesses, large and small, from across the European mainland.

European firms have no real interest in seeing a punitive, anti-trade settlement after Brexit. Any marginal market share benefits they may receive from anti-UK protectionism would be more than offset by the broader economic problems that such a settlement would cause. Businesses are not interested in political pride or point-scoring – they are interested in certainty, simplicity, sensible regulation and the removal of barriers to trade and commerce.

British businesses have been very vocal about their interests in this process. Governments must listen to businesses but not be led by the nose. Business lobbying is not always in the broader national interest as the 2008 financial crisis showed, and politicians must listen foremost to their electorates. But it helps to also let companies have a say on the stewardship of the economy. UK firms have had their say and now it is time for European firms to stand up for a fair Brexit settlement.

EU companies will want a pragmatic deal. They will still want to access London’s financial markets and to sell goods and services to our 60 million-strong population, and they will want to be able to do business with our companies as they always have. Making these points to the Commission, but especially also to their national governments, should help avert a punitive deal.

Businesses know that there is no point ruminating on past decisions or seeking to undermine the result of the 2016 referendum. They want a deal that benefits both sides because they know that trade is not a zero-sum game. Let us encourage European companies to find their voice and to make their points forcefully to their representatives.

PLMR’s Brexit Unit advises organisations on managing the transition to a post-EU framework in the UK. Consultants Joe Mitton and Simon Darby are on hand to field queries – for more information visit

Beware of the ABBola Virus at Party Conferences

Anyone attending upcoming conferences needs to be on the lookout for the above faces of the bookies trade body, the ABB. The best recommendation is to avoid all contact.

They speak in ABBese as a consequence of the ABBola virus which attacks morals, ethics and integrity. Some of their pagan beliefs are:

  • There has not been any increase in gambling harm
  • Betting shops are the safest places to gamble
  • There is no money laundering in betting shops
  • There is no drug dealing in betting shops
  • All damage to FOBTs is caused by Acts of God, earthquakes etc.
  • Gamblers can win on FOBTs
  • There has been no increase in betting shops on the high street
  • They care for their all their customers
  • They have a problem gambling intervention policy – a nice cup of tea
  • They are happy to bar customers who have gone broke – until the next time they come in
  • They only have one member of staff per shop so that gamblers don’t feel intimated
  • FOBT gambling is “fun”
  • FOBTs save dogs and horses from the slaughterhouse
  • They work as a tax collector for HMRC (except when they can avoid it)
  • They work as a snitch for the cops (but only when they have been robbed)
  • The economy will collapse without FOBTs
  • They should have a protected market monopoly on high-street machines at stakes over £2
  • They are entrepreneurs because they introduced FOBTs illegally

These ABBese speakers have a duty to their members to spread the ABBola virus, so vaccinate yourself against it by visiting…

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These MPs Are Just the Bookies’ Muppets

Silly season does not stop the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) from spreading their usual nonsense. Their Public Affairs Manager Ursula Servis phoned into a BBC Radio broadcast on FOBTs to explain how staff could help problem gamblers.

She claimed there are nine signs of problem gambling, but could only remember two of them when pushed by the interviewer. A car-wreck interview in which Ms. Servis did a mis-service to both FOBT addicts and the ABB…

Anne Main, Tory MP for St Albans is so concerned about the bookies’ profits that she tabled a question in the House at the end of recess, to be answered in September. She wants to know the government’s estimates of betting shop job losses related to FOBT stake reduction. She is not interested in the harm, crime and jobs lost as a consequence of FOBTs…

Toby Perkins, Labour MP for Chesterfield, proudly tweeted about visiting a Ladbrokes shop and learning about “responsible” gambling. Maybe a health professional could explain to Mr. Perkins that the strapline “When the fun stops – stop” means “When you are broke – it’s ok to quit!”

In October, when DCMS announces a recommendation for the FOBT maximum stake, now expected by analysts to be £2, it will be very interesting to see which Muppets will stand up for the bookies in the House.

Exposing to constituents where their shameful loyalties lie is not a smart career move…

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Will Philip Hammond Become a Zombie Chancellor?

Chancellor Philip Hammond is looking so grey he makes John Major look like a carnival parade dancer. If the lifeblood has been sucked out of him, it could be that the Association of British Bloodsuckers, aka Bookmakers, (ABB) has got their teeth into him.

The Treasury has claimed that betting shops with FOBTs, the favoured cash money laundering device for drug dealers, are “proven low -risk”The ABB “evidence” to support this is that the bookies train their staff…

So, employees, often female, often working alone, often on minimal wage or not much more, often part-time and often young must be super-human multi-taskers. They can intervene to prevent problem gambling, monitor self-exclusion schemes, detect money-laundering and run a betting shop to make money! They can even have a lunch break whilst cleaning the toilets!

Now the Daily Mail claims that a “Whitehall source” says that the Treasury will kill the FOBT review. Tracey Crouch at DCMS tweeted that this was “fake news”. So, it could have been a fake leak by Treasury to see what they could get away with.

If Treasury does prevent the FOBT stake reduction to £2, then Mr. Hammond will be a Zombie Chancellor, having provided Labour with yet more political ammunition to help them win the next election.

