Sturgeon’s Strepsils Stunt

Hardly the most original gag.

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Nasty Nat Picks on Tory MP’s Young Children

Who says the SNP don’t have any charm? When East Renfrewshire Tory MP Paul Masterson tweeted a sweet picture of his young son and daughter on her first day at school, West Lothian councillor Moira Shemilt jumped on the opportunity to fire off the snide (now deleted) remark: “Pink and sheep for girls, Tuff trucks for boys #genderstereotyping”. Going after an MP’s nursery age kids? Really?

Dad was having none of it:

Next time Moira, pick on someone your own size…

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SNP MP Wears Scotland Football Shirt at PMQs

Hannah Bardell taking the relaxed Commons dress code a little far. Get a grip Mr Speaker…

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Sturgeon Bottles IndyRef2


U-turn from Sturgeon. Win for Theresa and Ruth…

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Tasmina Trouble: Sturgeon’s Double Standards

Yet another Nat is up to no good. Natalie McGarry, Michelle Thomson, Corri Wilson, Chris Law and Phil Boswell have all previously faced various misconduct probes, and now pressure is mounting on Nicola Sturgeon to suspend high-profile SNP poster girl Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh after details emerged of alleged financial irregularities. The splash of this morning’s Scottish Daily Mail discloses allegations relating to Ahmed-Sheikh’s work as a solicitor before she entered politics. The Law Society of Scotland is probing her role in administering “a trust fund set up to help a vulnerable person”. Another solicitor with whom Ahmed-Sheikh established a law firm is also facing a Law Society probe. 9% of SNP MPs elected in 2015 have faced some sort of financial irregularities probe.

So far Sturgeon is refusing to suspend Ahmed-Sheikh – this is the height of hypocrisy given SNP policy is to suspend MPs facing investigation. Just a few days ago Alex Salmond was banging on about dodgy Westminster politicians, what would he say about Tasmina?

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Salmond Campaigning Hard

All that campaigning clearly getting the better of Alex Salmond. A well-earned kip on the flight home after a glass of his favourite pink bubbly…

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