LEAKED EMAILS: Sony Boss Plotted to Get Ed Vaizey Fired

Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton conspired to replace Culture Minister Ed Vaizey with a socialite called David Macmillan. The plan has come to light in a series of extraordinary emails between Michael Lynton and Macmillan via the publication of a searchable archive of last years ‘Sony Hack‘ by Wikileaks:

Lynton claimed he could use his influence with George Osborne to get Ed Vaizey fired and then introduce Macmillan to Conservative supporting business boss Sir Charles Dunstone. Lynton then claimed the chairman of the Carphone Warehouse would recommend Macmillan for the ministerial post:

“I am sitting here with Bella and conspiring as to how to make you Minister of Culture and Sport. You are perfectly qualified. First step is to get ed Vaizey fired. I will do this with George Osborne. Next step is to get you appointed. This requires you meeting CHARLES Dunstone and having him recommend you. I will make the introduction in September. The games afoot !!!”

Macmillan claims to be up for it, but points out the obvious flaws:

“Need to be elected to parliament or raised to the peerage to proceed further with your plan, but love the idea.”

Intriguingly, Macmillan points out that Osborne might be fearful of upsetting Vaizey because he would want to “avoid the publication of various school time photos,” the Sony CEO assures him that the “Photos are in the cloud. They will be gone soon.What incriminating photos could they possibly be talking about?

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US Government Asked Lynton to Spin for Obama


The office of the United States Ambassador to France, asked Michael Lynton, CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, for assistance in promoting President Obama’s agenda. The email exchange from a staffer writing on behalf of  Jane Hartley, was leaked in last year’s ‘Sony Hack’ and has just come to light after WikiLeaks published a searchable archive of the leak:

As you know, we have an ambitious agenda to promote here in France, so I appreciate any offers of assistance!…We’d love to include Sony names in events here, either as guests or performers, and would love the opportunity to leverage their popularity to promote the President’s priorities and agenda overseas.

The email finishes by offering to put Mr Lynton in contact with a White House staffer who would be leading the effort to “bridge private companies with Embassy and Administration programs.And sooner or later they were making films about killing Kim Jong Un…

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