Sky’s Climate Viewership Approaching Net Zero

It turns out pretending the sea levels are about to rise by nearly 20 metres doesn’t make good television: new figures from Sky News show that the channel’s viewership dropped by nearly half yesterday during The Daily Climate Show, down to around 25,000 viewers compared to 46,000 for the previous hour, before rising immediately back up following the end of the show.

Punters want fact-based news, not obviously debunkable press releases from climate lobby groups…

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Sky News Doomsday Climate Report Flooded with Misleading Sea Rise Claims

Doom-mongering journalists at Sky News are reporting unsubstantiated graphic claims that London is on course to be flooded, illustrated with an image of Buckingham Palace in 3 metres of water. The only thing that is flooded is the report – flooded with misleading climate claims. Using graphics from hyperbolic campaign group, Climate Central, Sky News implies that famous world sites including Buckingham Palace, the Burj Khalifa and the Lincoln Memorial will be completely flooded by water due to fast rising sea levels if the UK fails to halve annual emissions by 2030. Hardly water tight journalism… 

The image used by Sky News shows water reaching near the top of the 3 metre high fence surrounding Buckingham Palace. According to elevation maps Buckingham Palace is itself some 17 metres above sea level, which means for the image to be a realistic representation of any scenario, the sea level would have to rise some 20 metres from where it is now. This is just not feasible, it is not scientific, it is fake news.

Worst case scenario predictions from reputable climate researchers are well off these apocalyptic predictions. In high emission climate scenarios, sea levels are expected to rise by around 77 cm above the 1995-2014 average by the year 2100. In lower emissions scenarios sea levels are forecast to rise 38 cm by 2100. Similarly the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts sea levels will rise by 30 cm to 90 cm on average by 2100, with most coastal locations experiencing a sea level rise within 20% of this projection. No reputable source’s climate scenario predicts that tourists will need life jackets in order to get a picture next to Buckingham Palace…

Sky News is submerging viewers in end-of-days fantasies that create damaging climate anxiety in children. Co-conspirators can rest easy knowing that this climate alarmism is nonsense. Don’t let the doomsters get you down!

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Boris’s Bluster Bats Away Beth’s Barrage

A case study in handling a difficult interview…

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Beth Rigby versus Mike Graham

TalkRadio’s Mike Graham took to twitter last night to slam Sky News’ coverage of Afghanistan by questioning the credibility of former sports presenter Martha Kelner.

Beth Rigby was quick to jump to her colleague’s defence, commending her superb “analysis of Biden’s speech”.  

Things escalated pretty quickly when goading Mike insulted Beth’s journalistic skills:

Mike wouldn’t let the issue drop, and continued to insult those rushing to tweet in Beth’s defence. Beth attempted to hit back with a sassy retort:

However, it was Mike who managed to get the last laugh, slamming Beth for her suspension from Sky News last year:

Guido wonders if there will be any hope for #PositiveTwitterDay which this year will be taking place on Friday, August 27th… 

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Patel Insists She is “Fully Updated On All Issues” in Wake of Plymouth Shooting

Priti Patel was in front of the cameras this afternoon to react to last night’s mass shooting in Plymouth. Asked whether the incident would prompt greater government action on online extremism, Patel said:

“The whole issue of online activity and incitement and extremism is an enormous issue and it’s actually something that the government is working on already through legislation that is forthcoming this autumn…we need to find out the facts, let’s establish the facts behind this. And of course, we will work to do everything to, you know, make sure that if there are issues in the online space post this incident, that we will look to follow that up.”

Pressed on the criticisms of her taking permanent control of the security minister brief (following James Brokenshire’s resignation last month), Patel immediately pushed back:

“I would say that is absolutely not the case. I am the Home Secretary, and I oversee security issues, and I have been doing that throughout…I’ve been kept fully updated, and on all issues, all incidences, including those types of issues and incidences that don’t even reach the public awareness and consciousness, [I’m] fully aware of everything that goes wrong.”

If that’s the case, what was the point of the separate brief in the first place? 

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Farage’s GB News Debut Week is Ratings Victory

Farage has once again steered a political project back on course; to the annoyance of both his and GB News’ critics, Farage’s show was the most watched show on the channel this week, and beat Sky News Tonight with Dermot Murnaghan every single day it was on air:

Monday 19th: 

  • Farage – 96.3k/Peak: 108k
  • Sky News Tonight – 75.4k/Peak: 78k
  • BBC Outside Source – 109.5k/Peak: 125.1k

Tuesday 20th:

  • Farage – 85.3k/Peak: 99.8k
  • Sky News Tonight – 53.9k/Peak: 63.3k
  • BBC Outside Source – 91.8k/Peak: 150.7k

Wednesday 21st:

  • Farage – 71.7k/Peak: 83.6k
  • Sky News Tonight – 62.1k/Peak: 70.9k
  • BBC Outside Source – 86.4k/Peak: 93k

Thursday 22nd:

  • Farage – 67.1k/Peak: 78.6k
  • Sky News Tonight – 55.8k/Peak: 60.8k
  • BBC Outside Source – 132.2k/Peak: 146.1k

A source informs Guido the station bosses are “pleased that Nigel’s star power has given them a much-needed boost after a turbulent few weeks.” They are also expecting the numbers to continue steadily growing over time as more people hear about the show. With set improvements, the introduction of hourly bulletins and now Farage, GB News know what their viewers want…

UPDATE 28.07: Nige beat both the BBC and Sky News last night –

  • Farage – 90.8k
  • Sky News Tonight – 55.1k
  • BBC Outside Source – 89.1k


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