Zhenya Dove on Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom

Zhenya Dove’s speech to the Scottish Conservative conference in Aberdeen yesterday eclipsed the keynote from Boris. The Ukrainian-Scot praised the British public and the Government in the fight against the Russian invasion. Zhenya Dove said: “Our wonderful country stepped up and showed the whole world how it should be done. Long before anybody in the EU had time to finish their morning croissants. British anti-tank weapons were being used on the front line to the jolly singing of ‘God Save the Queen’.”

She continued in a powerfully emotional speech: “The tenacity, bravery and unity of the Ukrainian people is something to behold and admire. My countrymen are Spartans of the 21st century, they really are, they’re so amazing. The only thing I ask, I beg you, is please don’t let them die like their spiritual ancestors.”

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Douglas Ross Voice Lost Ahead of Conference

Scottish Tory conference already had clouds hanging over it following the farce of Douglas Ross’s decision to submit a no confidence letter in Boris to Graham Brady, then withdraw it in light of his leadership during the Ukraine crisis. After finally smoothing things out and securing Boris’s attendance, Tories north of Hadrian’s Wall might have hoped their annual meet-up might now go ahead without any further hitches. It’s not to be…

Douglas Ross today missed First Minister’s Questions because he’s lost his voice and his throat has “seized up” just days before his planned speech. The party hopes he will be able to still make a speech, though it’s set to be “shortened”. Coincidentally Peter Chapman MSP has just deleted a tweet promising that Ross would be a great voice for his constituents…

Already the Tories are having to work around this inconvenience. The Stooshie Politics Podcast was meant to have Ross on only to substitute him for Andrew Bowie. What is it about former May PPS Bowie and his leaders losing their voice?

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Scot Tory MPs Not Happy with Rees-Mogg

The highpoint of yesterday’s madness was undoubtedly the call by the Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross for the PM to resign. Since his demand, 27 out of the 31 Scottish Tory MSPs have formally called for the PM to stand down, though Newsnight claimed all 31 are in agreement. Rees-Mogg then took the opportunity to accuse the Scottish Tory leader of being a “lightweight”, something the PM’s spokesperson this morning refused to say Boris agreed or disagreed with. Though he did deny Rees-Mogg’s comments have undermined the campaign to save the union…

All of this makes it very difficult for the Scottish Tories down in SW1. Scot Tory MPs – rather than MSPs – are caught between a rock and a hard place over partygate. While Ross and the MSPs have the political freedom to cast themselves adrift, for most of the MP contingent it makes more sense to wait for the finding of Sue Gray’s report. While they don’t want to jump just yet, Rees-Mogg’s comments have made their position much more difficult, angering Tories north of the border and resulting in their local activists and councillors demanding they disavow the PM’s leadership. Some Scot Tories aren’t opposed to Ross’s position, not least given he led them to a pretty respectable Holyrood result in 2021, they’ll just be happier to bash the PM after Gray’s report is published…

Ross’s comments also raise very difficult questions about future party logistics. The Scottish Tory party conference, for example, usually sees the regional leader introduce the PM’s speech – how can Ross do that this year? Should Boris stumble through to the next election, how could Ross stand under the guise of getting Boris re-elected Surely now he’s made his bed, either Ross or Boris will have to stand down before the next general election…

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WATCH: Douglas Ross Calls Pete Wishart “Inept & Poor” During Furious Committee Exchange

Certainly no love lost between Douglas Ross and SNP Scottish Affairs Committee chair Pete Wishart this morning, with both at each other’s throats in the middle of the committee session.

Ross took the first swing in deriding Wishart’s chairing of the committee as ‘quite frankly inept and poor‘, with Wishart hitting back by saying ‘there’s no need at all to make attacks on the chair of this committee…I’m just trying to get on with doing my job without any personal attacks like that‘. Still seeing red, Ross then insisted “when you’re so poor at your job, I will personally attack you…it’s not erroneous if you’re so poor at your job.” Luckily the exchange was held virtually…

The fight came to an end as a furious Wishart insisted that Ross “get on with his poor an inept questions”, with Ross sneaking in the last word to say “hopefully you can calm down now, chair…”. Probably the most entertaining thing to ever come out of a Scottish Affairs Committee session of late

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Scottish Conservatives Call for Sturgeon to Resign

After last night’s bombshell news that the Holyrood Harassment Committee had concluded Nicola Sturgeon had misled parliament over the Salmond investigation, the Scottish Conservatives are now calling for the First Minister’s resignation. Speaking on Newsnight, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives Douglas Ross said:

“…When Nicola Sturgeon’s own written evidence was presented, and the evidence from a number of key witnesses, it was clear she had misled Parliament and she had misled the people of Scotland. And that it a resignation matter.”

Ultimately, Sturgeon’s survival depends on whether the evidence shows she ‘knowingly’ misled parliament – and therefore broke the ministerial code – which will be determined by an independent investigation by James Hamilton QC. A spokesman for the SNP has responded by calling the news “partisan and selective briefing”, and claimed “The First Minister told the truth to the committee in eight hours of evidence, and stands by that evidence”. Even if Sturgeon clings on, all eyes now turn to the Holyrood elections on May 6… 

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Majority of English Tories Not Bothered About the Union

Boris is travelling to Scotland for his essential photo-op whilst Westminster-based Tories fret about the fate of the union if the SNP win a majority Scottish government. Not only is support for independence and the SNP high in Scotland, support for the union does not even command majority support with English Tory voters. When asked by YouGov how they would feel about Scotland leaving the union, by a narrow majority (49% to 48%), most said they would be pleased or not bothered. The importance of the union is very much a hobby horse of Tory leaders rather than ordinary Tory voters.

The arguments for the union advanced in England have little resonance, guff about being stronger together has no cut through, English voters quite rightly don’t believe England per se would be anyway diminished by Scotland becoming independent. Guido detects a growing feeling that if Scotland wants to go its own way, that’s fine, they can say goodbye to being subsidised by English taxpayers…

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