Bercow’s Filthy Flat is Being Deep Cleaned

New speaker Lindsay Hoyle is taking his time to move in to the Speaker’s House, and with good reason, Guido understands. The entire luxury residence is having to undergo an intense deep clean after a decade of inhabitation by Bercow. Guido hears much of the ornate Pugin furniture has been scratched by cats, and the place is in such a bad state that one table has had to be removed entirely because it is so damaged. Did Bercow’s anger get the better of his furniture..?

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Hoyle Promises to Rip Up Bercow’s Remainer Reforms

New Speaker Sir Lindsay has confirmed he will ban MPs trying to tear up the Commons rule book in future, and reverse Bercow’s reforms that allowed Remain MPs to block Brexit. Against the advice of constitutional experts at the time…

Speaking on Nick Robinson’s Political Thinking Podcast, Hoyle said his approach will make it much harder for a future House of Commons to resist the government of the day; specifically around whether MPs can amend business motions that set the way in which the Commons structures its debates.

Looking to restore public trust in the role of the Speaker, he has promised to tidy up, clarify and close the loopholes of the Commons rulebook, so “nobody could accuse the Speaker” of anything. Is it any wonder remainers wanted Harriet ‘continuity Bercow’ Harman to win on Monday…

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Commons Broke Tradition to Deny Bercow Automatic Peerage

The first thing the Commons did after John Bercow’s speakership appointment in June 2009 was agree that a humble address be presented to the Queen, asking for a peerage for the previous speaker Michael Martin. As is tradition…

This time around, however, no such humble address was called for with regards to John Bercow either on Monday or Tuesday night. Could it be that Bercow will become the first speaker in modern times to not receive ennoblement..?

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Mogg Suggests Bercow Will Be Given Peerage

Speaking on LBC’s Ring Rees Mogg, the Leader of the Commons struck a far more emollient tone than in recent weeks with regard to Bercow being given a peerage. Looks like the Tories are set to recommend that the Queen gives him one. The Tories haven’t even launched their campaign yet and they are U-Turning already…

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Speaker Spec-Data

This data from our friends at the Spectator says it all. Being Speaker was always about Bercow grabbing attention on his feet. Bercow will go down in history as wrecking the office of Speaker, unless a traditionalist is elected his successor it is now irredeemably partisan and will likely be so in the future. Imagine Chris Bryant in the Chair…

UPDATE: Two corrections, it is not the Speccie’s data, it is Robert Colvile’s analysis. The CPS wonk also says this does not compare like-with-like because it is over this data is actually speeches across entire parliamentary career, not just while Speaker. Our first mistake was because, unlike us, the Speccie did not credit the source and our second was taking their headline at face value.

Robert Colvile says that comparing Bercow and Michael Martin’s last three years as Speakers is better. Bercow is still 3 times as gobby as his predecessor…

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Bercow Refuses to Select Cross-Party Anti-Second Referendum Amendment Signed by 127 MPs

Speaker John Bercow has refused to call the cross-party amendment B rejecting a second referendum, despite the fact that it was signed by 127 MPs including the entirety of the DUP and had numerous Labour MPs as leading co-signatories including Caroline Flint, Gareth Snell and John Mann. Shameless…

Instead Bercow has selected four amendments more to his own liking:

  • Amendment I: the Benn/Letwin/Cooper ‘coup’ amendment allowing an entirely unaccountable minority of just 25 MPs to hijack Parliamentary business
  • Amendment H: Sarah Wollaston’s amendment calling for the PM to extend Article 50 for long enough to hold a second referendum
  • Amendment E: Another¬†pointless Labour frontbench amendment
  • Amendment J: Chris Bryant’s amendment seeking to block the Government holding another meaningful vote next week

As MPs have pointed out, more MPs signed amendment B than all the other amendments put together. Are there any depths Bercow won’t plumb in his unrelenting mission to disgrace the office of the Speaker?

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