Lords’ Allowance Slashed in Half, Will Have to Contribute to Claim

In one of the most sensible reforms of the whole Coronavirus epidemic, members of the House of Lords will no longer be able to claim the full £326 a day allowance, and will receive nothing for simply turning up in Parliament. Bad news for money grabbing Baroness Uddin

Peers will now only be able to claim £162 a day, and only on the proviso that they actually contribute in a debate or select committee. The rate, lower because peers will not need to pay for travel or accommodation to work, is designed to encourage members to stay at home. Guido hopes this radical new idea of paying Peers for the work they actually do rather than just for clocking in sticks after the crisis is over…

The proposals, drawn up by a cross-party commission are expected to be approved on Wednesday. Lords sources tell Guido that the Tory-led fiscal hawks on the commission have won, beating back Labour and Lib Dem proposals for more money. The latter party in particular wanted 80% of the total to be given to their noble colleagues…

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Biggest Expenses Scandal Peer Still Clocking In Despite Not Speaking

Lords sources tell Guido they have spotted one Baroness Uddin repeatedly clocking in to Parliament this week, despite not participating in any debates. Readers may remember Uddin as the expenses fiddler who was eventually ordered to repay £125,349 to the taxpayer and received an 18 month suspension from the Lords over the affair. Even the Labour Party handed her an indefinite suspension when the allegations surfaced, so she now sits as an independent…

Guido wonders why Uddin, who sits on no committees, has not spoken in any debates, is no longer a member of any political party, could have joined sessions remotely if she wanted to, and has a history of dodgy expenses claims, has been seen popping in and out of Parliament during the pandemic. On an unrelated note, on Monday a Lords commission will decide whether Peers should receive their £323 a day for clocking in during the pandemic…

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MPs Pocket Pay Rise This Month, Everyone Else Gets a Cut

Today New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has announced that she and her government ministers will take 20% pay cuts in solidarity with much of her country due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Arden’s pay cut will last for six months, applying to her ministers and chief executives of government organisations. Opposition leader Simon Bridges has joined in too. Good.

Meanwhile in Britain, this month MPs are getting an inflation busting increase of 3.1% – taking their salaries from £79,468 to £81,932 a year, an increase of £2,464. This is on top of a well publicised and controversial £10,000 boost to their free fancy laptop funds, first reported by Guido. This puts their income in the top 2% of all earners. More than three times the earnings of a frontline nurse…

MPs’ out-of-touch pay rise comes in the same month that Rishi Sunak admitted that never mind getting 80% of their salary, furloughed employees may not get any money at all this month, as the Government bureaucracy is not yet in place to deliver it after 2 months. All in this together…

The House of Commons’ boost puts them even ahead of members of the House of Lords, almost all of whom have seen a lockdown induced income drop. As all but a handful of Peers only get paid by clocking in to work each day, none have been able to collect income in this way for a month. The only members of the Upper House currently being paid are the few salaried ministers and whips, along with three Lords officeholders. Guido understands that no Lords have, as of yet, applied for Universal Credit…

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Expense-Fiddling Tory MP Chris Davies Gets Off With £1,500 Fine

Tory MP Christopher Davies has got off with a £1,500 fine and 50 hours’ community service after admitting to submitting two false expense invoices. Davies escaped becoming the second MP to go to jail this year after Fiona Onasanya

UPDATE: The Tories finally comment: “Chris Davies has been given a formal warning from the Chief Whip following today’s ruling. He has apologised and it is right that the people of Brecon and Radnorshire now get to have their say about whether they still support Mr Davies.”

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Baroness D’Souza Suggests Media Misreported Her Spending

Last night’s BBC documentary Meet the Lords saw Baroness D’Souza attend the unveiling of a portrait of herself costing a cool £12,000. Asked whether this was taxpayers’ money well spent, D’Souza said the media were correct to hold her to account but suggested they had not reported her spending accurately. For the sake of “accuracy“, here is the full litany of how D’Souza has spent your money:

  • £12,000 on a portrait of herself which the Baroness described as “a really good painting”
  • £4,000 on flowers
  • £1,100 on a trip to the ballet
  • £26,000 on a ten day trip to the Far East
  • £738 to keep her car waiting outside Windsor Castle
  • £270 to keep her car waiting during lunch with the Japanese Ambassador
  • £230 to keep her car waiting during a trip to the opera

“One would require them to be accurate”…

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Flynn’s Expenses Plan Would Have Covered Up Own Troughing


Paul Flynn’s crackpot plan to abolish MPs’ expenses receipts has been met with the contempt it deserves. He is one of Corbyn’s top allies but even the Labour leader’s team are slapping down his ridiculous proposal. Flynn wants it so MPs don’t have to reveal what they’ve spent your money on. Under his opaque scheme, taxpayers would have been unaware that during the expenses scandal Flynn wrongly claimed over £2,000 in mortgage interest and had to pay it back. Nor would you have known that he blew £7,000 of your cash on a new kitchen. Or another £1,100 on new carpets. Or another £1,200 on decoration. Flynn wants it so MPs can claim expenses with impunity without filing receipts because it’s a “chore“. Clearly having two Shadow Cabinet jobs is too much of a strain on the old fool…

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