‘290 MPs Resign After China Blackmail Scandal’*

In what is emerging as the biggest political scandal of 2030, dozens of MPs from all parties are set to have the whip removed after the contents of secret conversations and group chats were leaked on Chinese social media.

The files, published on Chinese social network Weibo, featured messages from MPs from the Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, SNP, the DUP, Greens and the newly formed Boris4King Party.

MPs used unencrypted chats to GOSSIP about party leaders, TRASH policies that they had voted for, RIDICULE their own constituents, and make disparaging remarks about lobby journalists.

One message from a Labour MP mocked the haircut of a well-known lobby reporter, “I reckon he goes to Mr Toppers LOL” – a reference to a popular London discount barber chain.

In a thread comparing constituents, one Tory complained “M8, all the Tory voting wrinklies in my constituency just keep going on about bins!!! Like, who cares?” A Lib Dem MP replied “My lot just keep banging on about a second referendum. Move on, lads. That ship’s sailed (And you can get duty-free gin on it now!!!).”

Of the 132 MPs who had messages leaked, 119 had voted for the Online Safety Act, which demanded that end-to-end encryption be compromised in the UK, ironically for “security” reasons.

A spokesperson for Index on Censorship, which campaigned vigorously to protect encryption before the law was passed in 2023, said:

“We hate to say we told you so, but, well, we did. Breaking end-to-end encryption has rendered private communications vulnerable to attack. Perhaps now MPs will act to restore security to British politicians and citizens.”

None of the affected MPs were available for comment, but party insiders say that Westminster is bracing for a raft of resignations. Bookmakers have stopped taking bets on a general election brought about by further revelations – which would be Britain’s 22nd since 2017.

*This is a spoof news article, but the threats are very real. The proposed Online Safety Bill will force platforms to monitor private communications among the British public, undermining end-to-end encryption and exposing sensitive information. With concerns about privacy online on the rise with cyberattacks from Russia and Iran, without changes and scrutiny and changes this Bill will make Britain and its people ever more vulnerable.

Content written by Index on Censorship.

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Who Are the People in the UK Who Gamble? See a Glimpse into their Commonalities

Gambling in the UK is standard, with the average UK gambler spending £2.60 per week on gambling activities. Here are the traits of moderate UK gamblers.

How popular is gambling in the UK?

Gambling remains one of the main activities through which UK residents prefer to make money. Even though when comparing the last years, the brick-in-mortar gambling establishments have decreased in numbers, the online gambling sector has advanced.

Thus, more people choose to gamble remotely, as there are many advantageous factors: access from anywhere, a variety of games, promotions, and convenience.

Gambling statistics show half of the UK’s population gamble

Statistics reveal that during 2020, more than 24 million UK gamblers have wagered, and close to half of them chose to do this via web-based gambling platforms. Considering this data, we can understand that almost 22% of players in the UK decide to access gambling-oriented activities through online operators. Nearly a third of these players gambled at least once a week.

Furthermore, another 30% of UK punters reportedly gambled less than once a week a month, while under a sixth of them gambled less than once a month. This study shows that the gambling and betting sector remains one of the most stable industries in the UK market.

The profile of the average UK gambler

In 2020, the National Gambling Treatment Service researched the annual statistics of gambling activity in the UK. According to their survey, the median age of the average gambler is 35 years old.

Out of a total of 8490 individuals treated by gambling services, 80.3% were male, and 19.6% were female gamblers.

In February 2022, Statista released a survey conducted between 2015 and 2021, through which 4007 respondents participated. It turns out that over 23% of females have been involved in at least one form of gambling in the past month.

Other traits of most UK gamblers

Another similarity between the average gamblers is that UK gamblers who are employed (73%) and married (26%) or in a relationship (36%) are more likely to develop gambling as a habit than people who are unemployed (10%) or divorced (4%) or separated (3%).Read More

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It’s Time to Reshape Retirement #Sponsored

Learn. Work. Retire.

Three little words you won’t find emblazoned on a mug, yet their meaning is ingrained in our consciousness.

And like their more fashionable cousin, Eat. Sleep. (Read/Run/Rave). Repeat., they’re crying out for a revamp.

Because while most of us still think in terms of a relatively simple three-stage life – education comes first, then working and perhaps raising a family, and finally retirement and leisure – that model no longer adds up.

Thanks to breakthroughs in medicine and public health, we’re living longer lives. You most likely underestimate your own life expectancy. Based solely on my age and sex, I’ve got a one in four chance of reaching 95. One in five baby girls in the UK today will reach 100.

But for longer lives to be better lives, we need to change the way we think about how – and when – we work, learn, save, care for our families, and retire.

Read More

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Ten Money Rules for a Richer Life – Do You Agree? #Sponsored

A recent report by consumer-finance champion, This is Money, has compiled the ‘Ten Money Rules for a Richer Life’ – looking at important money factors such as budgeting, saving, investment and paying off debts. 

Whilst everyone might have a different definition of what consists of a richer life, if we are looking at financial freedom and having disposable income, these rules below offer some sound advice for financial fulfilment. Below are the ‘Ten Rules for a Richer Life’ and we speak to some financial experts to hear their thoughts and opinions on this…

Read More

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Unlock Digital Launches

Today marks the launch of Unlock Digital, an initiative launched by CEO of PUBLIC and former Special Adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron, Daniel Korski, and Wol Kolade CBE, CEO of Livingbridge.

Unlock Digital is the most ambitious digital initiative in London, seeking to bridge the growing skills gap across the capital as outlined in the Unlock Digital Report. Backed by Google and launched at Public Hall as part of London Tech Week, Unlock Digital’s interactive map showcases hundreds of locations of courses across London to provide the access and devices necessary to succeed in digital industries.

The launch was attended by Minister for Tech and Digital Economy, Chris Philp, and hosted by Daniel Korski, CEO of PUBLIC.

Find out more about the Unlock Digital mission at unlockdigital.london.

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Davis Slams US Legal System Over Assange

Listen as David Davis MP outlines the issues with the US-UK Extradition Treaty that threaten UK sovereignty, and could condemn Julian Assange to a 175 year sentence in a US prison.

It’s not too late to tell Boris and Priti not to sign the extradition order. Don’t Extradite Assange.

This content created and presented by the Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign.

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