Porno Parish Tells Sky to Stop Flogging Dead Horse

Neil Parish, the MP who resigned over watching porn in the Commons and sparked yesterday’s Tiverton by-election, has irritatedly told Sky News to stop flogging the dead horse that is his porno-watching behaviour. On the one hand Guido recognises it must be a touchy subject, on the other hand Parish should get a hold of himself. 

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Sky News Axing the Daily Climate Show from Evening Primetime

Guido’s co-conspirator at Sky News reckons the dire Daily Climate Show has been axed from the evening schedule with immediate affect. The tedious show consistently cratered the viewing figures and virtually guaranteed viewers would switch channels. With Sky News now consistently being beaten by GB News into third place in the primetime ratings battle, this is evidence that they are feeling the competition.  It would seem that Sky News boss John Ryley has woken up to the competition…

The Daily Climate Show will be reduced to just 10 minutes and will air at the very much off-peak time of 3.30pm in the afternoon. A weekly half hour climate show will also play out once a week from July – only to be aired at weekends when no one is watching. Turns out that the willing audience for scaremongering propaganda was non-existent…

See also Sky News Doomsday Climate Report Flooded with Misleading Sea Rise Claims 

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Piers’ Ratings Recover from All-Time Low, Farage Still on Top

Some good news to cheer up Piers after his box office bomb on Wednesday: last night he got 73,800 viewers, beating Mark Steyn in the same time slot with 57,000 and Dan Wootton on 59,100. Piers is already boasting about it on Twitter. Guido couldn’t help noticing how unusually quiet he was yesterday, although admittedly there’s not much to say when your primetime show gets 24,000 viewers…

Farage is still at the top of the pile, with 99,300 people tuning in last night. Happiest of all will be Tom Newton Dunn, who’s finally managed to take his ratings into five figures with 16,800 viewers yesterday – an audience share of 0.1%. The content was noticeably more tabloid than previous middlebrow political discussions: a bit of partygate, Tom Cruise’s new movie, Wagatha Christie, something about a serial killer and a piece on coked-up football hooligans – more Sun than Times. It clearly worked better. Rebekah will be thrilled…

Guido flicked between GB News, TalkTV and Sky News last night over a bottle of wine, giving Thursday night Question Time and Newsnight a miss. Farage is broadcasting from Westminster – well, Lambeth overlooking Parliament – and it was his winning mixture of news and opinion with damnation. Well honed and agenda pushing. 

Talking of agenda pushing, the Daily Climate Show on Sky News is still terribly doom laden propaganda. By now Guido was half-way down the bottle and watched Morgan’s show for only the third time. It’s slick. He does short “brain dump” monologues on hot topics that are clearly made for social media, Guido was nodding along if not cheering. Over on GB News, Mark Steyn was worrying about vaccines causing heart attacks or something. Ann Robinson was on with Piers and she was good fun.

By the time Dan Wootton was on, Guido was at the port and cheese stage of the evening and enjoying the sparky banter where Dan’s left-wing panellist was giving him as good as she was getting. Guido did flick over briefly to see Beth Rigby interviewing someone he didn’t recognise, so flicked back to the fun with Wootton.

After reviewing all the shows the thing that is clear is that there is now much better choice in primetime than there was before; Sky News and the BBC are looking a little staid and boring with their formats.  More viewpoints are being represented, clearly GB News has a more ideological slant and the core audience is there, it now seems to be consistently ahead of the increasingly left-leaning Sky News, which is most nights now in third place. TalkTV’s formula is being refined, if it mixes infotainment and entertainment it will win more viewers. Trying to be The Times on telly is a losing commercial proposition best left to the BBC. Incidentally, after he polished off the port, Mrs Fawkes made Guido sleep in the spare room…

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Sky News Row After Correspondent Complains Ukraine Coverage has Been “Too White”

As scooped by the Mail on Sunday yesterday, a racism row has broken out over at Sky News after Inzamam Rashid – who co-conspirators will remember was suspended for three months after attending Kay Burley’s infamous lockdown birthday party – accused the channel’s coverage of being “very white”. Screenshots sent to Guido show Rashid making the comment in the chat of an all-staff meeting:

