SNP Refuse to Act Against ‘String MP Up’ Councillor

The SNP have taken no action against a nationalist politician and internet troll who engaged in threatening behaviour towards West Aberdeenshire MP Andrew Bowie. SNP councillor Geva Blackett appeared to endorse the threat of an anonymous Scottish Nationalist Twitter account, which proposed stringing Bowie from Kincardine Bridge. The SNP councillor’s tweet has now been deleted…

In response to the incident, Blackett was quickly relieved from her role on the Cairngorms National Park Authority board. The SNP, however, have refused to act.

The original anonymous tweet is now being investigated by the police. Scottish Tory deputy leader Annie Wells told the Aberdeen Press and Journal that:

SNP politicians need to realise that their behaviour influences how the radical and aggressive members of their party behave. By getting involved with this dangerous individual, the councillor in question gives legitimacy to their views.

“We’ve seen recently how Nicola Sturgeon’s refusal to condemn racist border protests simply emboldened nationalists to ramp their demonstrations up.”

Nicola either can’t control her party, or doesn’t want to. Scottish Nasty Party at it again…

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IndyRef2 Founder Shocked by Discovery of Anti-English Racism Inside Movement

Manny Singh, a founder of the Indyref2 movement, has spoken publicly for the first time about why he left the organisation after five years, saying the group was ultimately damaged by “people saying anti-English racist things”. Guido is shocked…

“I was hearing people talk about kicking the English out of Scotland, about stopping them buying holiday homes, that sort of thing”

“You need to think about your reasons for wanting independence. If it’s to become a small-minded, bigoted country then that isn’t something I want to be a part of.”

Singh’s citing of anti-English racism in his pro-independence campaign comes just days after protesters were ordered to leave Glasgow’s Central station after conducting a stunt with a banner reading “England get out of Scotland” – the same day Nicola Sturgeon announced a new travel ban between major parts of the north of England and Scotland. Scottish nationalists have always claimed to profess a welcoming, tolerant form of nationalism that differs from other countries’ – increasingly it looks little different…

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Sturgeon’s New English-Scottish Border

After 13 years in power, the SNP have finally managed to erect a new border between England and Scotland, as Nicola Sturgeon institutes a travel ban to and from the north west of England; telling the BBC:

“I am today advising, strongly advising, people in Scotland to avoid travel to the areas affected in England… and also to ask people from these areas from these areas not to travel to Scotland.”

1,892 years on, Hadrian would be delighted she’s picking up where he left off…

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