Your Fundamental Rights as a Canadian Online Gambler

Thousands of people fall prey to scams related to casinos daily. It is clear that solution stands in educated players, who know to distinguish what’s right!

Don’t make the rookie mistake of jumping headfirst into an activity that requires your time, personal details, and money before reading your law-protected privileges. Knowing your online casino rights will ultimately lead to a safer and better outcome of your gambling sessions if you make the right choices while learning the right things!

First of all, let’s tackle the top question on everyone’s mind!

It is legal to participate in virtual gambling as a Canadian resident or from inside Canada’s territories. The minimum legal age is dependent on each province’s legislation. The age varies from 18 to 19 years old when the law states you are an adult, and it always coincides with the permitted drinking age. Even if our focus is on your rights, underage gambling is an offence, so stay away from such activities if you’re a minor.

Now, onto the rights you have!

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