Telegraph Hiring Three Snapchat Editors

The Telegraph has no security editor, no home affairs editor, no subs and no foreign correspondents to speak of. Yet this afternoon they are advertising for three Snapchat editors. The Gorkana notice is being shared among incredulous hacks…

“I’ll Be Back”: Cameron Snapchats with Arnold Schwarzenegger

He had his career Terminated, he reckons he’ll be back…

Smut-Peddling Labour Councillor Suspended

A Labour councillor has been suspended from the party after Guido revealed his smut-peddling past. Josh Brandwood, a councillor in Morecambe, ran a Facebook page posting leaked Snapchat photos of young men and women in compromising positions. Morecambe Labour group say:

“We are extremely disappointed as a group but feel there is no other option and our residents and more importantly the victims would expect no less.”

Brandwood says in a statement that Guido was right to reveal his past indiscretions:

“Four years later, as an elected representative, my involvement was rightly brought into the public realm. I can now see how naive I was back then, and feel ashamed of my actions.”

A very silly thing to do, for which he is now very sorry.

Snapchat Headquarters in Britain, Rolls Royce Rolls Back on Brexit Scares

Snapchat today makes London its main hub outside the US and announces it will book all its non-US sales in Brexit Britain. Remainers had predicted the UK tech sector would be hit particularly hard by leaving the EU, but Claire Valoti, general manager of Snap Group in the UK, said:

“We believe in the UK creative industries. The UK is where our advertising clients are, where more than 10 million daily Snapchatters are, and where we’ve already begun to hire talent.”  

Meanwhile, car-maker Rolls Royce U-turned on its pre-Brexit plans to leave the UK, instead confirming its commitment to its West Sussex HQ. A letter from CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös leaked to the Guardian last year said Brexit would affect the firm’s “employment base”, but now he says:

“Success for Rolls-Royce is success for Great Britain and we reaffirm our commitment to maintaining the home of Rolls-Royce in the UK.

Brexit Britain: A booming tech and design hub…

MI5 Chief Condemns Snapchat and WhatsApp


Andrew Parker, the head of MI5, has condemned popular encrypted sexting apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp for allowing terrorists to communicate freely. Speaking in his first live interview, Parker demanded that technology companies provide the government access to their secure communication services. Good luck selling that to the Randian libertarians in Silicon Valley…

[gigya src=”” style=”background-color:transparent; display:block; max-width: 700px;” flashvars=”image_option=small&imgURL=&link_color=%2358d1eb&mp3Author=acraftyhalf&mp3Duration=127556.0&″ width=”540″ height=”150″ allowFullScreen=”true” wmode=”transparent”]

“Shifts in technology and particularity internet technology and the use of encryption and so on, are creating a situation where law enforcement agencies and security agencies can no longer obtain under proper legal warrant the contents of communications between people they have reason to believe are terrorists. I think that is a very serious issue, it requires that there is a legal framework to authorise, but it also requires the cooperation of the companies who run and provide services over the internet that we all use.”

Sign up to Guido’s WhatsApp service here:

Dave’s Snapchat Plan Crushed by EU

The European Parliament has done something good. Last night it voted to adopt a report from Dutch MEP Marietje Schaake that calls for the EU to refuse to limit the use of encryption. Digital Dave has been on a crusade to ban the secure encryption used by popular messaging apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp…

Here’s a video of Marietje Schaake explaining her report:

Isn’t she lovely?

Dead Tree Press Wakes Up to Snapchat Ban


Techno has been warning about Digital Dave’s plan to ban popular encrypted message services such as Snapchat and WhatsApp all year, and lo, with the “Snooper’s Charter” Investigatory Powers Bill looming into sight, at last the usually non-civil liberty minded papers are beginning to wake up:

snapchat ban

Freedom to Selfie!

UN Warns Theresa May Over Snapchat

united nations snapchat

A United Nations report has resolutely backed the right for people to use encrypted communications program such as sexting apps WhatsApp and Snapchat. The report published yesterday warns governments against forcing software companies to install ‘backdoors’ in their products. Both Obama and Digital Dave are keen to do exactly that…

“States should not restrict encryption and anonymity, which facilitate and often enable the rights to freedom of opinion and expression. Blanket prohibitions fail to be necessary and proportionate. States should avoid all measures that weaken the security that individuals may enjoy online, such as backdoors, weak encryption standards and key escrows.”

Even a stopped clock…

Met Police Condemn Snapchat

police snap

The Met Police’s Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley has condemned tech companies that don’t make it really easy for him to do his job. Speaking at the London Counter Terror Expo, Rawley accused makers of encrypted communication apps of developing software that is “friendly to terrorists.”

Rowley begged technology firms to leave back doors in their products so the police can waltz into our private communications at will:

[Technology] can be set up in a way which is friendly to terrorists and helps them and provides all sorts of opportunities for them, ways for them to work and creates challenges for law enforcement intelligence agencies or it can be set up in a way which doesn’t do that and maintains the ability of law enforcement intelligence agencies in different ways to defend their communities.”

Would you be happy with Rowley going through your snap chats?

Lib Dems Come Out For SnapChat

clegg selfie snapchat

In an attempt to secure some much needed credibility ahead of the election, the Liberal Democrats have come out in support of teenage sexting apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp. If by any chance they find themselves in government again, they plan to introduce a measure that will prevent the government from obstructing availability, or weakening the encryption technologies that lie at the heat of Snapchat type applications:

“individuals and families need to have confidence that their private information, photos and conversations are not vulnerable to hackers”

The measure was announced as part of the conveniently timed launch of the Lib Dems’ Digital Rights Bill which they would introduce if they are part of another coalition government. Someone needs to defend saucy phone pics…

Europol Chief: Snapchat Greatest Terrorist Threat


The greatest threat to our national security is posed by teenage sexting apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp according to the Director of Europol. Rob Wainwright, the ex-MI5 spook who now heads up the EU’s pet police force, told Radio 5 Live yesterday that encrypted communication applications offered by major software providers are “the biggest problem” for police and spooks “dealing with threats from terrorism“.

Wainwright then went on to blame the popularity of sexting apps on Edward Snowden, whose revelations appareantly caused software companies to cater for “what they perceive to be consumer demand for greater privacy of their communications. Or maybe people don’t want Mr Wainwright snooping on their saucy pics..

Digital Dave Threatens to Ban Snapchat

David Cameron has revealed his latest master plan to undermine online terrorism – he wants to ban Snapchat, an application widely used by young people to securely share saucy pictures. The PM wants to ban any form of communication that the police and GCHQ aren’t able to crack. Mobile phone applications such as Snapchat autodestruct messages after they have been read, making them perfect for the Brooks Newmarks of the world.

Presumably Dave also wants to outlaw out all form of encrypted communication, an essential tool used by journalists, whistle-blowers and dissidents to safely communicate.

“In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which even in extremis, with a signed warrant from the Home Secretary personally that we cannot read…. My answer to that question is no we must not.”

It seems “what’s the Buzzfeed” Dave still doesn’t know how the internet works.

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