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Sturgeon Admits SNP Has No Independence Plan if Supreme Court Rejects Legality

Nicola Sturgeon has just unveiled her independence referendum bill, which sets a firm date for the SNP’s desired ballot: the 18th October, 2023. The very theoretical question would be identical to 2014’s “Should Scotland be an independent country?” – unsurprising given when the Remain campaign tried copying this the Electoral Commission said no on the grounds it gives a boost to the ‘yes’ side. Sturgeon has confirmed the Scottish Lord Advocate will refer the bill to the UK Supreme Court this afternoon in an attempt to confirm the legality of the bill.

If the Supreme Court decides the Scottish Parliament doesn’t have the power to hold the referendum without a UK government-approved Section 30 order, Sturgeon says it will be the “fault of Westminster legislation, not the court“, and finally prove Scotland is locked in a union against its will. If all else fails, Sturgeon threatens that the SNP will turn the next election into “a de facto referendum“, by standing on the single-issue platform of independence. A damp squib of a threat given that’s the exact same platform the SNP has used to fight every national election upon since its foundation…

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Sturgeon’s Referendum Planning Costing Taxpayer £1.2 Million a Year

Ahead of Nicola Sturgeon unveiling her new “route map” to Scottish Independence later today, new FoI requests from Scotland in Union have revealed the SNP has already massively ramped up its staffing resources to prepare for separation, even without the legal consent of Westminster. The number of civil servants working on the independence blueprint has jumped from 11 to 20, nearly doubling since the last reports in January, with the total estimated cost to the taxpayer now hitting £1.2 million a year. Not to mention the £20 million already earmarked for holding the referendum itself…

Scotland in Union director Alastair Cameron said:

“This revelation demonstrates a totally unacceptable waste of taxpayers’ money by the SNP. These are senior, highly-paid and expert civil servants who could be devoting their time to pressing matters such as reducing NHS waiting times or closing the attainment gap in our schools. Instead, they have been tasked by SNP ministers with working on a blueprint to divide the people of Scotland.”

It was only a month ago when the Institute for Fiscal Studies warned the Scottish Government could face a £3.5 billion hole in its finances by 2026 if it didn’t stop overspending. Yesterday Sturgeon told Scots the only way to avoid the global cost of living crisis is to go independent – by the looks of things at every measure IndyRef2’s already making things worse…

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WATCH: Blackford Asked Six Times if a Sex Pest Should be an MP

Away from the by-election drama, the SNP is still somehow tying itself in knots over Patrick Grady. Yesterday Nicola Sturgeon finally condemned Blackford and his Westminster colleagues for their “utterly unacceptable” support of Grady, only to then tell journalists she still had confidence in Blackford and wasn’t calling for his resignation. Now Blackford himself has spoken out on the leaked recording for the first time. Well, he’s spoken – he hasn’t answered many questions…

In an excruciating nine-minute STV interview, Blackford was asked six times if it’s permissible for a sex pest to be an MP. Not once did he give a straight answer. Instead, he claimed there had to be “due process”… even though there already has been, and Brady was found guilty:

“Patrick Grady was found guilty and has led to a suspension of him from Parliament for two days… There has to be due process in all of this and Patrick Grady was found guilty under that process and was dealt with and suspended from Parliament.”

Asked why he hasn’t just booted Grady out of the party, Blackford claimed:

“Well, because, at the end of the day, discipline within the SNP happens through a number of ways. It happens through actions taken by the SNP group, it can be actions taken by the SNP headquarters. And the decision that was taken on a proportionate basis given a two-day suspension by Parliament that Patrick Grady would be suspended for a week. Now, it’s up for Patrick Grady to reflect on his behaviour and where he goes from that.”

This morning, Guido spotted an SNP MP deciding to butt in on the issue of Dowden’s principled resignation. Perhaps they should get their own house in order…

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Sturgeon: Blackford’s Backing of Sex Pest Grady “Utterly Unacceptable”

Nicola Sturgeon has finally spoken out against Ian Blackford and the other SNP MPs for their backing of disgraced sex pest Patrick Grady. Having flown back to Britain from her Italian climate change summit, Sturgeon condemned the group – who were recorded clapping along for Grady earlier this week – for their “utterly unacceptable” behaviour during a FMQs session this afternoon:

The recording of the Westminster group meeting I think reveals part of what was wrong in that case. Indeed some of the individuals who were recorded at that meeting have already said this themselves. It demonstrated – and I wasn’t at the meeting, so whether this is an accurate overall reflection of discussion, I can’t comment on – but what I have heard suggests that more concern was shown for the perpetrator of this behaviour than was shown for the victim of it. I think that is utterly unacceptable and that is something I will be very clear about.”

Meanwhile Blackford’s own apology for the incident has been dismissed as a “cop out” by Brady’s victim…


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SNP Discovers Joys of Free Trade

Guido was pleased to kick off Westminster’s party season last night at the Aussie High Commissioner’s residence over in Kensington, although guests weren’t actually invited inside and had to use portaloos in the neighbour’s driveway. The guest of honour was Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, who took a night off battling for Ukraine to get dressed up and pose next to the BBQ’s head chef.

While Ben may have been guest of honour, the star of the show was undoubtedly the food itself – Guido can confidently predict the next fortnight’s worth of canapés will struggle to compete. A speech prior to the feast saw Meat & Livestock Australia’s spokesman extolling the virtues of the new UK-AUS free trade deal, which will allow their fantastic beef and lamb to once again flood UK supermarket shelves.

Also spotted enjoying the catering and speeches was, ironically, none other than the SNP’s Angus Brendan MacNeil, whose role as chairman of the Commons’ Trade Committee saw him bemoan said trade agreement last year as “something which brings significant harms as well as benefits”:

“The views of the entire farming sector especially are no secret now, including those in the devolved nations, who are particularly concerned about being undercut by cheaper meat and dairy produce from ‘down under’.”

MacNeil managed to park his concerns while tucking into mounds of 12-hour slow-cooked beef brisket. Hard-left MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle also showed up, having decided his rail picketing was secondary to a posh drinks do at the High Commissioner’s Knightsbridge residence…

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