Conference-Going Tory MS Fails to Block Senedd Vaccine Passport Vote

The Welsh government has copied the Scottish government in passing a vaccine passport law in the Senedd by a single vote yesterday. It’s now emerged that Tory MS Gareth Davies missed the session because he was at the party’s conference in Manchester. The new law will introduce mandatory vaccine passport checks (or evidence of a recent negative test) at large scale events and nightclubs across Wales. Apparently the Senedd had tried repeatedly to reach Davies leading up to the vote, yet “no one could get hold of him”…

Reacting to the news that he was, in effect, solely responsible for allowing the Welsh government to implement this law, Davies later said:

[I am] working and representing the group at the Conservative Party conference and I would have been able to vote remotely if I’d have been able to access the remote voting tools […] I am deeply upset, frustrated and angry at last night’s events and my inability to cast a vote against vaccine passports.”

Unfortunately for Davies, Welsh Labour’s Health Minister Eluned Morgan has insisted the vote won’t be re-run. Time for Welsh co-conspirators to get their papers ready then…

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Welsh Parliament Bans Union Jacks

The Presiding Officer of the Senedd has banned Union Jacks from virtual sessions after a Conservative MS, Janet Finch-Saunders, asked a question with a Union Jack flag in the background.

Presiding Officer Elin Jones told the Senedd:

 “It looks as if the R rate on flags is greater than 1 at the moment. Therefore, from next week, no more flags. Otherwise, I’ll be tempted to fly the flag of the Independent Tropical Republic of Ceredigion behind me here. So, we move on to a flagless week next week please.”

Guido’s not sure what problem Jones has with the national flag… 

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