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Sock-puppet “charity” the IEA slapped down by regulator for general election bias

Somehow, the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) enjoys charitable status, which means they are not required to disclose who funds them. This allows the IEA to carry out its work of lobbying for deregulation without being accused of a conflict of interest.

Charities, of course, are not permitted to be politically partisan. So, the IEA decision to publish a report with the Taxpayers’ Alliance on “Policy Proposals for a Conservative Manifesto”, and to put out a press release entitled “Labour’s manifesto pledges would add at least £40bn to public spending”, were in breach of Charity Commission guidelines. As a result the regulator insisted that these were withdrawn.

The IEA’s report “The Crack Cocaine of Gambling?”, which called into question the demonstrably addictive features of £100 a spin FOBTs in betting shops, suggests a commercial relationship with the bookmakers that the IEA’s charitable status has concealed.

It is laughable that the report’s author, Chris Snowdon, writes for Spectator Health when he is effectively a lobbyist for the tobacco, sugar and gambling industries by proxy. It says a lot about the Association of British Bloodsuckers (aka Bookmakers) that only the IEA are prepared to make their case for them, an organisation for whom freedom only means freedom for corporations.

The BBC should cease inviting anyone from the IEA onto its programmes until the IEA declares all funding sources.

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Is News Working? UnHerd Launches With Analysis of 24/7 Media

Today sees the launch of UnHerd – a new venture edited by Tim Montgomerie. UnHerd will break the mould of traditional news services by refusing to chase the daily news cycle. The site will use the talents of its journalists to delve into and understand the key issues of our time...

The site will kick off, appropriately, with an examination of the news industry and the power it has in western culture. The launch will see the release of an original documentary ‘News in Crisis’ featuring Alastair Campbell, Sir Craig Oliver, Justin Webb and Jonathan Dimbleby. One key theme is the question of whether the BBC is overly influenced by newspapers…

Both Webb and Dimbleby concede there is an issue, with Dimbleby saying:

“The BBC looks over its shoulder at what is being written in the newspapers or online…..Partly because you don’t want to be behind the game but partly also, though I don’t think they’re correct in the way in which they put it, it is that journalists generally collude. Whether you’re a broadcaster or a writing journalist, if you’re in the lobby, if you’re in the bubble of Westminster you’re sharing information, ‘’What did he say? What did she say? What’s the story here do you think?’”

Another theme of the documentary is the tortured question of BBC impartiality, with Sir Craig concluding that:

“One of the biggest problems with the BBC was really highlighted during Brexit: that they mistook balance for impartiality. And they got to a situation where they felt, look here are two campaigns that they’re both officially recognized, today one is saying this, the other is saying that — we simply report that. I felt very strongly during that not just from the point that the Leave campaign is getting away with murder, there was also criticisms of the Remain campaign too. But the BBC should have been better than that. They should have used the expertise that they had to say — this is simply not true.”

UnHerd will also publish a YouGov survey that underlines the need for a new approach, and lays bare the extent of public scepticism. The survey finds that 54% of people think that news providers “don’t understand people like me”. 77% believe news providers are politically biased…

UnHerd has recruited a stellar collection of regular writers and big name guests from around the world. Contributors also come from all sides of the political spectrum – from Douglas Murray on the right to Ayesha Hazarika and James Bloodworth on the left; Brexit supporters like Douglas Carswell and Brexit opponents like Ian Birrell and Chris Deerin. Crucially, the cutting edge original content they provide will be free to access…

Content produced and sponsored by UnHerd

Bookie self-regulator goes into hiding as gambling sites found to be ripping people off

An eight-month investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has revealed that people are not getting the deals they expected from gambling sign-up promotions, and sites are unfairly holding on to customers’ money. The CMA said it was taking action against “a number of operators” suspected of breaking the law.

Nisha Arora from the CMA said: “New customers are being enticed by tempting promotions only to find the dice are loaded against them. And players can find a whole host of hurdles in their way when they want to withdraw their money.” Adding that customers were sometimes forced to play hundreds of times before they were allowed to withdraw their money, denying them the choice to “quit while they’re ahead.”

Ten years since the enactment of the Gambling Act and the formation of the Gambling Commission, this is a conclusion that millions of gamblers have been painfully aware of.

If the Senet Group, the industry-funded self-regulator, actually did what it says it does: “promote responsible gambling standards and ensure that the marketing of gambling is socially responsible” this would not be an issue, so proving that self-regulation does not work.

Wanda Goldwag, the “independent standards commissioner” appointed by the Senet Group, who regularly shows up in Westminster with PR spin initiatives, has gone silent and missing since the CMA news that her members could be subject to legal actions.

Wanda – where are you?  

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They Think It’s All Dover…

There’s no doubt that UK ports such as Dover will be hit hard if no customs deal is reached during Brexit talks. But no one is talking about how Calais, Zeebrugge, Dublin, Santander, Dunkirk and a range of other EU ports will be hit just as hard…

The EU exports £240bn of goods to the UK each year. […] Read the rest


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Tory MP Nick Boles says what everyone thinks…

“There is a timidity and lack of ambition about Mrs May’s Government which means it constantly disappoints. Time to raise your game, Prime Minister.”


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