Sturgeon Backtracks on Plan to Lift All Covid Restrictions

Nicola Sturgeon has announced mask laws in enclosed public spaces and on public transport have been extended until at least April across Scotland, despite previously planning to rescind them on March 21stSpooked by a spike in cases again, this time over yet another variant, Sturgeon insisted the move was “prudent”:

“Given the current spike in case numbers, we consider it prudent to retain this requirement and regulation for a short period. I know this will be disappointing… [however] this will provide some additional protection.”

Sturgeon also slammed Westminster’s decision to roll back testing infrastructure in England by the end of this month, claiming limited central funding to Scotland prevents Holyrood from extending their own testing programme beyond the end of April. Yet again, Sturgeon’s bottled it over an inevitable rise in cases. Scotland and Wales also brought back restrictions over Christmas, with almost no effect on cases or hospitalisation rates compared to England. Given face masks haven’t been required in England for a month and cases here are lower, you don’t have to be an epidemiologist to reckon they may not be the solution Sturgeon’s hoping for…

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Scottish Government Minister Wants to Leave NATO, Unknowingly Defends Nukes as a Deterrent

Yesterday, Scottish Government minister Lorna Slater had the sort of loony media showing Guido almost misses from the Corbyn era of Labour. The minister for “Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity” went on TV to argue that the party in coalition with the SNP still back pulling out of NATO, in spite of the Ukraine war, because of the organisation’s “first strike nuclear attack” policy. While calling for withdrawal from NATO, Slater argued she wants Scotland to go independent so they can be more internationalist…

Slater also put in an incredible showing on the issue of getting rid of nuclear weapons, during which she made a prime argument why nuclear weapons are a military deterrence without realising it. So just to recap, the Scottish government is currently made up of a first minister who wants to spark WW3 and ministers who want to leave NATO. Keeping up?

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BBC Scotland Editor Says She Quit Over Hatred in Scottish Politics, SNP MSP Accuses her of Imagining It

A notoriously bile-fueled SNP MSP has gaslit the BBC’s ex-Scotland Editor, Sarah Smith, after she claimed she was glad to have walked away from the “bile, hatred and misogyny” of Scotland’s political culture. Responding to Smith’s announcement however, Glasgow Cathcart MSP James Dornan tweeted “America would be the go to place to escape all her imaginary woes then”. Complete with an eye roll emoji. 

Dornan’s pretence that vile and hatred doesn’t openly exist in Scottish politics is particularly laudable. In July last year the representative was reported for saying of Jacob Rees-Mogg, “If your god exists you will undoubtedly rot in hell,” a comment that the SNP seemed to defend.

Dornan also falsely accused an Edinburgh bus company of “anti-Irish racism” last year, despite no evidence; and accused Rangers’ players of singing a sectarian tune based on clearly doctored footage, something which he again refused to apologise for. Dornan’s denial of bile and hatred in Scottish politics is the least introspective statement since Jeremy Corbyn was calling for kinder, gentler politics…

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SNP Planning to Make Emergency Covid Powers Permanent

Despite the worst of the Omicron wave seemingly behind us, the SNP are planning to enshrine temporary Covid powers in law – giving the Scottish government the ability to reintroduce restrictions without the need for parliamentary approval at any point. The only caveat being the measures would have to be “proportionate”, whatever that means…

The Coronavirus (Recovery and Reform) Bill, which will allow the Scottish ministers to close schools, impose work-from-home orders, and close hospitality, has immediately attracted criticism across the aisle, with both Scottish Tories and Labour condemning the legislation and labelling it an “overreach” by the SNP. The party’s depute leader John Swinney says:

“Our priorities are to continue to lead Scotland safely through and out of the Covid pandemic, to address inequalities made worse by Covid, make progress towards a wellbeing economy and accelerate inclusive, person-centred public services, and this bill supports those aims.”

As with Jacinda, give a socialist an inch of your freedoms and they’ll take a mile…

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Apology Needed from Sturgeon for Sarcastic Verbal Tirade Against Journalist

On 22nd December, England’s Covid rules changed so infected individuals can stop isolating after seven days rather than ten, so long as they test negative on day six and seven. Six days ago Wales followed suit, and a day later Northern Ireland copied the change. Leaving one obvious outlier…

It now looks like Sturgeon will confirm the cut, with a statement expected later today and her deputy John Swinney saying yesterday that their administration is “actively considering” reducing the self-isolation period. There’s just one problem with the move if it goes ahead – it’ll be a very embarrassing U-turn on Sturgeon’s part…

On December 17th, Scottish Mail political editor Mike Blackley dared ask the First Minister whether there’s “anything else that can be done to help… could you cut the requirement for self-isolation?”, to which a rattled Sturgeon rudely shot back:

“Yeah because that’d really help ’cause that would spread infections even further and that would not be doing any favours to businesses.”

At the time the clip received condemnation, with Sturgeon accused of an “unwarranted & rude verbal attack”. Tory MSP Douglas Lumsden now says he is “looking forward to hearing Nicola Sturgeon’s apology to Mike Blackly for her immature response” ahead of the presumed cut to Scottish self-isolation requirements. Don’t hold your breath Douglas…

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SNP Demand Furlough Cash Despite Underspending By £580 Million Last Year

The SNP’s Finance Minister Kate Forbes has insisted Scotland needs around £500 million in Covid support from Westminster to combat Omicron. Sturgeon has been talking to Boris today begging for more English taxpayers’ cash. By coincidence, the call comes just a day after Scotland’s Auditor General, Stephen Boyle, said that Holyrood needed to be “more transparent” in how it spends public money, with the Scottish Government somehow underspending its budget by £580 million last year. Guido’s double-checked on a calculator, and that would definitely still leave an extra £80 million in pocket change…

Speaking yesterday, Boyle said:

“The Scottish Government now needs to be more proactive in showing where and how this money was spent, and show a clearer line from budgets to funding announcements to actual spending. This will support scrutiny and transparency of a matter of such significant public interest and importance.” 

Sturgeon herself has written a letter to Boris Johnson demanding a return of the furlough scheme, either centrally or as a devolved power, with Scotland “given access to the financial support needed to deploy these schemes.” The SNP does have a habit of having cash inexplicably disappear into thin air, so perhaps that £580 million just isn’t lying around anymore…

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