Humza Feeling the Heat as Scottish Government Again Fails to Meet Own Climate Targets

The SNP-Green coalition has, yet again, failed to meet their own punitive climate targets. For the eighth time in twelve years, the Scottish government has failed to cut emissions to a legally binding target. Their goal was to reduce emissions by 51.1% compared to 1990, and so far they’ve only achieved 49.9%. The climate-loving coalition is once again blowing hot and cold, as Greenhouse gas emissions even increased in 2o21.

Of course, the SNP and Greens were quick to self-flagellate over their failings. The SNP said it was “disappointing” and the greens added it was “not good enough”. It doesn’t take an eco expert to see the Scottish government’s climate policy is just hot air.

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Scottish Government Minister Wants to Leave NATO, Unknowingly Defends Nukes as a Deterrent

Yesterday, Scottish Government minister Lorna Slater had the sort of loony media showing Guido almost misses from the Corbyn era of Labour. The minister for “Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity” went on TV to argue that the party in coalition with the SNP still back pulling out of NATO, in spite of the Ukraine war, because of the organisation’s “first strike nuclear attack” policy. While calling for withdrawal from NATO, Slater argued she wants Scotland to go independent so they can be more internationalist…

Slater also put in an incredible showing on the issue of getting rid of nuclear weapons, during which she made a prime argument why nuclear weapons are a military deterrence without realising it. So just to recap, the Scottish government is currently made up of a first minister who wants to spark WW3 and ministers who want to leave NATO. Keeping up?

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Scottish Government Trash Bottle Return Scheme – Again

Scottish Greens’ co-leader Lorna Slater is set to be forced into another embarrassing U-turn, delaying Scotland’s Bottle and Can deposit scheme despite promising to implement the programme in the party’s manifesto. What excuse can they possibly have now they’re in government?

The scheme – which requires shops to install recycling machines and charge a 20p deposit on every can and bottle – was due to be launched in July next year, three years after it was originally unveiled. Yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon’s cabinet was told that the scheme will be postponed until either March or October 2023 and Slater will confirm this in Holyrood today. Bottled it.

This U-turn has caused a huge upset amongst Greenpeace tree huggers who mocked Slater and the Scottish Green Party on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Scottish Greens have U-turned on manifesto pledges. In September the Scottish Greens were forced into a humiliating U-turn after they failed to halt the construction of large scale waste incinerators despite promising to do so in their manifesto. Surprisingly it seems the Greens are just about managing to avoid suffering Clegg’s popularity death since entering government…

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Scottish Green Co-Leader is a Plane Hypocrite

Co-conspirators will no doubt be blithely unaware of the existence of Scottish Green co-leader Lorna Slater, although she finally managed to capture Guido’s attention yesterday when slamming the PM for flying from the G20 to COP. Lorna argues that he could have taken the train and set an example, despite the fact the G20 was in Italy, and COP is in Glasgow. When people pointed out this unfortunate reality of inconvenient geography mixed with a lack of teleportation, Lorna doubled down:

Clearly for the co-leader of the Scottish Greens, a 28 hour journey involving four trains, three metro systems and five overground connections is a good use of time…

The problem for Lorna is that in 2019 she herself tweeted she was in Brussels airport on her way to Sweden to promote environmental tidal energy.

According to Lorna’s logic, Guido is outraged she didn’t set an example by taking the 36-hour train from Glasgow Central via Euston, London St Pancras, Amsterdam and Berlin to Stockholm Central.

How will anyone be able to trust the Scottish Greens again?

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SNP and Greens Already Clashing Over Controversial Building Plans

It only took one weekend in bed together for the SNP and Greens to butt heads. Despite Sturgeon’s insistence today that both parties’ members will “enthusiastically” embrace their power-sharing arrangement, Ian Blackford has already suggested there’s trouble in the tartan paradise, with controversial plans for the A9 and A96 roads to be turned into dual carriageways still scheduled to move ahead – ignoring the Greens’ fierce opposition on the grounds of car use and pollution. The arrangement claims the two parties will ‘maintain distinct positions’ on roadbuilding which, in practice, means the Greens will just have to tolerate whatever the SNP decides…

Given that dualling the A9 and A96 were SNP manifesto pledges, it’s hardly a surprise. Asked whether the power-sharing agreement meant undermining such promises, Blackford claimed:

“Most people are congratulating what is a far-sighted arrangement between the SNP and the Greens… what is important is that we take account of safety and that will be key, both when it comes to the A9, the tremendous improvements that have been made, and indeed the requirement that we have to make sure that we deliver safety over the course of the A96 as well. These things will still happen.”

Sturgeon also confirmed today that whilst there would be “engagement” with SNP members on the power-sharing deal, they won’t – unlike Green members – get a vote on it…

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Sturgeon: SNP and Greens Will Do “Politics and Government Better”

Sturgeon welcomed Scottish Green Party co-Leaders Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater to Bute House this afternoon to announce the full details of their new power-sharing agreement. A copy of the agreement is also now available on the Scottish Government’s website. Two Green MSPs will become ministers, whilst the Greens have committed to supporting the SNP on confidence votes and annual budgets provided there is “appropriate funding for the shared policy programme“.

Sturgeon said:

“The Agreement also sets out the processes of co-operation and consultation that will enable a stable parliamentary majority for the delivery of the Scottish Government’s legislative and policy programme…It recognises that business as usual is not good enough in the times we are living through. It grasps that – out of great challenge – a better world and a better Scotland is capable of being born…it understands that achieving it will take boldness, courage and a will to do things differently. That is what we offer.”

Two minority parties propping each other up…

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