Remainers Turn on the Lib Dems

After years of pushing to cancel the result of the 2016 referendum, it turns out there is a line some Remainers don’t want to be seen to cross – and the Lib Dems have crossed that line. 

Yesterday, Anna Soubry’s sent an email attacking the Lib Dems’ new extremist position, and over the course of today a number of fellow second referendum-supporting MPs have also come out to attack Swinson, including the ‘Independent Group for Change’s Chris Leslie and Greens’ Caroline Lucas who launched a blistering attack of the Lib Dems’ new policy, saying:

The revolution eats its own…

UPDATE: Anna Soubry’s attack is particularly audacious, given that she herself called for revoking Article 50 during the EU elections.

Tory MPs’ People’s Vote Campaign No Longer Contains Any Tories

The second referendum campaign for Tory MPs, Right to Vote, set up by Phillip Lee, no longer contains a single Tory MP among their ranks, following multiple defections, resignations and withdrawals of the whip by the Government. Coincidentally the website and campaign have since folded…

At its height, the group contained 10 Tory MPs in its fold, however, following a record number of MPs changing party, the supposedly Conservative campaign is now led by a Lib Dem and counts four independents, one ‘The Independents’ MP and one ‘The Independent Group for Change’ MP among others. Keeping up?

The only sign the group was ever Tory-affiliated is the two remaining Tory Lords, who will be grateful that Boris said he wouldn’t withdraw the whip from any Lords supporting the Surrender Bill. A good demonstration of the change seen in British politics over the last year.

Caroline Lucas: I Won’t Accept Result of Second Referendum

Caroline Lucas today joins Jo Swinson in saying she would not accept the result of a Second Referendum. The Green MP confirmed that she would vote down any Brexit deal in Parliament.

“If there were to be a referendum and Leave were to win it again, either more decisively or not, in the Commons would you then back a Brexit deal to leave?”

“Um, no I probably wouldn’t.”

She then went on to claim that “a majority probably would.” Guido doesn’t believe her.

Jo Swinson: I Won’t Accept Result of Second Referendum

Speaking to BBC News this afternoon, newly elected Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson (or should that be Joanna Swanson?) revealed she would only accept the result of a second referendum if Remain won. If Leave won she would continue to work to block the result in Parliament. 

“Would you vote for [the result if Leave won] in Parliament?”


Totally takes apart the People’s Vote campaign’s pledge that a hypothetical Second Referendum would be the ‘final say’…

Twenty-Six Labour MPs Sign ‘Brexit Must Happen’ Letter

Twenty-six Labour MPs have written to Jeremy Corbyn to urge him to not commit to a second referendum – a position he is expected to inch even closer to this week. The MPs insist that Labour must “back a deal before 31 October” – despite twenty of these MPs voting against the Withdrawal Agreement when they had the chance. The number of signatures on the letter is a reminder that there are more Labour anti-referendum votes than Tory pro-referendum votes….

  1. Sir Kevin Barron
  2. Sarah Champion
  3. Julie Cooper
  4. Rosie Cooper
  5. Jon Cruddas
  6. Gloria De Piero
  7. Jim Fitzpatrick
  8. Caroline Flint
  9. Yvonne Fovargue
  10. Grahame Morris
  11. Mary Glindon
  12. Lisa Nandy
  13. Mike Hill
  14. Melanie Onn
  15. Dan Jarvis
  16. Stephanie Peacock
  17. Stephen Kinnock
  18. Jo Platt
  19. Emma Lewell Buck
  20. Dennis Skinner
  21. Justin Madders
  22. Laura Smith
  23. John Mann
  24. Gareth Snell
  25. Jim McMahon
  26. Ruth Smeeth

Guido’s almost surprised not to see Ian Lavery’s name accidentally making its way onto the list after his Twitter “hack” earlier. Read the letter in full here:

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Hammond: Second Referendum is ‘Perfectly Credible Proposition’

This will go down like a cup of cold sick with Tories already incensed by Theresa May’s approach to Jeremy Corbyn. Both Steve Barclay and May herself refused to rule out second referendums yesterday, a Government source confirmed to Guido then that nothing was off the table besides a full-on revocation of Article 50. Brexiteers fear an even greater betrayal coming…

God Casts His View on a Second Referendum

Just as second referendum campaigner Lara Spirit was asked if a second referendum would actually solve anything, God made his view on the matter known. Luckily Leavers of Britain’s Lucy Harris was on hand to interpret the omens. Now the Brexiteers have both the Queen and God on their side, and the Remainers are stuck with Tony Blair…

Audience Demolishes ‘Arrogant’ Second Referendum Politicians on Question Time

“It is nothing but sheer arrogance. Arrogance of people that have lost. And people that want to subvert democracy.”

Listen to those cheers…

Second Referendum Crushed in ‘Major Defeat’

Sarah Wollaston’s amendment calling for a long extension to provide time for a second referendum has been crushed this evening by 334 votes to just 85. Only 326 votes are required for a majority. Even in the unlikely event that all the abstaining MPs voted in favour of the amendment it would still have lost…

Hapless second referendum campaigners had been desperately messaging each other this afternoon encouraging campaigners to stay positive in spite of the likely “deflating” result tonight that will be labelled as “a ‘major defeat.'” Of course, Guido wouldn’t dream of labelling it as anything of the sort…

John Mann: This is Corbyn’s Nick Clegg Moment

John Mann didn’t hold back on All Out Politics this morning with his reaction to Labour backing a second referendum.

