Sturgeon’s £2 Billion Bank Still Without CEO One Year Later

A full year has passed since the CEO of the Scottish National Investment Bank inexplicably quit, and the £260,000-a-year job is still vacant with “no expectations” for when it will be filled. The state-owned bank was launched in 2020, with the SNP promising to throw £2 billion at it over ten years to push Scotland towards Net Zero. Its first Chief Executive, Eilidh Mactaggart, resigned after just 18 months. Neither the Bank nor the SNP initially gave an explanation. In fact, it wasn’t even publicly disclosed until 25 February…

In the meantime, the hunt for a replacement is proving more difficult than expected. Apparently no-one’s particularly interested…

A spokesperson for the bank says:

“We have retained an Executive Search agency, Spencer Stuart, for a contract of £175,000 that includes recruitment for the CEO. We have also incurred additional expenses of £5,400 for candidate testing used as part of the selection process. The contract with Spencer Stuart remains in place with no additional search fees beyond the original £175,000. There are no expectations for when the appointment will be announced and the role filled.”

So that’s billions in taxpayers’ money for a bank which currently has no permanent leader, and doesn’t know when it will find one…

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Lisa Nandy Backed Male Rapists in Women’s Prisons

It seems like the neverending push for wokeness hit the buffers this week as both the Labour leadership and Nicola Sturgeon managed to unite on the tricky question of whether a male sex offender pretending to identify as a trans woman should be housed in a women’s prison. The news comes as unfortunate timing for the SNP given their recent virtue signalling over gender self-ID, which opponents warned would lead to absurdities like this and who were called bigots for doing so.

Given both Yvette Cooper told the Today Programme that “This dangerous rapist should not be in a woman’s prison”, Guido reckons there may be some awkwardness around the shadow cabinet table.

Back when she was campaigning to become Labour leader, Lisa Nady was asked directly whether men identifying as women should be allowed in women’s prisons. The questioner used the 2018 example of a child rapist who was convicted and then went onto claim he was a woman. Nandy was asked whether he should be accommodated in a women’s or a men’s prison…

“I believe fundamentally in people’s right to self ID… so I think that crimes that are recorded should be recorded as that person wishes.”

You asked about whether trans people should be in women’s or men’s prisons. I think trans women are woman and trans men are men. So I think they should be accommodated in the prison of their choosing.”

Labour and the SNP now claiming that this trans rapist is not a woman despite the individual’s claim to the contrary entirely undermines the ‘trans x are x’ argument…

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Scottish Government Claims All Whiskies Are “Essentially” the Same

The brightest minds in the SNP have once again served up the goods. According to official Scottish government documents, apparently the only difference between a Tesco Value Beer and a finely-brewed, caramel-sweet lager is a decent marketing budget. In a report assessing the merits of banning booze ads to prevent alcohol abuse, the SNP conclude:

“… without branding and other marketing strategies, alcohol products in each beverage sub-sector are essentially variations of the same thing.”

This has inevitably damped spirits north of the border, given one of the country’s most popular and historic exports just happens to be… Scotch whisky. Blair Bowman, an award-winning whisky consultant and broker, erupted at the claim, telling the Scottish Herald:

“… In one sentence, they’ve dismissed centuries of heritage and culture. Scotch whisky is our biggest food and drink export. It’s madness. They don’t even understand the product. What makes it so special is the uniqueness of every single diverse style of distillery. And they’ve just said, ‘oh, they’re all the same, so you might as well just put them in the same bottle’.”

Guido’s pouring one out for Blair. This isn’t even the first time the SNP’s relationship with whisky bosses has been on the rocks. Back in August, Sturgeon launched another review, this one looking into the “health and environmental impacts” of cutting down on Scotch production. The findings are due in March. No doubt that’ll kick off another spirited debate….

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Government Plans to Block Border Crossing Crossdressing

The government has begun laying the groundwork to their response to Nicola Sturgeon’s recently passed pro-trans gender recognition reforms. The Times reports the government now plans to add Scotland to their list of countries in which Gender Recognition Certificates are not automatically recognised. The move is designed to prevent “gender tourism” – which is not just a term for the exploits of MPs on foreign visits – and means a trans person could be simultaneously recognised in Scotland and not in England and Wales. Guido notes this could create some convoluted cross-border hokey cokey, where a person was a man just metres away from being a legal woman.

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BBC Yields to Woke Backlash Over Scottish Gender Bill

The BBC has apparently started contracting out its editorial policy to the socially ‘progressive’ zealots at Pink News. Yesterday the corporation accurately reported “Controversial Scottish gender reforms to become law”. All seemed fair and dandy until Benjamin Cohen of the left-wing online news site kicked up a furore over the word ‘Controversial‘, with Cohen pretending theonly thing that’s ‘controversial’ about the law is that it’s not happened for trans people in the rest of the UK.” Sure Ben, sure…

The tweet scraped just over 3,000 likes, yet that didn’t stop the BBC from giving in to the woke mob and amending their article headline to read “Changing gender to be made easier in Scotland”. For reference, the dictionary definition of the word ‘controversial’ is “giving rise or likely to give rise to controversy or public disagreement,” which is frankly an understatement in the case of the Scottish gender bill…

The absurd editorial u-turn from the BBC in response to the tiniest pressure from ‘progressives’ now means that the corporation has articles labelling things such as mushrooms, oysters, Matt Hancock, the Police & Crime Bill, wooden seats in Lincolnshire and Richard III as “controversial”, just not the Scottish trans bill.

Guido hopes Benjamin Cohen has invoiced the BBC for his time…

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Rishi Doesn’t Rule Out Blocking Scottish Trans Act

Speaking to a pool interview this morning Rishi Sunak didn’t deny considerations to block Scotland’s new gender recognition act. Yesterday the Scottish Secretary Alister Jack alluded to such options, and Rishi shied away from denying it as a possible route when asked by Sky News. This will prove a very entertaining row over the coming weeks…

He also didn’t rule out a one-off payment to striking nurses, telling the camera “we’d be happy to talk about all those things, and the Health Secretary has been clear his door, the government’s door, is always open to have those talks.” It would be quite useful to have a semi-functioning health service ahead of New Year’s Eve…

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