Blackford’s SNP Schools Pitch Backfires Massively

Ian Blackford’s attempts to spin that the Scottish people “like what we’ve delivered on education” backfired massively as Sophy Ridge had to remind him that Scottish schools have scored their worst ever performance under an SNP Government. Blackford just blusters on…

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SNP Brexit Stance Destroyed By Question Time Audience

Last night on Question Time from North Lanarkshire, an audience member took apart the SNP’s hypocritical stance on Brexit and a second Scottish independence referendum.

“You just don’t listen, you’re losers, you need to get voted out”

Clearly the best Question Time audience contribution since 2014’s passionate highlander

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Sturgeon’s Brexit Showboating Slammed by Supreme Court

Nicola Sturgeon’s showboating over Brexit has been slapped down in the courts, with the UK Supreme Court ruling that parts of Scottish Parliament’s Continuity Bill were outside the legislative competence of the devolved legislature. Sturgeon’s Bill attempted to claim powers over 24 areas of competency returning from Brussels, claiming them as devolved matters rather than powers reserved for the UK Government. The SNP is well aware of this, the whole exercise was simply an attempt to stir up anti-Westminster sentiment in Scotland. Given that SNP party policy is to continue having EU rules imposed on the whole UK, you’d have thought they’d be happy with not having those powers back anyway…

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SNP Walking 500 Miles From Budget Vote

Government whips will be breathing easy this evening – any potential for the SNP to play games with Budget votes will be severely limited as Guido is reliably informed that half their group are skipping out early from Parliament… in order to see The Proclaimers at the London Palladium tonight. Not like the SNP to play up to stereotypes…

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Sturgeon: SNP Would Back Second EU Referendum

Nicola Sturgeon says she would “expect” SNP MPs to vote in favour of a second EU referendum if given the chance. At least they’re consistent about wanting to reverse referendum results…

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SNP Has More Members Than Tories

If Guido were the Tory party chairman Brandon Lewis he would be happily signing up all the former ‘kippers being sent his way by Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore that he can. According to the latest research from the Commons Library the SNP has more members than the Conservative Party. Making the Tories the third largest party in Britain…

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