Jon Craig Duped By Daily Mash: Ken Has a Newt Called Adolf

Classic Jon Craig moment on Sky News yesterday, as he fell for a Daily Mash spoof story that Ken has a newt called Adolf. Ever the pro, Craig has corrected his error:

He must have been as pi**ed off as a newt…

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“Crazy, Shouty” Adonis “Going a Bit Paul Mason”

Sky’s Niall Paterson read out Guido’s analysis showing Andrew Adonis had tweeted 72 times about the BBC in a week and concluded: “It’s all getting a little bit Paul Mason, isn’t it? You’re turning into the crazier, shoutier end of Twitter”. A live TV intervention…

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Rolling News

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Kay Put Through Her Paces

Kay doing her best to make this reshuffle day entertaining…

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Bryant Asks Kay Out for Dinner

Chris Bryant says if Trump’s state visit goes ahead he will take Kay Burley out for dinner, or even cook. It’ll be the news event of the year…

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Five More Years of Kay


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