Guido’s mole said it was a bit rich of Inzamam to slag off his colleagues in Ukraine over diversity, especially since one – Stuart Ramsay – has been shot and wounded in the line of duty. In response, Sky News head John Ryley told him he wouldn’t ever send anyone to Ukraine who wasn’t experienced…

Rashid’s complaint was also called out by Alex Crawford, Sky New’s Special Correspondent, who said that while the channel does care about diversity, it’s not correct to say there has not been anyone “of colour either on or off screen”, as her “Chinese mother and grand-mother… would be appalled that their daughter’s/grand-daughter’s heritage and background had been so casually dismissed!” 

She continued:

“I’m pretty sure Neville Lazarus currently in Odessa, Zein Ja’far who is heading back for his second stint in Ukraine plus Dominique Van Heerden, just recently back from her trip would all take exception to your assertion as, along with being among the best operators in the industry and highly experienced in hostile environments, they’re all contributing massively both on and off air!

Given the excessively high number of journalists who’ve been killed and injured in this war, including our own colleaques, no-one but no-one believes this is an environment which is anything other than hugely challenging and dangerous – and for which you need to be more than adequately prepared. If you believe there are individuals in our newsroom who’ve been overlooked then that’s a different issue. But I’m not convinced it’s a diversitv issue.

I guess we all have to be careful about making assumptions both on and off air and continue to strive together as a team to be inclusive as well as develop, attract and retain staff of all backgrounds.”

Rashid’s critique was pretty rash, given – as Guido’s source points out – many don’t think they should be taking lectures from someone who brought the channel’s reputation into question when breaking lockdown rules just weeks after joining the company. Maybe he’d be happier in HR…

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Beth Rigby Offered Resignation Over Burley’s Lockdown Party

Beth Rigby has admitted she offered to resign as Sky News‘ Political Editor for attending Kay Burley’s lockdown-breaking birthday bash in December 2020. As Guido exclusively revealed at the time, Rigby joined 9 Sky colleagues at Burley’s illegal sixtieth birthday while London was still under Tier 2 rules. Both Rigby and Burley were taken off-air for three and six months respectively…

Now Rigby has revealed in a Times interview that while her lawbreaking “wasn’t a deliberate thing“, it was a “a really stupid thing to do”, and she even offered to step down:

“Actually, what people don’t know about all of that, which no one really knows, apart from a couple of people at Sky, is that I did offer to resign over it because I realised as it played out in the press how bad it looked, that it was potentially damaging for the channel, that it had upset my colleagues, and I felt absolutely wretched about that.”

Sky’s Head of News John Ryley rejected Rigby’s resignation, instead saying “I don’t want you to do that. I want you to remain our political editor but I think you need to kind of spend some time away.” Suspect Kay Burley did not make the same offer.

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Sky News Fails to Mention Talking Head’s Labour Candidacy for Second Time

Former Labour candidate Bella Sankey has returned to Sky News to once again score political points against the government, this time over the Ukraine crisis. Having previously appeared on the channel to call Priti Patel’s asylum seeker policy “cruel, illogical, incoherent”, this morning she attempted to link the Ukrainian refugee programme to Brexit, claiming the government “can’t let go of that [Brexit] ideology” and has had to be “dragged kicking and screaming to make even the most minor commitments” to Ukrainian refugees. Apparently this is all a part of a “xenophobic sentiment” at the core of government. At no point did Sky point out that Sankey ran as a Labour Party candidate in 2019…

Given Sankey previously claimed Jeremy Corbyn was “honest, has principles and integrity and is visible and accountable in the media himself”, this is clearly a relevant contextual detail for Sky’s viewers. Of course Sankey is entitled to say whatever she likes about the government, and Sky News is entitled to broadcast them. Doing so without drawing attention to her political activism is just disingenuous…

See also: Guido’s “Activist Experts” Transparency Campaign

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