“Let’s recall what happened to Nick Clegg when he reneged on his pledge on tuition fees, well he got decimated by the electorate, and that’s the risk Labour’s taking.”

“This is the metropolitan Labour Party, it’s got nothing to do with Labour voters in my area.”

“If Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t give a free vote on this, then what will happen is he will destroy the Labour Party.”

He’s not wrong…

Remainers To Formally Launch ‘Conservatives For A People’s Vote’ on Thursday

This morning Philip Lee, Dominic Grieve, and Heidi Allen met to plan the launch of ‘Conservatives for a People’s Vote’ which formally relaunches on Thursday at 8 in the Shard. A shiny skyscraper in central London, surrounded by bankers… That’ll win over Mansfield…

The group is expecting to receive explicit support from eleven Tory MPs, and plan to use the defeat of the PM’s deal to recruit more. Heidi Allen, who is voting for May’s deal, attended the planning meeting in the knowledge that it would be voted down. Her plan is to argue that she tried to pass the deal but now the only way out is a second referendum. Duplicitous…

Guido understands that public affairs agency Hanover Communications is managing the campaign. In other news, Hanover Senior Adviser Steve Richards appeared on Sky News earlier today arguing for a second referendum. Fancy that! 

Bercow: ‘A Second Referendum is Fundamentally Undemocratic’

One belief that unites government officials, Cabinet ministers and even the most ardent Brexiteers is that the Speaker, John Bercow, is doing his utmost to frustrate Brexit. The next few weeks will likely see him use the discretion of the Speaker’s office to favour every legislative means to hinder the government. When he was under pressure over his bullying, senior Labour figures openly said the same. Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said we “do need to have all hands on deck at the moment… I think this is absolutely not the time to be changing speaker… We don’t know, for example, with regard to Brexit, what is going to happen.” Former Labour foreign secretary Margaret Beckett went further, saying “the constitutional future of this country… trumps bad behaviour”. Effectively giving him carte blanche to do what he liked so long as he was against Brexit.

Parliamentary machinations around the meaningful vote and the process of making legislative progress towards Brexit give Bercow a lot of leeway. Leeway that the government fears will be used against them to facilitate a second referendum. Yet after the referendum he said that would be undemocratic!

This is an extract from a letter he sent to a constituent the month after the referendum:

I appreciate your disappointment with the result — a sentiment shared by many others across the country. The reality of the situation, however, is that the vote to leave the EU exceeded the vote to remain by over one million. It is very difficult to argue with such a clear statement from the British people.

The referendum served to gauge the views of the country, although the Prime Minister has made abundantly clear throughout the whole process that he would view the result as an instruction from the British people. My understanding is that that is also the stance of his potential successors on the Government benches, of the Government as a whole and of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition. Having asked the public for their verdict, it is now for political leaders to give effect to their will.

Over 33.5 million people cast a vote last week which equates to about 72% of the electorate. Turnout at this level has not been seen since the 1992 General Election —widely seen as the apex in terms of voter turnout in recent years. It is difficult to argue that turnout was too low and that the overall result was not convincing. No matter which side of the argument won, it was inevitable that there would be people left disappointed. That is the nature of debate, elections and referendums. It is fundamentally undemocratic to argue that the process should be re-run because the outcome was not what some people wanted.

He was right.

Download: full letter.

Johnson: May Will Change Her Mind on Second Referendum

Lesser Johnson brother, Jo, last night suggested to Peston that he expects Theresa May will flip flop on the question of supporting a second referendum, as she did last year with the bright idea of a snap General Election. It’s a stretch…

Second referendum agitators are riding almost everything on this pivot, as even they privately recognise it would be a constitutional impossibility to deliver a national referendum with an un-cooperative or hostile executive. That being said, May hasn’t done anything to dampen speculation on this point, particularly by pushing her ‘no Brexit at all’ line…

People’s Vote Delete Disturbing ‘Must Watch’ Video After Backlash

The ‘Peoples’ Vote’ campaign have deleted a disturbing video where a parent pushes his five year old child to demand a second referendum. The poor kid can’t even remember what he’s been told to say. After a big backlash on twitter, the campaign sheepishly deleted the video.[…] Read the rest


Starmer’s Off-Script Remain Pitch Thrills Labour Conference

Sir Keir Starmer achieved the biggest cheers of Labour Conference so far for his endorsement of a second referendum on EU membership. The speech could have come straight from the 2016 referendum campaign – Starmer waxed lyrical about the benefits of EU membership while saying he was “devastated” by the outcome of the referendum. […] Read the rest


When the People’s Vote Warned “No Second Chances or Re-Runs”

The People’s Vote campaign – coincidentally the same group of people that lost the EU referendum the first time round – have been agitating for a second referendum to try to have another go at the campaign they blew – despite the backing from almost every multinational corporation, world leader, big business lobby group, international organisation, Bank of England, Barack Obama, the entire machinery of government, Keira Knightley etc.[…] Read the rest


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